10 Best Yacht Clubs In Fort Lauderdale

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Choosing the best yacht clubs in Fort Lauderdale can be one of the most difficult decisions. This is because there are so many options available you can choose from. Each of the clubs may differ depending on the size of its fleet and the membership option.

You have to find the club that best fits what you are looking for. We have compiled a list of the top ten yacht clubs you can find in Fort Lauderdale. All these clubs are the best we have only ranked them for listing.

Yacht Clubs In Fort Lauderdale

#1 South Florida Boat Club

South Florida Boat Club

Phone: 866-339-2628

Working hours: Mon to Fri 

Address: 3301 Rickenbacker Biscayne Fl 33149

Email: sales@southfloridaboat.com

Web: https://www.southfloridaboatclub.com/

The South Florida Boat club is located in the downtown of Fort Lauderdale. It has some of the best amenities features; a swimming pool and grills. If your family loved to relax and enjoy some time away, this can be the ideal choice for you.  

Becoming a member is not a very complicated process. You can choose any of their flexible membership options which are seasonal annual and the partnership option. You can gain access to its fleet that has several boats like bow-rider and deck boats. You can use the boat for extended hours.

#2 Coral Ridge Yacht Club

Coral Ridge Yacht Club

Address: 2800 Boulevard F. Lauderdale FL 33304

Phone: 954-566-7886

Email: info@cry.net

Fax: +1-954-314-0553

This is an invitation-only membership boat club. This means their services are not open to the public. This makes this club the best option for those members looking for exclusivity. To join, you need to find a current member willing to sponsor you.

This club allows you to explore the 36 available locations in Florida. Its members love the best things in life. Therefore, if you want to join the club you should be focusing on more than just the boating experience. They have several restaurants, fitness centers, and tennis courts.

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#3 Lauderdale Yacht Club

Lauderdale Yacht Club

Phone: 954-524- 5500

Email: memberservices@lyc.org

Address: 1725 SE 12 STREET F. LAUDERDALE FL 33316

Working hours: 24 hours

This is one of the oldest existing clubs which was founded in 1938. It is managed privately by its members. Membership into the club comes only by invitation. You need to find a sponsor that will sponsor you into the club.  

Members’ focus goes beyond just getting in the waters and sailing. Fine dining in the company of other members as well as enjoying playing in the tennis court comes with joining the club. To ensure that everyone is conversant with sailing, they offer training programs to both the adults and the children.

#4 The Best Boat Club

Phone: 954-779-3866

Address: 801 Sea breeze Boulevard, Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

The Best Boat Club is found in two different locations Bahia Mar Center and Pier 66 Marina and Resort. For those from small families that need a boat to spend some time in the water, you can be one of their center console boats.

The membership for the best boat club is one of the most affordable available. You will not need to pay rental rates once you have settled your membership fee. Individual rate allows you unlimited use of the fleet on different days depending on the rate you pay for. Their training program is the best for first-time boaters.

#5 Carefree Boat Club


Address: 1 East Main St. (6,603.85 mi (ca. 10,628 km)) Clinton, CT 06413

Phone: 1-877-790-2628

Working hours: 10:00 AM — 6:00 PM

Website: www.carefreeboats.com

Carefree offers the most diverse destination across Canada and the United States. It is also one of the largest boat clubs. However, they have managed to keep their membership exclusive ensuring that the ratio boats to the member are low.

Carefree allows you to choose from their wide range of boats to choose from that allow you to enjoy the convenience of throwing a party with friends or family in the waters. To ensure the safety of its members in the seas, they offer basic safety training to all. Save on money by choosing to sail on weekends or weekdays.

#6 Grand Yacht Club

grand yacht club

Address: 919 N Birch Rd (7,634.79 mi (ca. 12,287 km)) Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

Phone: +1 954 –614-1455

Website: www.grandyachtclub.com

Grand Yacht club has a very different membership compared to others. It allows its members to reserve the boat for a getaway rather than renting for the afternoon. They have three categories of boats; sailing yacht, luxury cruiser, and sport yacht.  

Water sport costs are covered in the membership premium, allowing members to enjoy jet skis, kayaks, and snorkeling. This club is not only interested in getting in the water, but also tries to keep their members in a certain lifestyle. You will find them holding romantic getaways from time to time.

#7 Marina Bay Yacht Club

marina bay yacht club

Address: 1340 Marina Way S (8,045.94 mi (ca. 12,949 km)) Richmond, CA 94804

Phone: +1 510-236-1013

Working hours: 9:00 AM — 5:00 PM

Website: www.MarinaBayYachtHarbor.com

It is located in downtown Miami. The climate of year-round sunshine in this location is the reason behind the marina bay club being one of the options for people in Fort Lauderdale. People coming from far and close come to enjoy boating at affordable rates offered by this yacht club.

This club offers more than just boating with outdoor water sports, tennis courts, and a heated swimming pool. All these amenities are enjoyed by members of this club.

#8 Boys with Boats

Boys with Boats

Phone: (954) 604-4149

Address: 073 NE 6th Avenue, Wilton Manors, FL 33334

This is the only social inclusive boat club for LGBTQI that has been known for promoting education for boaters on the safety of yachting in the waters. They have dedicated one weekend every month for rafting on water overnight for its members.

Boys with boats have exclusive membership for their members, which not only focus on boating but also ensuring their members enjoy a certain lifestyle.

#9 Lauderdale Surf & Yacht Club

Lauderdale Surf & Yacht Club

Address: 1725 SE 12th St (7,636.97 mi (ca. 12,291 km)) Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

Phone: +1 954-524-5500

Website: www.lyc.org

This is a privately run boat club since it was established in 1938. Their main focus is catering to the need of the family by providing a family-friendly environment. They offer a premium sailing experience that equips all its members with the necessary skills regardless of age.

Its members enjoy access to the fitness center, tennis court, and dining spaces where they can enjoy some peace.  

#10 Lauderdale Isle Yacht & Tennis

Lauderdale Isle Yacht & Tennis

Address: 600 Tennis Club Dr (7,636.02 mi (ca. 12,289 km)) Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 

Phone: +1 954-763-8657

Email: lauderdaletennisclub@gmail.com

Working hours: 8:00 AM — 9:00 PM

It was founded in 1953 and has been part of the community around it for decades. It offers members a location where they can have social gatherings and special occasions. It has been encouraging the art of yachting to its members.

Members of the club organize monthly trips across their annual calendar. Membership to the club is open to the public allowing members to join and be part of the positive change in the neighborhood.

Final Words

The worry of owning and maintaining a boat is over with the options available. You only need to choose a boat club that has a membership affordable while ensuring you get the best amenities from the packages you choose. Pick the best for you.

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