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When warm weather season arrives, boaters and yachter are always thinking about the next time they will get in the waters. What other to enjoy the waters and relax than the New Jersey shores. At these amazing clubs found in this review, boaters are not only entitled to spending quality time in the waters, but they get to foster friendships and camaraderie as they relax.

There are several featured amenities in these clubs that are the perfect option for sailors and their families. Take a look at the top ten yacht clubs in New Jersey.

1. Raritan Yacht Club

Address: 160 Water Street Perth Amboy, NJ 08861


Phone: (732) 826-6699

The Raritan Yacht Club stays true to its slogan ‘nurture friendship, promote the art and science of sailing, and create adventures. They promote sailing through providing activities for entire families and some of the inter-club activities available. Friendships are nurtured at the very spacious clubhouse. Social events are a common scene at the clubhouse from time to time

It was established in 1865 and has maintained its rich history over the many years it has existed. It is a club run by members for members. Adventures are created through the racing competitions hosted at the club.

2. Gilford Park Yacht Club

Address: 700 Riverside Drive Toms River, NJ 08753


Phone: (732) 929-9838

The Gilford Park Yacht Club was founded in 1930 to promote and encourage the sport of boating and a strong sense of seamanship. The members of the club are passion-driven and they work hard to maintain the reputation that has been created by the club.

The clubhouse at the facility is available to the member for recreational use in ensuring that great bonds and friendships are created between the members. It is not all about sailing the waters when you join the club. Its beach is free and open for the residents and kayak and canoe launch are provided for free. 

3. Mallard Island Yacht Club

Address: 1450 East Bay Avenue Manahawkin, New Jersey 08050

Phone: 609-597-2882

The Mallard Island Yacht Club is one of the most beautiful yacht club surrounded by water. This is a dream venue especially for a newlywed couple who loves the waters and would love to hose their friends and families. It has a luscious garden with the best luxury filled interior which offers a breathtaking experience.

Any person who has never been to the yacht club should schedule a tour with them and get a chance to explore the beauty of the waters at its best. Those with membership at the clubhouse never get tired of going to the place because they always enjoy the beauty.

4. Riverton Yacht Club

AddressMain Street and Bank Ave (6,759.44 mi) Riverton, NJ 08077


Phone: + 1 856-829-9894

Having been founded in 1865, The River Yacht Club is the oldest yacht club that is found on the Delaware River. It is also among the oldest clubs found in America. It is located on the picturesque Riverton, New Jersey.

It has through the years been dedicated to promoting championships and the thrills that come with the sailing adventures. It has been home for several regattas lie the Governor’s cup regattas that happen every June. The membership at the club is in different categories designed to cater to the needs of the young and old and inclusive of families.

5. Manhattan Yacht Club 

Address: 140 Dudley Street Jersey City, NJ 07302


Phone: 212-786-3323

The Manhattan Yacht Club is the largest boat sailing club. It has also been credited as the most active sailing organization. It re-introduced sailing in New York Harbor in 1987. All through the year up to date, they have designed some of the best sailing programs that are aimed at maintaining the tradition the started. 

At the clubhouse, members can relax on the deck as they swing on the rocking chairs as they chat through the evenings with friends. When races are over, members can relax and enjoy sumptuous dinners and barbeques.

6. Bay Head Yacht Club 

Address: 111 Metcalfe Bay Head, New Jersey 08742 United States

Phone: 732 899 2000

The Bay Head Yacht Club was established in 1888 on the Barnegat Bay. It was the first yacht club to build its clubhouse on pilings. When one is seated at the clubhouse they get to see the best view of the front bay. This place is historic with two of its building having been listed as a historic building by the New Jersey registry.

The clubhouse and the banquet room are available to be rented by outside who would love to host their private parties in this historic venue.

7. Keyport Yacht Club

Address: 115 First Street, Keyport, NJ 07735

Phone: 732-739-2544



The Keyport Yacht Club was founded over 100 years ago in 1908 to provide the best sailing experience. These experiences have been accompanied by the best club amenities. This club is located at Keyport one of the historic places in New Jersey.

They offer a certified sailing course for new members and old members who want to advance their sailing skills. If you are new, join the KYC sailing school and begin your sailing journey.

8. Ocean City Yacht Club

Address: 100 Bay Rd (6,775.63 mi) Ocean City, NJ 08226-4420

Phone: +1 609-399-6600


The Ocean City Yacht Club was established in 1901 and has remained active in having the best competitive sailing programs in the bay and offshore races. It is the best club in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The clubhouse on the facility has the best space for weddings, banquet, and parties. Members and non-members can rent this space and enjoy personal events with friends and family. Regatta championship events are frequent at the facility.

9. Toms River Yacht club

Address: 1464 Riviera T.R NJ 08753

Phone: +1 732-929-0888


The Toms River Yacht Club is the oldest continuously operating yacht club in the Barnegat Bay zone. It was founded in 1871 meaning it has been in operation for more than 130 years with a very rich history and tradition for sailing, yachting, and boating. The adults and juniors participate in different competitions throughout the years. Hosting these events create the best competitive and casual environment for sailors.

Parties and social events of all kinds are held at the big clubhouse. These events are designed as a meeting point for the passionate sailors with their friends and family. This ensures that a sense of community is fostered and established for the members.

10. Robbins Reef Yacht Club

Address: 21Pavonia Ct Bayonne NJ 07002

Phone: 2018589510

The Robbins Reef Yacht Club was incorporated in 1906 to encourage the sport of yachting and the science of seamanship for all people passionate about the waters. it is located on the shores of Newark Bay, New Jersey. The clubhouse in this facility offers lounges, kitchens, banquet halls, and an inside the bar. It has a women’s lounge where the female boaters can relax and catch up.

Once you get a membership at this club, your passion for the sea comes to life.


I believe that by this point of the review, you have an idea of the best clubs that you can get in New Jersey. All these different clubs have something unique to offer and you will not regret visiting their location and experiencing for yourself.

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