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7 Best Electric Unicycle Reviews of 2021 [With Buying Guide]

Have you been on a best electric unicycle (or One Wheel Scooter) in travelling distances that are too short for a car or bus ride?

In case you didn’t, i bet you’re looking forward to. Because these little one-wheeler electric unicycles are great as an alternative transport and are too interesting to resist riding on.

They’re 12″ to 16″ in diameter and built for using in cities or small towns. All the rider has to do is, get on the two platforms on both sides of the wheel, and control the movement by shifting weight forward/backward.

With their advantage of convenient portability, they have the great potential for being a cost-effective way to get around.

Invented in the late 1930s, the unicycle did not really take off as a perfect way to go around as it was difficult to steer. Since then, they have given the unicycle a full overhaul and now enjoys a new lease on life by powering it with electricity.

Nowadays, the electric unicycle uses gyro-stabilization to balance the rider, a simple shifting of the rider’s weight forward and backward gets the unicycle to move.

Here in this post, we have listed Seven of the best electric unicycles for the year 2019 to give you an idea should you get one and start a cool and trendy way to travel.

Image Product Title Features Price
Segway One S1 | One Wheel Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control Segway One S1 | One Wheel Self Balancing Personal Transporter with Mobile App Control
  • Sustainable power
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Compact desing
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Inmotion V8F Electric Unicycle, 16-inch One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter for Adults, Smart Electric Wheel with LEDs, Built-in Speaker, Battery HD Display, Max Speed 22mph Inmotion V8F Electric Unicycle, 16-inch One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter for Adults, Smart Electric Wheel with LEDs, Built-in Speaker, Battery HD Display, Max Speed 22mph
  • Ergonomic design
  • HD display 
  • Smooth and Easy Riding
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in-Motion V5F Novice Electric One Wheel Unicycle 2021 Newest Single Wheel Adult Child Balance Wheel Transportation 550W Motor 320WH in-Motion V5F Novice Electric One Wheel Unicycle 2021 Newest Single Wheel Adult Child Balance Wheel Transportation 550W Motor 320WH
  • Maximum Cruising Speed
  • High battery Capacity 
  • Environment friendly temperature
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Table of Contents

Electric Unicycles: Quick Comparison Chart

Fastest & Best Electric Unicycles Review 2021

# 1. Segway One S1– Best for Beginners

segway one s1

Whenever it’s time to move from point A to a point weigh on your personalized unicycle, nothing can beat Segway One S1. At least our research data and current vibe on the users say so. 

Let’s find out why- 

First, speed and battery are the best features that we’d like to talk about. Segway S1 can go till a top speed of 12.5 miles, and that being said, you can travel 15 miles at a full-charge.

You can charge it up fully within 4 hours. Because it’s a Lithium-ion feature with top-notch material inside, the battery will sustain for years. 

Next positive thing is the app. Every electric unicycle has one, but the Segway S1 has is praiseworthy. It will take you through several levels of riding expertise and turn you into a pro rider, eventually.

At beginning, it will set the limit into 2.5 mph. Over time, it will increase your riding speed, so does your riding skill. 

Compatible with App

The perks of its app don’t end up here. It will help you monitor speed, customize lightning patterns and enable the carry/lock mood. The app named ‘Ninebot by Segway App’ is available in both operating systems of Android and iOS.

So, if you’re even riding a unicycle for the first time, it will be both of your ride and instructor for the whole way. Great, isn’t it?

An important factor about unicycle is the maneuvering. Why? Well, you might have faced hardship while making a turn or move around blocks. And that’s where the maneuvering comes in help.

With good speed, this helps you to be agile with the controlling. 

The sleek and lightweight design is a definite something that will catch anyone’s attention. So does the rider himself. You can even change between several lighting patterns with the app which adds up to your riding experience. 

Now who are the idea users of this electric unicycle? Well, it says to be an ideal ride for anyone ranges from 15 to 50 years of age. But we think it’s a great pick for teenagers and youngsters who’re passionate about personalized rides. 


