Best 10 Yacht Clubs in Maryland

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The US State of Maryland has an impressively long shoreline that measures 3,190 miles thanks to its proximity to the adjacent Atlantic Ocean. As expected, numerous yacht clubs adorn the area owing to the need to tap into the water resource for the sake of recreation and exploration of the ocean. Finding the most suitable club to work with may hence never be that really easy. That is where our discussions below come in. We have singled out and are going to peek into the top 10 yacht clubs in Maryland for your consideration and prioritization.

Top 10 Yacht Clubs In Maryland

As of the year 2020, the following are the top yacht clubs in Maryland. We arrived at the list after factoring the membership requirements, amenities, resources, and the value that a given patron may most likely derive from them.

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#1 Maryland Yacht Club

Maryland Yacht Club

Location: Pasadena, MD


Physical Address: 1500 Fairview Beach Rd, Pasadena, MD 21122, United States

Coordinates: 39.1546° N, 76.4987° W

Phone number: +1 410-255-4444


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This club spreads across 8 acres of a beautiful waterfront. You will find it right at the end of the Fairview Beach Road, in Pasadena, Maryland. While in the facility, you will gaze at the adjacent breathtaking Patapsco River. What’s more? You need not necessarily be a member to enjoy the benefits that come along! For as low as $1.50, you may enjoy entry and the amenities that come by.

#2 Annapolis Yacht Club

Annapolis Yacht Club

Location: Annapolis, MD


Physical Address: 2 Compromise St, Annapolis, MD 21401, United States

Coordinates: 38.9739° N, 76.4853° W

Phone number: +1-410-263-9279


Founded in 1886, this Annapolis Yacht Club incorporates many details and resources that many other clubs fall short of. It also maintains and supports a vast array of boating activities that transpire along the ocean. Its membership currently stands capped at 2,000. You have to apply and wait for your application to be verified before being selected.

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#3 Baltimore Yacht Club

Baltimore Yacht Club

Location: Essex, MD

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Physical Address: 800 Baltimore Yacht Club Road, Essex, MD 21221, United States

Coordinates: 39.2893° N, 76.3959° W

Phone number: +1 410-682-2310


Baltimore Yacht Club sits atop the grassy knoll in Sue Island. The location coincides with the mouth of the Middle River. This is the venue you want to be in if you want to enjoy and dig deeper into the history of the State of Maryland and of the Chesapeake Native tribe. On clear days, you will also see the skyscrapers that adorn downtown Maryland skyline.

#4 Chesapeake Yacht Club

Chesapeake Yacht Club

Location: Shady Side, MD


Physical Address: 4943 Hine Drive, Shady Side, MD 20764, United States

Coordinates: 38.8375° N, 76.5300° W

Phone number: +1 410-867-1500


Unlike many of the top yacht clubs in Maryland, this one is privately-owned. For this reason, it enjoys a 501 (c) (7) tax status. Owing to its strategic location, the marina allows for easier access to key locations in the Eastern United States. These include Baltimore, Annapolis, Washington DC, and northern Virginia. Its grounds are highly secured thanks to the gated nature of the facility.

#5 North Point Yacht Club

North Point Yacht Club

Location: Sparrows Point, MD


Physical Address: 1700 Wharf Road Sparrows Point MD 21219

Coordinates: N39 13 34.7- W76 27 45.0.

Phone number: 410-477-2471


Want to gaze some spectacular natural beauty? Get to this North Point Yacht Club. Its campus is truly beautiful owing to the existence of green vegetation, awesome flowers, and a host of natural beauty. Here are excellent dining facilities, clubs, and entertainment spots among other vital attractions. You can never miss out on any interesting thing to do.

#6 Eastern Yacht Club

Eastern Yacht Club

Location: Essex, MD


Physical Address: 2330 Seneca Rd, Essex, MD 21221, United States

Coordinates: 39° 17′ 47″N 76° 23′ 52″W

Phone number: 1-410-686-3555


Established in 1956, this yacht club is situated at the mouth of Middle River, a stone-throw distance away from the Chesapeake Bay. In all, the campus measures a vast 20 acres of space that allows you to stroll around and enjoy your time out. This is complemented with 72-boat capacity and plenty of parking spaces to leverage.

#7 Middle River Yacht Club

Middle River Yacht Club

Location: Essex, MD


Physical Address: 200 Nanticoke Rd # 2, Essex, MD 21221, United States

Coordinates: 39.3112° N, 76.4332° W

Phone number: +1 410-687-1160


The Middle River Yacht Club is reputed for being one of the friendliest clubs on the Chesapeake Bay. Situated along the Hopkins Creek, this club is a truly excellent abode from the surging storms that constantly bombard the area. From time to time, the cool breeze that emanates from the ocean sweep through the area to keep the occupants cool.

#8 Crescent Yacht Club

Crescent Yacht Club

Location: Essex, MD


Physical Address: 1840 Cape May Rd, Essex, MD 21221, United States

Coordinates: 39.3035° N, 76.4179° W

Phone number: +1-410-687-2582


Searching for a club for whole family use? You have a nice friend and companion on this one! It is structured and designed along the family lines. Its interior ambiance is large and spacious enough to accommodate an entire family. Moreover, it is also adorned with numerous facilities that appeal to the children. These include bouncing castles, playpens, and occasional concerts.

#9 Miles River Yacht Club

Miles River Yacht Club

Location: St Michaels, MD


Physical Address: 24750 Yacht Club Rd, St Michaels, MD 21663, United States

Coordinates: 38.7997° N, 76.2192° W

Phone number: +1 410-745-9511


Are you a lover of history and matters past affairs? The Miles River Yacht Club is the venue to head to. All its boats and other marine facilities are geared with the past in mind. Moreover, all its programs are also catered to the young and the elderly patrons alike. This again is the place to head to if you want to venture into competitive sailing later.

#10 Belvedere Yacht Club

Belvedere Yacht Club

Location: Arnold, MD


Physical Address: 419 Alameda Pkwy, Arnold, MD 21012, United States

Coordinates: 39.0595° N, 76.4899° W

Phone number: +1 410-647-3594


Belvedere Yacht Club is yet another privately-owned facility. It is closed to members only who may nonetheless bring some guests who are entitled to limited privileges. Once enrolled, one has to be active in the affairs of the club for the membership to be continued indefinitely. To be admitted as a member, you have to be introduced and seconded by no less than two pre-existing members.


From our list of the top 10 yacht clubs in Maryland above, we are confident you now have the head start you need to find the most appropriate one for the job. All you have to do now is scour the list while at the same time reading the explanations we have given underneath carefully.

Follow the steps above by mirroring the explanations with your own expectations of facilities of these kinds. Needless to say, you will have to consider the costs and pricing implications. So, when do you plan to attempt enrolment in a certain club of your choice? We would always love to hear from you!

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