Why You Should Get an Electric Scooter? 5 Insane Use

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Since the dawn of the 20th century, humans have never ceased to revert our own vehicles into more eco-friendly ones. For years, we have attempted to turn our backs from more usage of fossil fuels.

And instead we began creating vehicles that don’t actually use fossil fuels directly. In a more specific aspect, we have created electric-powered vehicles, and in this specific case: the rise of electric scooters.

The emergence of these scooters are actually are good buy for anyone, and a two-thumbs up sign is appropriate in this case. Furthermore, I would like to elaborate to you the top reasons of why you should go ahead and purchase your first electric scooter.

Get an Electric Scooter


The most common electric scooters have dimensions of 50-80 cm in length, making it extremely perfect as an on-the-go vehicle. If you are not a fan of wasting time just to find a parking spot, electric scooters are a portable in the sense that they are foldable.

And can be lifted at ease by hand. You can also bring it inside a public transport if you wish without causing any disturbance to other commuters.

Unlike large vehicles that require large spaces to park, the electric scooters can sit wherever you please: be it near your bed (if you wanted it not to get stolen) or even placing it on your stockroom (if in that case you’ve locked it properly).

Less Maintenance

Electric scooters mostly consist of the main motor, the battery, a charger and the unit itself. The lesser parts a vehicle is, the lesser the time you have to spend in looking over on your scooter to check if parts are okay.


Less maintenance applies only if you really do take care of your electric scooter. Damages due to carelessness are not included in this subject.

Road Practicality

As mentioned earlier, due to the small dimensions of the average electric scooter, it can zip its way along narrow roads, tight junctions between vehicles along with their angry drivers, and zip along the heavy traffic on the Metro.

They are much like motor scooters, yet the difference lies on the requirement in balancing. Electric scooters don’t require that much of balance. All you need are a pair of agile feet, ready to stomp on the break whenever needed.

Road Practicality

Zip along the heavy traffic


The electric scooter-in a obvious statement-uses electric charges to provide itself enough juice for a trip wherever you go. If you are more like a green advocate and proudly saying that you wanted to reduce your own carbon footprint, consider purchasing an electric scooter.

Not only it takes directly any fossil fuels, but also it holds its fact that e-scooters don’t emit any perilous gases such as carbon monoxide.


Due to the fact that e-scooters have an electric motor instead of gasoline motors, the mechanism of the engine is more like of a dynamo, emitting an almost white noise type.

Or in most cases doesn’t emit unnecessary noise. An -e-scooter is perfect if you want to traverse the town without all of the unnecessary ‘vroom-vroom’ sound.

By the way, just make sure to honk in advance when an unwary pedestrian crosses your path. If you don’t honk in advance, the pedestrian might be unwary of your arrival and may cause some minor accidents.

And also bear in mind that just because it doesn’t emit noise doesn’t you have to use it on sneaking to other people. Just use it appropriately.

Removable Battery

Unlike a regular scooter that requires many parts to change is it goes on malfunction mode, an e-scooter’s expected lifespan could be extended if you tend to invest in a removable battery.

Just like a smartphone, an e-scooter is fueled by a lithium battery. Just remember to always check the charging indicator to avoid overcharging.

Alternate Mode of Transportation

If you’re not a fan of queuing in line on a public transport but doesn’t want to own  a bulky car in getting to work or elsewhere, it is highly recommended to own an e-scooter, since aside from ease of going from Point A to Point B easily, e-scooters are never required to be licensed by the government.

However, that doesn’t mean you have the right to violate any pre-existing traffic laws on your community. Always be a responsible user and abide any regulations along public roads.

Cheap Price Range

The average e-scooter nowadays could be purchased under the price line of USD 100, hence the possibilities of owning an e-scooter are very high due to the real availability of the product.

Just make sure that every time you go on checking the brand, specification or any suspicions that the product is an original, an imitation or a defective one.

Cool Way of Exercise

Supposedly your e-scooter might run out of juice, your tendency is to manually use your feet to somehow give a slight push on the ground frequently to move the scooter. Unknowingly, you are actually giving your legs a moderate amount of exercise.

Also included in that moderate exercise is the way how you control the grip to your hand brakes and your feet on regulating the end break at the rear end.

More Safety Features

The modern e-scooter has seen various inclusions to further improve security measures for the scooter itself. That includes anti-theft alarms, requiring PIN code to open the scooter, steering locks and speed regulation. Just make sure to choose wisely in which e-scooter has the best security feature.

A Cool Present for Anyone

Since e-scooters are all the rage, wouldn’t it be cool if this is the next gift idea for your loved one? Of course, you have to prepare yourself with all those fat stacks if you want to purchase a high-end e-scooter that is highly efficient.

Kids and teenagers alike would surely love this tech thing, and sooner they’ll go spinnin’ around neighborhoods, zippin’ along with their e-scooter.

Cool present for anyone

Kids would surely love this

The various aspects given above are the best factors on why you should go ahead to your nearest dealership and purchase a new and efficient electric scooter.

No matter on what brand you’re choosing from or what specifications attract you the most, the practicality and rage on electric scooters will continue. Sooner or later, we might see all of them zipping across the Metro. Cheers to that.

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