  • 12.5 mph top speed.
  • 15 miles at one charge.
  • Great training feature in app.
  • Easy control and security through app.
  • Magnesium alloy frame.
  • Anti-theft feature.


  • 4 hours of charging time is long.

# 2. InMotion SVC V5FGood Electric Unicycle for Adults

inmotion v5f

The InMotion V5F is a 14-inch well-built unicycle released as InMotion’s flagship unicycle. Weighing about 36 pounds, it is lightweight, compact, and has a modern design which makes it considerably attractive. They make the body of hard and glossy plastic that displays its premium grade quality.This unicycle can carry passengers of up to 120 kgs. And lets you travel up to a maximum distance of 35-40 km/h. Its 550-watts powerful motor can deliver a highest speed of 18 km/h.

That allows you to bypass pedestrians, cars stuck in traffic or even bicyclists. They design it to be thinner but are more powerful than most unicycles of its class.It locates a wheel lock button under the fixed handle. It turns off the drive to allow the rider to lift it without having to turn completely off the whole wheel. This feature helps prevent tire rotation for experienced rider safety.

It is creatively designed to hide the air pump under a cover and has a handlebar that can be folded easily for added convenience. They place the batteries over the wheel, making it resemble an ellipse.

Intelligent Chip

The InMotion V5F equipped with an on-board intelligent chip at the top of the unicycle’s shell, facing up front and helping to avoid sudden stops.

This helps the wheel to run smoothly for a more enjoyable riding feelings. This intelligent chip also allows you to ride easily in tight spaces.It also equips the unicycle with the Bluetooth Mobile App that requires you to register your account and provide the serial number of the unicycle.

This is InMotion’s solution to get rid of unauthorized sales of their products. It can also assure you that your unicycle comes from legitimate sellers.You can customize this electric unicycle using this app. You can monitor your performance, the routes you have taken, the diagnostics of the output of components, and setting up the speed barrier and the calibration of the device.

They install White lights at the front that light up the road while red lights are placed symmetrically at the rear to serve as brake lights.

There is no flash mode on this unicycle presumably to assure user safety that prevents the threat of the so-called “target fixation.”

Metal Alloy

They use great metal alloys in the manufacture of the InMotion V5F’s motor providing you with the most power while keeping the weight to a bare minimum. InMotion is known relatively to make subcomponents that are durable and reliable.

This unicycle will emit sound signals if the rider gets too close to the maximum speed. If ignored, the unicycle will activate the tilt-back, meaning the purposeful leaning of the pedals to the back will force you to reduce your speed.

I can agree with most users who complain of the pedals being placed slightly higher than other models;

This is supposed to prevent the unicycle from getting scratch marks at sharp bends and lets you ride along a straight line. But it does not convince us, although this is but a minor drawback.

One thing that definitely makes up for this flaw is that they cover the pedals with sandpaper which ensures that your shoes stick securely to the pedals.


  • On-board intelligent chip
  • Powerful motor
  • Reliable power source


  • The charge does not hold long

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# 3. King Song 14S: Perfect for Off-road

kingsong 14s review: Best Electric Unicycle for Off Road

Powerful, good looking, and convenient to commute , the KingSong 14S is a mid-range electric unicycle for riders wanting to own one with a budget of under $1,000.

Priced at around $950, it is one of the more affordable unicycles and one of the more durable, and it is the best value for your money.

This unicycle is available in two versions: one that uses a 680-watt battery and another one that uses an 840-watt LG or Sanyo (a Panasonic subsidiary) . 

I highly recommend getting the higher-powered big electric unicycle battery life because of the longer runtime and would provide you with more power and advantages as it can easily carry weights of up to 330 lbs.

The charging time is approximately 6 hours longer than the other brands. Their power cells can be removed and replaced if you want to upgrade for more mileage and better strength. The LED state display is a power efficiency feature that prevents it from overcharging, over-current protection, and over-discharging.

