10 Best Yacht Clubs in The Hamptons, USA

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Hamptons lies in the east of Long Island, New York. It comprises a group of villages, towns, hamlets, and harbours which are all contained in the Suffolk County, New York State. Owing to their proximity to the adjacent Atlantic Ocean, this portion of the United States contains numerous yacht clubs. A reason why Our team of researchers has done a great job to find out the top 10 yacht clubs in the Hamptons for your consideration and eventual leverage.

Top 10 Yacht Clubs In The Hamptons

We discuss these clubs here below. While doing that, we shall look into their locations and the kinds of services they each have in store for anyone who would want to leverage the selfsame services. Find them explained hereunder:

#1 Southampton Yacht Club

Southampton Yacht Club
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Location: Southampton, NY

Portal: https://www.southamptonyachtclub.org/

Physical Address: 96 Little Neck Rd, Southampton, NY 11968, United States

Coordinates: 40.8798° N, 72.4420° W

Phone number: +1-631-283-9888

Email: michaelshaheen@yahoo.com

This is a private membership of sailors, mariners, and other water sporting enthusiasts. It is hence one that you want to enroll in if you are also enthusiastic about such issues. Being family-friendly, it is also a great one to take your family members to. Many people have looked to it for maximum friendship and enjoyment of the company.

#2 Sag Harbor Cove Yacht Club

Sag Harbor Cove Yacht Club
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Location: Sag Harbor, NY

Portal: https://www.sagharboryc.com/

Physical Address: 8 W Water St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963, United States

Coordinates: 41.0015° N, 72.2985° W

Phone number: Phone: +1-631-725-1605

Email: info@SagHarborYC.org

The Sag Harbor Yacht Club is a colourful fixture that is situated at the waterfront of the legendary Sag Village. Founded in 1889, this club has served generations of water-loving persons from New York and around the large United States. All these years, it has lived true to its mission of serving its members by quenching their thirst for sporting.

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#3 Bullhead Yacht Club Incorporated

Bullhead Yacht Club

Location: Southampton, NY

Portal: https://www.propertyshark.com/mason/Property/8746188/362-W-Neck-Rd-Southampton-NY-11968/

Physical Address: 362 W Neck Rd, Southampton, NY 11968, United States

Coordinates: 40.9168° N, 72.4388° W

Phone number: +1-631-283-9403

You will find this club tucked in the Eastern end of Long Island. Stretching around 22 miles, this club is one of the largest in the Atlantic seaboard. The club is broken down into 10 marinas, each with its own specialization and service mix. They also allow for the engagement of numerous activities and serving of seafood varieties.

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#4 Sag Harbor Yacht Club

Sag Harbor Yacht Club

Location: Sag Harbor, NY

Portal: https://www.sagharboryc.com/

Physical Address: 27 Bay St, Sag Harbor, NY 11963, United States

Coordinates: 41.0023° N, 72.2920° W

Phone number: +1-631-725-0567

Email: info@SagHarborYC.org

Like its sister Sag Harbor Cove Yacht Club above, this too was founded in 1899. Similarly, it also exists to ‘serve its members’ – a call it has lived true to for the last 100+ years. With numerous docks that accommodate large and small vessels alike, this club is a place where a water sporting enthusiast will find something to engross him completely.

#5 Shinnecock Yacht Club

Shinnecock Yacht Club

Location: Quogue, NY

Portal: https://shinnecockyachtclub.com/

Physical Address: 43 Niamogue Ln, Quogue, NY 11959, United States

Coordinates: 40.8183° N, 72.5872° W

Email: info@shinnecockyachtclub.com

Are you barely getting started on matters of sailing? You need an institution that will get hold of you and guide you through the entire process. This Shinnecock Yacht Club is the one to look up to. It accords great junior sailing instructions to a starter to see him through the preliminary stages up to competence levels.

#6 Westhampton Yacht Squadron

Westhampton Yacht Squadron

Location: Remsenburg, NY

Portal: http://www.yachtsquadron.com/

Physical Address: 9 Yacht Club Dr, Remsenburg, NY 11960, United States

Coordinates: 40.7978° N, 72.6994° W

Phone number: +1-631-325-8321

Email: info@yachtsquadron.com

Westhampton Yacht Squadron traces its roots to 1890. It was founded by persons who were dedicated to fulfilling the sailing needs of whole families. For a large part, this club is for those who hope to venture into competitive yachting later on. Many alumni have gone ahead to win great feats in matters of sailing later on in their careers.

#7 Halsey’s Marina

Halsey's Marina

Location: East Hampton, NY

Portal: https://halseysmarina.com/

Physical Address: 73 Three Mile Harbor Hog Creek Rd, East Hampton, NY 11937, United States

Coordinates: 41.0049° N, 72.1815° W

Phone number: +1-631-324-5666

Email: info@halseysmarina.com

Want a place you can detach and retreat to far away from the hustles and bustles of the busy urban areas? Halsey’s Marina is the place to be. Situated in a completely peaceful location that is far detached from reality, this club is quiet and great for the matters of relaxation. To add to this, it also accords picturesque views of the adjacent ocean and downtown New York skyline.

#8 Mattituck Yacht Club

Mattituck Yacht Club

Location: Mattituck, NY

Portal: http://www.mattituckyachtclub.com/

Physical Address: 9462 Peconic Bay Blvd, Mattituck, NY 11952, United States

Coordinates: 40.9912N 72.5343W

Phone number: +1-631-298-8974

Email: info@mattituckyachtclub.com

In a nutshell, the Mattituck Yacht Club is a family-centered and friendly yacht club. It hosts events and programs that are targeted at the whole family. Its environment also provides a unique opportunity for the development and nurturing of friendships, activities, and education, chiefly via its summer programs. These programs are tailored to the needs of each person or participant.

#9 Old Cove Yacht Club Incorporated

Old Cove Yacht Club

Location: New Suffolk, NY

Portal: https://www.oldcoveyc.com/

Physical Address: 1400 Old Harbor Rd, New Suffolk, NY 11956, United States

Coordinates: 40.9951° N, 72.4724° W

Phone number: +1-631-734-9076

Email: info@oldcoveyc.com

This Old Cove Yacht Club is unlike your ordinary yacht club in that it is an association of well over 130 families and individual sailing enthusiasts. These are persona who share a love for the matters of water sporting and sailing. Though it is owned by private families, this club opens its doors to all participants regardless of their ages, place of origin, physical ability, financial status, and creed.

#10 Shelter Island Yacht Club

Shelter Island Yacht Club

Location: Shelter Island Heights, NY

Portal: https://www.siyc.com/

Physical Address: 12 Chequit Ave, Shelter Island Heights, NY 11965, United States

Coordinates: 41.0867° N, 72.3524° W

Phone number: +1-631-749-0888

Email: office@siyc.com.

Parched in a short peninsula on the beautiful Dering Harbor, this club endeavors to build a community of sailors and boaters. This is a chore it has been doing for the last 125+ years. Its membership is open to persons from far-flung areas like Hong Kong, England, California, and beyond. They come to cruise, race, and basically enjoy the harsh waves of the ocean.


Needless to say, Hamptons has many other yacht clubs than the ones we have discussed above. Nevertheless, the top 10 yacht clubs in The Hamptons we have looked into above are the ones that are more likely to give you the effective services you have been yearning for.

Also, your membership in such clubs is more likely to yield higher returns on your investments. You hence have no better companion than them if you desire all the best services. To find the right one, you may have to consult their membership individual, consider your service needs, and ascertain how much money you are more likely to part with to access those services.

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