How to Master Pop Up Camper Bike Rack in 6 Simple Steps

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In the course of camping or engagements in outdoor activities, you will inevitably have to safeguard your bikes to facilitate your transportation to the remote locations of use. To do this, you will make do with a Pop Up Camper bike rack. This is a special kind of accessory that has the ability to hold your bikes firmly in place.

Though many shades and forms of these exist, the pop-up camper stands out as the premier kind. It is smaller, more compact, and subsequently easier to engage, overall. We have since seen it necessary for us to examine the best pop-up camper bike rack in its finest details. Please take your time to learn.

Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack , Black, 2-Inch Receiver
Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack , Black, 2-Inch Receiver
  • Takes a few minutes to assemble
  • Built in anti-wobble hitch device
  • Weight capacity is 35Ibs per bike
CURT 18013 Clamp-On Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Mount, Fits 2-Inch Shank, 3 Bicycles
CURT 18013 Clamp-On Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Mount, Fits 2-Inch Shank, 3 Bicycles
  • Easily accessible release handle
  • Holds up to 3 bikes
  • Adjustable rubber cradles
YAKIMA – SpareRide, Bicycle Rack, Turns Your Rear Mounted Spare Tire Into A Rack, 2 Bike Capacity
YAKIMA - SpareRide, Bicycle Rack, Turns Your Rear Mounted Spare Tire Into A Rack, 2 Bike Capacity
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Spare Tire Bike Rack
  • Includes full SKS locking package

What Is A Pop Up Camper Bike Rack?

This is a special kind of rack that is used to hold and transport the bikes to remote locations. It ‘pops up’ in the sense that it is deployed by triggering a button to open it up. Compared to the many alternative racks we have in place, this one is more compact and well able to fit the smallest storage sizes and places.

Top 10 Best Pop-Up Camper Bike Racks 2021

We now take a look at the 10 best pop-up camper bike racks:

#1 CURT 18013 Clamp-On Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Mount, Fits 2-Inch Shank, 3 Bicycles

CURT 18013 Clamp-On Trailer Hitch Bike Rack Mount

This is a roof-mount rack in the sense that it fits the roofs firmly. What does that mean? It is a great item to pick and use for the job if the only place you have at your disposal is the roof of the trailer.

Standard Fit

The rack manages standard fit given that it clamps onto any ball whose dimensions come up to 2 inches (ca. 5 cm) by 2 inches (ca. 5 cm). That arrangement makes it a truly profitable one to consider using as it inflicts limited impediments and inconveniences.

Integrated Safety

A set of apparatus combines to make for integrated safety. These include the reflectors and the support strap that all work to guarantee your comfort and added peace of mind as you move along.

Positive Side
  • Relatively simpler to use and make do with
  • Faster and easier to handle and engage
  • Easily accessible thanks to the exposed features
  • Allows for a more secure travel experience
  • Highly resistant to corrosion and other agents of wear
Negative Side
  • Unsuitable for those who change cars considerably

#2 Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

 Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

You have only the hitch area to mount and deploy this kind of rack? Choose to work with the Swagman XC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack. It is appropriately designed and well-intentioned for such an area thanks to its elegant design.

Relative Ease of Assembly

 Swagman Bike Rack

For all practical purposes, this rack allows for relative ease of assembly and general engagements. As a matter of fact, it takes only a few minutes to fix firmly in place. That is also not to mention the limited expertise it demands from you.

Sturdy Design

All the topnotch parts and components come about in a sturdy design. They also include some things as the anti-wobble hitch device that is built-into the system and serves to keep the bike firmly in place.

Positive Side
  • Compatible with the 1-1/4-inch and the 2-inch receiver hitch
  • Adjusts to the diverse sizes of bike frames you might have
  • Imbues a strong sense of grip and reliability
  • Its exterior is appropriately finished for the longevity of use
  • Confers added security and peace of mind for you
Negative Side
  • Limited capacity (transports only two bikes at a time)

#3 Rage Powersports RV or Camper Trailer Bike Rack for 1-4 Bicycles

Rage Powersports Camper Trailer Bumper Bike Rack

The Rage Powersports brand of bike racks is generally known for its sheer strength and overall reliability. Is it not amazing for you also to tap into this strength by choosing to work with this particular rack?

Dual L-style Support

It does come about in dual L-style support. This one lends some reliability to the tie-down that measures the impressive 19.5 inches (ca. 50 cm) high. They jointly fasten the bikes to prevent fidgeting and the dangers that come along.

Heavy-duty Steel Construction

In its entirety, the rack features heavy-duty construction that brings about some firmness and overall reliability. Adorning the exterior of the rack itself is the black paint finish that serves to prevent any forms of corrosion.

Positive Side
  • Fits the recreational vehicles and camper trailers
  • Installs in many parts and places
  • Manufactured by a highly reputable brand
  • Truly resilient to the common spates of damages
  • Likely to yield a higher value for your money
Negative Side
  • Costs a lot of money to come by

#4 YAKIMA, SpareRide, Bicycle Rack, Turns Your Rear Mounted Spare Tire Into A Rack, 2 Bike Capacity

YAKIMA Bicycle Rack

Short on space? Fret not because you can still mount your bike on a rack and transport it from one place to another one smoothly. Only by choosing this Yakima SpareRide rack that converts your rear-mounted spare tire slot into a rack.