Top Speed & Milage

The electric unicycle top speed is 22 mph that is fast enough for a 14-inch wheel and a mileage of 25-38 miles, depending on the weight of the rider, the distance, temperature, and the condition of the road. You can use it to climb up to 300-degree angle.

What I love most about the KingSong 14S is that they equip it with four speakers that play reasonably loud, perfect for music lovers like me. Ideal for cruising through country lanes or joy riding in the city.

Although I have come across complaints that the bass is lacking, that is something I can easily forgive as you can not expect it to be BOSE speaker quality.

They locate the charging port of this unicycle at the back of the wheel while the USB port is at the front. Both ports are finely protected from elements such as rain or snow by a rubber cover. It has cushions that are soft and add a bit of width to the wheel.

Its 14 mm motor axle assures you of less metal fatigue for a smooth and comfortable riding moment. The handlebar has a powder-coated metal finish that feels good in the hand. It is much better than other models that use a plastic rubber grip.


The KingSong 14S’s lighting system is flashy and bright, but you have the option to turn it off if you think it attracts some unwanted attention.

Even when turned off, the LED will emit a green glow to let you know how much juice the battery has when you stand still.If you and your bags weigh around 300 pounds, we recommend looking for another model of electric unicycle because this one not designed to take on more weight than 330 pounds, especially if you usually carry heavy bags or backpacks.

Carrying more weight also bogs down the energy use, but if you just want to stroll around town, this unicycle would be sufficient.


  • Has a top speed of 22 mph
  • Equipped with an LED light decorative circle
  • 800-watt high-speed power motor


  • Not built for heavier passengers

# 4. TG F3 350W: Good for Commuting

TG F3 350W Electric Unicycle: Best Electric Unicycle for Commuting

The smallest, most convenient, and low-carbon electric unicycle in the market today, the TG F3 is very affordable at just under $600. A very good option if you want high quality on a limited budget. It is very easy to learn to use and is best suited for adults weighing 120 kg or less.

TG install it with Intelligent Balancing Chip that offers simple operation and sufficient battery range for a smooth ride. It can carry weights of up to 120 kg and reach up to a maximum speed of 18 km/h. Depending on the rider’s weight, this unicycle can climb uphill from a 15-degree angle up to 30 degrees.

Low Battery Protection

They equip it with amazing protection features such as the Low energy Protection that automatically activates when the charge level goes down to just 10%.

The Limited Speed Protection that is also automatically activated when exceeding 12 km/h of speed, you will notice the pedals rising slowly. After then there is the Incline Protection, which stops the motor running when reaching a 45-degree incline.Under any of these protection programs, the LED light will remain blinking when the limits reached, ensuring you of a safe and secure ride.The built-in 264-watt Samsung Li Ion battery takes only 45 minutes to recharge and lets you go around 25 kms depending on the road conditions, temperature, and your weight. It has a high power 350W motor that gives you speed of up to 18 km/h.It has a four-battery display LED light that works if the battery is at 85% capacity and will shut down when the charge is running out. It has a voice alert feature that beeps when you turn the unicycle on or when the power needs replenishing.

Light Weight

TG F3 is one of the lightest unicycles you can find with a weight of just 10 kg, perfect for carrying to the office or the bus station.

They make it with aviation aluminum pedals, a super magnetic levitation motor, wear-resistant silicone, and anti-skid tires. Well built, well-designed electric unicycle perfect for short trips across town.

It has a self-balancing gyroscope and automatic correction feature that falls back when you lean your body back, it will remain static when you stand up straight, and will go forward when you lean your body forward.

Very simple and easy to use, great if you are just learning to riding a unicycle.

Probably This is the best electric unicycle among the more reasonably priced category that does not sacrifice quality. It comes with two auxiliary wheels, a bumper strip, a battery charger, a plug adapter, and an auxiliary belt.

Some users complain about the user manual being written in Chinese, but you can easily download the English from the company’s website.

Although this unicycle gives you a good price to performance value, it has its downside. It does not build this unicycle for heavier passengers or longer rides. You need to give it a rest after a few hours of use.


