Scooter Size By Age: Top 5 Comprehensive Guide

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Scooters are great means of personalized transportation. However, they are only as relevant and handy as their suitability to the unique needs of the rider. This is to mean that for a scooter to be of any use, it has to be compatible with the size and preferences of the rider. This can only happen if the various factors that influence the suitability of the scooters are given the necessary consideration. Therefore, Our discussion of today is scooter size by age.

In the proceeding discussions, we are going to identify those factors and discuss why they are important and how they should be confronted.


This is perhaps the most outstanding trait of the ideal scooter. Your size changes with time. You may grow taller, heavier, thinner, shorter, or slimmer, and so on. It is therefore paramount that your scooter is adjustable. This is to enable it to respond to these changes appropriately. Adjustability simply means that its dimensions may be altered as the need may so dictate. This is the only way to ensure your comfort and long-run reliability.

Back Sweep

It is also great if the scooter has the back sweep feature. This simply means that its handlebars should be able to slant backward. This feature is great for short riders. Such riders generally lack the longer sizes that are needed to stand upright and comfortably in a standard scooter size. It is also great for those riders who are younger yet have bigger scooters.

back sweep


Not any brand selected at random can deliver the same degree of outcomes. Some brands are particularly outstanding and are hence preferable. As of the year 2018, the following are the top scooter brands:

  • MGP
  • District
  • Lucky
  • Phoenix
  • Envy
  • Grit
  • Sacrifice
  • Apex

You should give them the first priority in your search for the right scooter. You will more likely to derive higher quality outcomes, greater value for money, and more comfortable rides.

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deck of the scooter

It is on the deck of the scooter that you stand while riding the scooter. Perhaps the most significant portion of the scooter. It determines the suitability of the scooter to you as well as your overall comfort. The best deck has to measure 4.5 inches wide by 19-21 inches long. The actual size, however, varies in relation to the actual size of the rider. If you can find a scooter whose deck can be lengthened or shortened, you should, by all means, grab it.

Bar Diameter

The diameter of your scooter’s bar matters. Its size determines the size of the clamp which may be attached to it. You should see to it that you find a scooter whose diameter is compatible with your clamp of choice. You definitely would not want any discrepancies arising during the attachment process. This measurement will also determine the size of the fork that may attach to the bar.

Height – Scooter Size By Age

Height is the measure of the distance between the ground level to the tip of the scooter. The best height is that one which reaches the space that is in between your thighs and your hips. Besides this, a decreased height is better than a peak bike. This is because this height offers greater stability than its peak counterparts. It, therefore, enables you to negotiate tight corners and unforgiving trains with ease.

Material Construction

The kinds of materials that are used to make up the scooter’s parts and components also matter. To guarantee you maximum reliability, you definitely want a scooter that is very strong and durable. For these two traits to be assured, the scooter has to be made of tough materials like stainless steel and Aluminum.

Compression System

The compression system basically refers to the manner in which the components of the scooter such as the frame, the bars, and the deck are attached. There are three main compression systems namely the standard compression system, the hidden internal compression system, and the inverted compression system. The standard compression system is the simpler one to master and comprehend. It is thus suited for a beginner. The next two follow one another in order of complexity.


As a general rule, the bars and the forks have to be similar. This means that if the bar has threads, then the fork should similarly have the threads, and so on. This is to ensure the compatibility of the said parts and components. All factors considered though, the scooters that have the out-thread are the better options. They are more compatible and hence more comfortable to ride.



To be sure of the needed level of stability, you must go for wider wheels. The recommended wheel size is 100 mm to 110 mm. They should also be deeply treaded for added traction and minimized fall-offs. You are also advised to rotate them every now and then to make the pace of deterioration uniform with time and across all the wheels.


The right width is one that is large enough to accommodate your size. This is largely subjective as it mainly depends on the exact size of each rider. You should start by ascertaining your size after which you are to find the scooter that can accommodate your dimensions perfectly well.


Lastly, you do not want to subject yourself to unnecessary strains while finding the best scooter. This is why you want one that falls well within your budget range. Find out how much you can comfortably part with. Go ahead and look for the scooter that goes for no more than that amount. This way, you will not experience the huge financial losses and pain that most people generally experience.


Well, as you can see from the foregoing arguments, finding the right scooter is a very intricate undertaking indeed. You have to pay attention to several factors at a time. To navigate this treacherous terrain successfully, you have to invoke the assistance of a technician or experienced scooter salesperson. You are also advised to try out several bikes to find out the one that uniquely suits your needs.

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