Sailing and cruising can sometimes take a lot of time and energy. It is therefore very important for sailors and a boater to have a place where can go relax and have some fun. Most of the yacht clubs in Portland have been designed with extra amenities to ensure their members get to relax and create great communities.

Here is a look at the top ten yacht clubs in Portland Oregon.

1. Portland Yacht Club

Address: 1241 NE Marine Drive Portland, Oregon 97211

Phone: 503-285-1922


The Portland Yacht Club was established in 1908 for motorboat racers. It is founded on family. The membership at the club consists of all groups of people young, old retired, and singles. The reason for basic its foundation on the family is because all activities at the club are customized for this group.

It is located at the Marine Drive. Most of the boats are owned by the members. The members are either owns a sailboat or a powerboat. Several social gatherings are held at the clubhouse.

2. Willamette Sailing Club

Address: 6336 S.W. Beaver Ave. Portland, Oregon


Phone: 503-730-Sail (7245)

The Willamette Sailing club has been the host for many racing both casual and competitive ones. It is located on the bank of Willamette River. It is the only small boathouse found in Portland. Its membership has grown over the year having more than 300 registered members at the club.

Whether you are looking to sail through the water or looking for a place to hang out with friends and family, this is the club for you. You can host personal events in the facility.

3. Portland Boathouse 

Address: 403 SE Caruthers Portland, OR 97214


Portland boathouse is one of the few clubs that allow people of all backgrounds and abilities to join. Stewardship in the waters has remained their main objective over the years. Friendship based on respect and mutual respect is fostered between club members whenever they gather at the clubhouse.

Members once they are done with long sails in the water, they can relax at the clubhouse and enjoy meals with friends and families.

4. Dolphin Yacht Club

Address: 17 Allerton Place Marblehead 01945


Working hours: Sunday to Saturday

Phone: 781-639-6399

The Dolphin Yacht club was founded in 1950 by 14 men who were passionate boating. Their main goal was to foster the nautical spirit for all people regardless of race, color, and gender. Over the years, this objective has remained the focus of current members.

Members at the club have access to a fine dining experience at the dining halls. They can also relax and catch up with friends at the bar found in the facility. Friends and family gather here to enjoy the beautiful views of the water while enjoying some live music.

5. Oregon Yacht Club

Address: 6901 SE Oaks Park Way Portland, Oregon 97202

Phone: (503) 232-7220


The Oregon Yacht Club has celebrated several milestones over the year as one of the prestigious yacht clubs found in Portland. It is located on the Willamette River, Portland Oregon. It was first incepted in 1900 to encourage and foster yachting. Over many years of existence, members have advanced their navigation skills.

Their regatta events have attracted numerous racers who are competitive. Social events are common at the clubhouse where members of the public are welcomed to celebrate with the club members. Membership of the club comprises all groups young and old.

6. Tyee Yacht Club

Address: PO Box 17036 Seattle, WA 98127 United States of America

Phone: 206-402-3957

Tyee Yacht Club was founded in the year 1954 with a clubhouse and moorage located on the Columbia River, Portland Oregon. It is a self-sustaining not for profit boat club. Membership who joins the club enjoys being a part of the big Tyee Family. 

Tyee Yacht Club holds the reputation for the best boat club that has blended fun and boating. Boating should not only be about getting in the waters and sailing. It should involve the creation and maintenance of long term friendship between boaters. There are dinners, parties, and educational programs throughout the year.

7. Rose City Yacht Club

Address: 3737 NE Marine Drive (7,518.50 mi) Portland, OR 97211

Phone: (503) 282-2049


Rose City Club is one of the largest yacht clubs that are found in Portland. It began operations in 1932 making it one of the oldest clubs that have remained organized over the years. A group of 10 enthusiastic sailors is the founders behind this boat club. It has more than 150 active members who are involved in the day to day operations of the club. 

The floating clubhouse offers its members a paranoiac view of the blue waters. Friends and families of the members are welcomed when social events are held at this clubhouse.

8. Columbia River Yacht Club 

Address: 37 NE Tomahawk Island Drive (7,518.36 mi) Portland, OR 97217

Phone: +1 503-289-6561


Working hours: 8 AM to 4 PM

The Columbia River Yacht River was established in 1946. It has a very rich history of being home to some of the best sailors who went to the club to sail and also relax. It is located on the prime Columbia River. Any person that joins the yacht club joins the bigger community.

This community is about having fun relaxing while passionately sailing the waters. The clubhouse is fully furnished with a kitchen where members can enjoy casual and fine dinner after log days in the Columbia River.

9. Freedom Boat Club of Portland 

Address: 72 Lafayette Street (6,399.68 mi) Yarmouth, ME 04096

Phone: +1 207-650-6027


The Freedom Boat Club is one of the largest boat club found in the Portland district. It has been home to many amazing boaters and sailors who are passionate about advancing their skills. The over 200 members have access to the best boats in all sizes and designs.

Members also get to relax at the restaurant and bar found within the clubhouse. Here they get to catch and plan their next trips for the waters. They make great bonds that go beyond the premises of the club.

10. Tomahawk Island Marina 

Address: 300 NE Tomahawk Island Dr. Portland, Oregon 97217 

Phone: +1 503-289-5511


The Tomahawk Island Marina has been the best in Portland since its inception in 1971. The marina pride itself in offering not only yachting and sailing programs but also creating a great community. Any new person that joins the club will feel welcomed into a family-focused on sailing as well as relaxing and having fun.

There are several slip options at the marina that are accessible to the members. You only need to get one that suits you.

Wrapping Up

Any sailor either experienced or new to the yachting sport can affirm that these are the best yacht clubs you can find in Portland Oregon. These clubs offer more than the yachting experience but create and foster bonds and friendships. These are world-class facilities for the best boaters in Portland.

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