  • Equipped with Intelligent Balancing Chip
  • Comes with LED lights
  • Has a low battery protection feature


  • Low mileage
  • Battery capacity is below average
  • Not recommended for heavier duty use

# 5. Step-N-Roll One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

Step-N-Roll One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Unicycle

With a series of gyroscopes inside the wheel, the Step-N-Roll claims to adopt aerospace attitude control theory that ensures a perfect self balancing electric unicycle and secure a ride.

It has a left and right steering capability that lets you stop and go easily. This model is very easy to learn to use and is ideal for beginners. With its lightweight of just 9.8 kg, it is more compact and fun to ride than a folding bike or other electric unicycles.

They design it to be easily carried when going inside a shop, or taking an elevator ride, or walking into your office or school. 

No more need to chain your bike somewhere and come back for it when it is time to leave. This is one of the easiest, most uncomplicated, and straightforward rides you could ever have, and the reviews online can attest to that.


This unicycle can carry up to 264.5 pounds of weight, can travel for two hours on a single 45-minute charge, and can climb an uphill with an incline of up to 35 degrees.

A side note, though, all this depends on the rider’s weight, the temperature, and the road conditions. You can handle slightly rougher terrains without having to worry.

But to achieve the best riding experience, it is best to use on hard and smooth surfaces.The Step-N-Roll electric unicycle uses Li Ion battery, it is super strong at 60V with a 132-watt. And because it carries the name Samsung, of longer-run time on a single charge. You no longer have to worry about the battery draining easily.They instal this unicycle with all the protections features you can have in an electric unicycle. It has the Tilt Protection feature that warns you when you go near the 45-degree limit.

Speed Limit Protection feature that alerts you when you reach a speed of 10 km/h, and the Low Battery Protection that has a limit of 10% battery charge.

Cover By Guarantee

They locate the pedals 4.4 inches off the ground, roughly about 12 cm. You can do several movements such as acceleration, deceleration, braking, and more just by leaning forward or backward. They equip it with an efficient fuzzy algorithm and gyroscope system to achieve that nice balance.

It covers the unicycle by a one-year limited warranty while the battery and other consumables are under a limited warranty of six months. That is cool in case something goes wrong.

However, if you are looking for something to handle more weight, to go with more speed, or to cover a wider distance, this may not be suitable for you. This unicycle builds mainly for leisurely rides or people just learning to ride.

Pros & Cons


  • Equipped with easy brake capabilities
  • Has a speed of up to 11 km/h
  • Can take you 12.4 miles on a single charge.


  • Suited only for beginners
  • Has a low mileage
  • Has low speeds

# 6. SWAGTRON SwagRoller Electric Unicycle

swagtron swagroller review

Unlike the other unicycles, we have on this list of the cool electric unicycles for 2020, the SwagRoller is the only one with two centrally positioned 14-inch air-filled tires, making it so easy to learn because it offers extra stability. This swagtron electric unicycle review will let you know the speciality of this product. 

It has a powerful traction and a great shock absorption that lets you solowheel glide through gravel, grass, sand, and other types of surfaces.

Plus, it comes with training wheels to help you with weight-shifting motions needed for control, perfect for young adults or those just learning to ride.

Unique Features

This unicycle is very portable with its retractable handle, and weights light at just 30.9 pounds, easy to carry around wherever you need to. Just pull the retraceable handle and roll it like you would a suitcase. The metal foot pedals are also retractable so they will not get in the way when you are carrying it.What I love most about this unicycle is that it has built-in Bluetooth speakers that let you ride with your favorite music playing in the background.You can connect your smartphone via the available Swagtron Android or iOS app which you can also used to control leaning sensitivities, monitor your speed, view your travel history, set speed limits, lock the motor, and many others.The app makes this unicycle short of becoming magical for me. You can customize your SwagRoller to match one of four preset LED patterns with your personality, or if it sets no instructions, it will take its cue from your body movements.

