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Yachting is an awesome water sporting activity indeed,especially once you roam along with a team or any yacht clubs. Not only does it grant us access to gaze at the open waters and be bombarded by the cool breeze that comes about, but also does it provide some form of relaxation. There are numerous organizations and facilities that are geared towards enjoying this activity.

It is important to get to know about this subject so that you may prepare yourself appropriately for the same. We are going to ask and answer many of the questions that surround the subject conclusively. Stick with us till the end to know about this subject deeply.

What is a Yacht Club?

South Shore Yacht Club

A yacht club is an organization that is established to promote and regulate the activities of yachting and boating. These clubs admit members who visit their premises to engage in the aforementioned activities. Of course, they also levy some charges on the services they offer.

How much does the yacht cost?

This yacht club goes for $249,000, give or take. This cost is quite high, which is understandable given the strong, durable, and highly functional nature of these items. As you may note, this cost is largely beyond the scope of the reach of many people. You would hence rather just lease out the yacht.

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How much is a yacht club membership?

The exact cost of belonging to a yacht club depends on the club itself, where the club is located and the nature of the membership you maintain with it. When all factors are considered though, you should prepare to part with $35 to $500 per annum for the individual membership. Group memberships are on the whole cheaper than individual memberships though.

Yacht Clubs In Connecticut

What services are offered in the yacht club?

A typical yacht club confers the following services:

Yacht rentals

The first and foremost service these clubs consider is the yacht rentals. They basically lease out the yachts to their membership. In this instance, you simply sign a lease contract with the club, pay some money and thereafter have access to the yacht of your liking for the specified duration of time.


Marinas are the areas that are adjacent to the water bodies. They are used for docking or securing the moorings that ultimately hold the yachts firmly in place. These clubs build and maintain these areas for easier access and use whenever you plan to do so.

Food and drinks

They also have hotels, cafeterias, and eateries that serve foods and drinks of all shades and forms. As you wait to venture out to the open waters, you may stop by these food facilities and have some bites. Alternatively, you may also wish to take away some orders and eat at your convenience.

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Apart from food, the facilities above may also provide some entertainment services to the patrons of these clubs. Entertainment mainly comes in the forms of soft music, videos, movies, satellite, and cable televisions. They act as timekillers by taking up some of your free time.

Spa fitness

Most of these clubs also incorporate some gym and fitness centers within their complexes. The good news is that they do not charge separately for these services. Rather, membership in these clubs automatically guarantees membership in the fitness clubs as well. Take advantage of these as well.


Lastly, they also hire and make use of the concierge to receive and handle their guests. Among these professionals handle private errands, aid the patrons to get to the marinas, and handle just about any issue that may be of interest to the patrons concerned.

Membership vs. walk-in service

There are two ways in which you may belong to these yacht clubs. These are the full membership and the walk-in respectively. The former entails enrolling in a membership plan whereas the latter is only for one-time engagement. We now compare and contrast these two forms here below:


As hinted above, the membership entails enrolling in a long-term plan that spans a longer duration of time. The walk-in on the other hand is only in force for a limited duration of time. Opt for it hence if you lack the financial means necessary for a long-term contract.


You need the membership if you have the financial resource base, the time, and the passion necessary for continued and prolonged engagements in the yacht clubs. A walk-in alternative on the other hand comes in handy if you lack the aforementioned ingredients. It is only for those who are intent on getting a one-off experience, and that is it!


Belong to a yacht club on account of full membership definitely brings a great toll on the individual members themselves. This plan demands that you meet all the obligations required by the club. Among these, you have to attend the sessions regularly. A walk-in however only requires you to show up when you pay.


The average cost for full-scale membership is much lower than that of the walk-in. In absolute terms though, the former is still very expensive. As such, it is mainly suitable for the really moneyed. You should only opt for it if you have the necessary financial muscle power needed to enter such a plan.

Wrap up

You now know the basics of the yacht club and what it entails. The limited knowledge we have imparted is definitely sufficient to spark your interest and launch you in this matter. We caution against you taking too long to start out. You can never even afford to argue whether the services are great or not.

To start off, visit your search engine or local directory. Use the same to search for the data and information about the nearest yacht clubs in your area. Go ahead after that to mine their addresses and then making arrangements on how to pay a visit to the said facilities.

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