The love for the waters has been a mutual love for many people, especially people leaving close to the shores. This love has led to the establishment of yacht clubs. The members of the club enjoy living a luxurious lifestyle and still enjoying boating.

There are different clubs in Chicago. Different clubs have different missions and visions, meaning there is a club for everyone. These clubs have become the new location for social events for the rich members of the community.

Take a look at the top ten yacht clubs you can find in Chicago.

  1. Chicago Yacht Club

Address: 400 E Monroe St. Chicago IL 60603 United States

Working hours: 11 AM to 8:30 PM

Phone: +1 312-861-7777

All yacht clubs are driven by the passion to excel in the boating business for its members. Any person that loves experiencing the water would like to do so in an environment, which creates growth for them. Chicago Yacht club has dedicated its resources to creating excellence for its members.

You can host private events at the clubhouse, enjoy the casual and fine dining experience, and advance your sailing by getting personalized training programs. There are year-round activities for more than 1,400 members.

  1. Southern Shore Yacht Club

Address: 105 North New Orleans 70124 LA USA

Phone: +1 (504) 288-4200

Fax: Fax: +1 (504) 283-0621

Southern Shore Yacht club is located at a very serene location at the Jackson Park Inner Harbor, the shore of Lake Michigan. It was founded in 1912 and has risen to become one of the most respected power boatmen clubs in Chicago. Its membership allows regular members, guests, and associate members who are passionate about boating.
Members of the club can hold special events like family celebrations, annual events, and wedding celebrations.

  1. Museum Shores Yacht Club

Address: 5900 South Drive (7,110.45 mi) IL 60637 Chicago

Phone: +1 708-308-0794

Working hours: Sunday to Monday


Museum Shore Yacht club prides itself on offering programs and events that are suitable for the young and the old. For any person that is very passionate about boating and the experience that comes with it, this is the best club for you. Since its establishment three-generation ago, they have maintained their passion and drive for boats and boating.

The club is not only focused on boating but creating a sense of community for the groups of the person leaving around the establishment

  1. Burnham Park Yacht Club

Address: 1500 L White drive Illinois 606065 Chicago

Phone: (312) 427-4664

Working hours: Tuesday to Sunday

Burnham is one of the most active boating clubs in Chicago. It is located at the Museum campus of Chicago’s lakefront. It is the most sheltered harbor in Chicago. Founded in the year 1938 by a group of dinghy builders, it has remained consistent in its provision of the best boating experience for both its member and visitors that visit the establishment.

For one to join the club they do not have to own a boat. You only need to have a passion for boats and boating.

  1. Belmont Yacht Club

Address: Ada S. Belmont 2280

Phone: 02 49450022

Working hours: Monday to Sunday

Belmont Yacht club was founded in 1973 by a group of people who were very enthusiastic about the experience that comes with boating. It is located at the end of Belmont Harbor on the northern side. Membership to the club has been made open to the general public. Anyone that loves being in the water, can join and become a member of the club.

Recreational boating is the most common activity at the club. Members can enjoy racing in the waters while their friends and family relax in the lounges and clubhouses found in the facility.

  1. Corinthian Yacht Club

Address: 43 Street Tiburon CA 94920

Phone: (415) 435-4771 Fax (415) 435-5101



The Corinthian Yacht club is the only volunteer club found in Chicago. The club is run by its members whose main goal is to ensure that the highest level of excellence is maintained at the club. Members at the club can enjoy affordability while experiencing fun. It has served power boaters and sailors since its inception in 1934.

All volunteer members at the club can enjoy relaxing at the club while enjoying the skyline and lawn view in Chicago. Social events run all year at the club. The boating calendar is full of activities such as power boating, cruising, and sailing.

  1. Joseph Conrad Yacht Club

Address: Lawrence (7,106.13 mi) Chicago, IL 60630

Phone: +1 630-804-9275

Working hours: 24 hours


Joseph Conrad Yacht club was started by a group of students from the University of Illinois in the year 1969. Their main aim was to ensure the advancement of sailing skills for members and to preserve the long yachting tradition passed down through the generations.

Over the year this long-held tradition has been preserved. Members of the club can enjoy activities throughout the year that keep them engaged.

  1. Jackson Park Yacht Club

Address: 6400 S Promontory Drive Illinois Chicago


Phone: 773 684 5522

Jackson park yacht club was founded to enhance the boating experience for all its members. Members are entitled to the fun activities at the clubhouse while they continue enhancing their boating skills. It is a private yacht club that always provides is members with activities around the year for its members.

Both young and old members receive education and knowledge in the boating industry. They are also provided with amenities for recreational activities for friends and families. Safety is the most important training aspect taught to the members.

  1. Diversey Yacht Club

Address: 2601 Cannon D Chicago 60614 IL


Phone: 773-929-8819

The Diversely Yacht club is known as the friendliest yacht club in Chicago. It was founded in 1935 and over the years it has maintained its traditions. It offers programs and services that are suitable for all regardless of their age. Whether you love racing, scuba diving or just cruising you can find all these services at this club.

All new members are welcomed to experience this beautiful most friendly club in Chicago. All the amenities at the club have been designed to ensure that all members can enjoy some luxury.

  1. Columbia Yacht Club

Address: 111 N. Lake Shore Chicago 60601 IL

Phone: (312) 938-3625


Columbia Yacht club has drawn members who have a mutual love for the lake. Lakes offer members the luxury of racing, power boating, and cruising. This club was started in 1892 and ever since it has maintained a deep sense of pride for not only the members but the staff and the officials at the club.
Casual parties can be held at the dock, as well as fine and casual breakfasts and dinners in the amazing clubhouse. They live to the slogan of the club “Welcome Aboard”

Final Word

Chicago has some of the finest yacht clubs from the listing above. We hope that by this point of the review, you have an idea of the next club you are going to join and become a member. Boating should offer more than just cruising in the water. It should foster a sense of community for members of the clubs.

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