Not only does it control the speakers and the LED lights, but you can also monitor your speeds or set limits to it. Perfect if you have a kid who is so keen on trying it out at speeds that would make your blood boil.


This unicycle is UL 2272 certified with a UL 2271 Sentry Shield battery system that is water resistant and protects the battery from fire, or explosion by placing it inside a durable aluminum casing. They design to be waterproof, dustproof, and protected from low-pressure water jets from any direction.

It has a 450-watt motor that can carry up to 264 pounds and get you up to 12.4 miles of distance in a single charge. Charging time takes three hours, that’s long, but not much. 

Others take six hours to replenish their juice. Sadly, it can only provide you with a maximum speed of 14.48 km/h, some unicycles on this list can easily outrun it.

However, it can take you uphill at only 15 degrees, below the average of the other unicycles in this list. Another flaw, though very minor for me, is that you can’t take this unicycle to the beach because it doesn’t handle sandy terrain very well.

Pros & Cons


  • UL2272 certified
  • Equipped with dual air-filled 14-inch wide tire
  • Has built-in Bluetooth speakers


  • Has a very low incline capability
  • Unable to go through muddy and sandy terrains
  • Slightly below average battery capacity

# 7. InMotion V8 One Wheel Scooter

InMotion V8

The InMotion V8 electric unicycle is one of the most popular & best one wheel electric scooter available on the market today for solowheel glide.

I’ve seen the reviews on online stores and hundreds of satisfied users can’t be wrong. Packed with lots of punch with a powerful 800-watt motor that gives you the maximum power output of approximately 2000 watts.

This unicycle delivers a max speed of up to 30 km/h. I think the speed range for unicycles in the European Union is 25 km/h. 

Its sustainable speed is lower at about 24 km/h with a maximum driving range of approximately 48 kilometers. It can climb slopes of up to 25 degrees, which is more than enough for most people.

Build Quality

The InMotion V8 uses a 480-watt Samsung Ion lithium battery. Its charging port is protected with a rubber cover to keep it from getting splashed by water or rain. Near the power outlet is the energy gauge indicator that alerts you when it goes down to 10%.

It would take you 3 hours to top its energy up from empty, and you can charge it while at work although some users claim that a single charge can also take them back home without the need to recharge at the office.This unicycle is the only one on this list that uses a 16-inch wheel, tall, so it places the foot pedals higher, making the center of gravity not as close to the ground as some others.

This is especially good when doing turns, and you can easily go on zigzagging obstacles.They equipped with decorative LED lights placed in three circular shaped rows around the pedals, and a cool tail light that is shaped like the InMotion logo.

On the front side of the unicycle is a strong and bright headlight to illuminate the ground when traveling at night.They can control this front and rear light using the app for the smartphone, you can turn them on or off and adjust the settings.

Official App

InMotion has its own official mobile app and installed in the V8 unicycle. This app requires you to create your account and register your vehicle serial number before you can use it. As mentioned above, this is to ensure that you are getting your unicycles from legal sources only.

The InMotion app is one amazing app as it lets you do a lot of fun things. Aside from adjusting the light settings, you can also configure the tilt of the pedals, track hardware diagnostics, customize your own light modes with animations, change the system sounds with your own, or maybe turning them off if you find them annoying.

This unicycle may have some awesome features, but it has its faults. Some users complain of having issues with the app, such as downloading the voice prompt, the light effects, and even the firmware itself can pose some sort of annoyance.

The thing I dislike about this unicycle is its inability to play music; it has a speaker, yes, but only for the alert sounds.

Overall, the InMotion V8 is a powerful, high-performance unicycle that has the most impressive design of them all. I really like its professional look, even though it is inexpensive, you can ride this wearing your business attire without looking cheap.


  • Above average speed
  • Longer mileage per battery charge
  • Impressive professional-looking body design


  • Doesn’t have the capability of playing music
  • The load capacity is slightly low.
  • There are some firmware issues

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Unicycle

Buying an electric unicycle can be a challenging experience, especially if you know nothing about it. You just need to get one for yourself and start rolling. You see, the convenience it can bring you, but you do not know exactly where to start. 

Buying an Electric Unicycle

I’ve mentioned all the good and bad things about these six electric unicycles, and it is still up to you to decide which one you want the best and which one would most suit your needs. Before getting that unicycle, consider these factors so you can have an informed knowledge on the right one for you.

Know Your Purpose

This is the first on this list because I think this is the most important. Why do you want to buy an electric unicycle? There is also, lots of electric scooters and longboards available. So, why unicycle particularly? Will you use electric unicycle for commuting to and from work or school?

Do you want to roam the countryside to get a fresh whiff of air? Or maybe you want to walk the dog regularly and get a unicycle for motivation?

Whatever your reasons may be, make sure that they will match well with the unicycle you are aiming for.

Something with fewer features or less power may not be capable of bringing you to work and taking you back home five days a week. You need to look for the ones built for more heavy duty rides.

If this will be your first electric unicycle, I highly suggest checking out the lower-priced models first before looking at the high-end ones.

Unless you already experienced, you may not know yet if you would really enjoy this transportation. Or if you will have the patience to learn how to ride one.


For me, this is one of the major considerations you should take before you get that unicycle. You can easily find dirt-cheap ones that would wow you in their advertisements.

But something that comes with a low, low price usually comes with poor, poor quality. Be wary and do not be swayed by advertising promises just for a low price.


Some people would find this a enormous factor when they are planning to use it for serious transportation. If your house is far from the subway or the bus station, you can quickly get there and just carry the unicycle on the train or the bus.

There are unicycles designed with a compact and lightweight body specifically for carrying around; These are the ones you should look closely into.

Weight Capacity

Most electric unicycles can accept weights of around 265 pounds, some can carry more, and some can carry less.

If you want a unicycle to use when grocery shopping, definitely choose one that would let you carry the extra weight, not just yours. Plus. 

The heavier you and your bags weigh, the travel range and climbing power of the unicycle decreases.

Speed and Range

The average speed of most electric unicycles is 12 miles per hour. Most have over speeding protection, low level warning, and other safety systems.

I will warn the fastest electric unicycle when you get too fast or when the indicator goes low. These are very good safety measures that you should look for in your new electric unicycle.

If you already know your purpose of getting a unicycle, you also need to know the distance you will cover on a regular trip. The AI of the unicycle will dictate this.

So if you are planning to go on longer trips, it’s highly recommended to get a higher power capacity. If you will work, you can always charge the battery at your destination and use the newly charged one on your way home.

Some electric unicycles have batteries that are not removable. Most gadgets or devices we know almost always outlive the batteries.

Make sure that you can have the battery replaced if it dies to avoid an electrical surge during charging that would surely damage your unicycle.

Meanwhile, batteries that are removable can let you charge one while using the other. Although buying a spare can be more expensive, it can save you time and also money in the long run.

The Pedals

The size of the pedals, the height, and the angle can mean comfort where you need it. Check the specs to see if these would be ideal for your body.

Too small pedals can be uncomfortable for long rides and can be a cause for concern as to its safety especially when moving at high speeds.

Pedals that placed lower to the ground can pose some risks. It is more likely that you will scrape the ground when making a turn.

Pedals that are located 13 cm or lower can be a safety hazard, so choose something is along the 16 cm mark. You also need to note the angle to learn which would provide more stability.


An electric unicycle is a faster alternative to walking, and just like any other vehicles, there are also some risks involved in riding one.

Unicycles are safe. If you fall (which will inevitably happen when you are just starting out),it will not be as catastrophic as having a car crash (heaven forbid).

You will probably end up with just an awkward staggering that would definitely cramp your style.

The rule of thumb here is never to go any faster than what the speed you are prepared to fall at. Always check if the unicycle you’ll be getting has some safety features installed in it.

Local Support

Most electric unicycle manufacturers are from in the Far East so it’s a must for you to verify if you can find spare parts locally or if you can get support from your local dealer. Find a manufacturer that would be very easy to locate should any problem arise.

There many other factors you need to consider especially if you are buying your first electric unicycle. You need to measure the wheel size, the incline, do you want to stand up or sit down, all these would help you get informed knowledge and allow you to choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a one wheel bike called?

One wheel bike is better known to the people as a unicycle. It is the perfect one wheel scooter when you need to cover a short distance.

Do unicycles have brakes?

One wheel bike is better known to the people as a unicycle. It is the perfect one wheel scooter when you need to cover a short distance.

Do unicycles needs brake?

When you walk, do you require any break? To stop you just stop forwarding. Similarly, a unicycle does not need any break. When you need to stop, just stop pedaling, it stops. So you want to paddle an electric unicycle.

What safety gear do you recommend for a new unicyclist?

Though the accidental occurrence is not as frequent as like electric scooters, it is not quite risk-free especially when you start with it. A helmet, shin pads, and elbow pads can give you the wide range of safety.

Is riding a unicycle good exercise?

Cycling is definitely a useful exercise you know. When the cycle comes with one wheel, then riding is a great exercise. This exercise does not hurt any joints rather it is great for muscle building and cardiovascular system.

Why cranks size matter?

Your stability, acceleration, and speed all depended on crank size. The longer crank gives you more stability but less acceleration. On the opposite shorter crank for fast speed but less control.

What size the steepest clamp do I need?

Matching of the seat clamp diameter with the seat tube is more important than the size of seatpost. For instance, a 26mm steepest easily set within a 26.5mm seat tube that means you need 26.5mm clamp.

What Size Unicycle would be easiest to learn on?

Basically, this factor depends on two factors: type of riding and leg length. If you want to ride on a smooth surface and try to do tricks, then 20” is best for you. Here 24” is less useful.

On the side, if your leg length fit with 16” then 20” wheel works less. And you can easily learn with the 16” wheel.

Is there a weight limit on unicycles?

It is not possible to answer this question in one word. Most of the electric cycle can bear on average 265 lbs. When you need extra weight capacity, it’s better to select the stronger one. You find heavyweight bearing unicycle but hasn’t it the limit?

Is a 5-year-old too young to learn to ride a unicycle?

Why are you thinking your 5 years kid is too young? I can give you many examples which legs don’t fit with the standard size of unicycle 12” but they are riding. If your kids have enough attraction to it, then I think it is too late. Yes.

Are electric unicycles legal in NYC?

No, as they are under hoverboard & segway category.

How much is an electric unicycle?

Depends on which brand & capacity you choose from, ranging from 300-4000.

I am over 6.5’ tall, will I have problems finding a unicycle to fit?

Definitely not. You are too tall that doesn’t mean you need a bigger wheel. Just buy a unicycle as you want and replace a longer seatpost. That’s it.

Inmotion V8F Electric Unicycle, 16-inch One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter for Adults, Smart Electric Wheel with LEDs, Built-in Speaker, Battery HD Display, Max Speed 22mph

Our Top PickInmotion V8F Electric Unicycle, 16-inch One Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter for Adults, Smart Electric Wheel with LEDs, Built-in Speaker, Battery HD Display, Max Speed 22mph More Images9.5/10 Our Score


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So there you go, Seven of the top electric unicycles for 2019. You can check them out for yourself and start your obsession with the trendiest and coolest personal transport device there is.

It has many advantages for you and the community such as having fewer rubber tires on the road, less use of fossil fuels because these run on electricity, less traffic, and many more, the list is practically endless.

You can do some light grocery shopping with it, go to work or school without taking your car, or just spend some time on road trips. A unicycle is a fun and convenient way of getting around.

This list will help you decide, but I think the best among the seven is the InMotion V8. It has just the right speed, range, power at the right price. While it may lack in certain areas, it checks positive for all the proper and ideal features that the perfect electric unicycle should have.

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