SuperCush ZipStrip Cradles

At the core of the rack are some SuperCush ZipStrip cradles that basically serve to facilitate the loading and unloading of the bike from the racks. The cradles also let you fit the rack in just about any other stock size spare.

Dual-bike Capacity

It does have the capacity to accommodate two bikes at the same time. Because of this, the rack cuts down the space requirements but at the same time negate the bulkiness that comes along in the course of use and engagement.

Positive Side
  • Available in a truly durable design
  • Adds stability and protection to you
  • Simpler to install notwithstanding the complex parts
  • Fits and complies with many lug patterns
  • Holds your bikes firmly and securely in place
Negative Side
  • Quite clumsy in makeup and overall stature

#5 Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse Black 2-Inch Sq. 4 Bike Carrier

Pro-Series 63124 Eclipse Black

For your own safety in the moments of low visibility, you want a bike rack that is well illuminated and also clearly legible to the naked eyes. Fewer if any can beat this owing to its possession of the reflector.

Strong Center-tower Design

A strong center-tower design stands out as the premier aspect of this bike rack. Thanks to this design, the rack is stronger and well able to resist all the common spates of damages. Then, it is also more reliable in the long run.

Tilt Feature

Complementing the above is the tilt feature that basically swivels back and forth to allow for easier handling and engagements of the bike as need be. Particularly, it allows for the smooth loading and unloading of the cargo.

Positive Side
  • The hoop and loop straps enable quicker and easier loading
  • Its exterior is appropriately protected from all the possible damages
  • Fits the 2-inch receivers exceptionally well
  • A rear reflector comes along for your enhanced safety
  • Folds for simplified storage and mounting later on
Negative Side
  • Calls for excessive attention on your part

#6 Stromberg Carlson (CC-275 Bike Bunk for Cargo Tray

Stromberg Carlson (CC-275 Bike Bunk

Other than the Off Road bikes you could also want to transport some cargo as you move along. Make your work easier by choosing to lay your hands on a rack that is accompanied by a tray such as this one. It is likely to make your work easier.

Adjustable Fit

All its critical parts and components adjust to allow for smoother. In doing this, it allows for more comfortable handling and transportation to the desired locales of use. That also stems from the inconveniences that come along.

Excellent Weight Capacity

In all, the rack is able to bear a whopping 100 pounds (ca. 45 kg) of weight. That is of course awesome to the extent of being able to serve you well and negate the needs for consistent repairs and maintenance. Hardly does it break or fall apart under its own weight.

Positive Side
  • Carries some cargo as well
  • Adjusts the fit to conform to the desired level of comfort
  • Able to bear a whopping 100 pounds (ca. 45 kg) per unit time
  • Suspends to your tow vehicles also
  • Manages the softest riding experiences accruable
Negative Side
  • Quite bulky to handle and engage freely

#7 CURT 19100 Camper RV Bumper Hitch, Fits 4-Inch Beam, 2-In Receiver, 3,500 lbs

CURT 19100 Camper RV Bumper Hitch

Of all the bike racks we have around, this is the one that has the highest weight-carrying capacity. The capacity stands at the impressive 3,500 pounds (1.59 t). Choose to work with it for your cargo and the bikes you would wish to transport as need be.

Dependable Strength

For all practical purposes, the rack exudes dependable strength indeed. This one stems from the fact that the bike itself bears heavier strength thanks to the use of heavy-duty materials.

Versatile Design

Due to its highly versatile design, the rack is able to serve many purposes that are centered on cargo haulage. These include the cargo carrier, tow hook, and the bike rack, to name but a few of those!

Positive Side
  • Tested and found worthy of greatness
  • Meets and conforms to many standards
  • Highly resistant to the ultraviolet radiation
  • Does not demand too elaborate installation procedures
  • All its major components are adjustable for maximum fit
Negative Side
  • Requires excess muscle power to engage and operationalize

#8 Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip Truck Bed Bike Rack for Pop Up Camper (2 Bike Carriers)

Top Line UG2500-2 Uni-Grip

Planning to use a truck to haul your bikes from one area to another one? You want one like this one is able to fit the truck beds. Apart from that, the rack is also stronger and well able to handle many other allied tasks well.

Amazing System

By all measures, the rack is truly an amazing system indeed. Not only does it old four bikes firmly in place but also does it fit smoothly on your truck’s back without requiring you to drill any holes that may puncture the said parts.

Seamless Convenience

The rack gives you the leeway to use it with or without the bed liners. Thus, it is a sure way of leveraging the benefit of seamless convenience for you. Hardly will you have to endure the many spates of suffering and confusion that others go through.

Positive Side
  • Mounts in under 2 minutes
  • Provides a firmer and more secure grip
  • Enjoys some added security and is hence safer for you
  • Lacks a locking pin and is hence quite convenient to engage
  • Good enough for the starters and novices
Negative Side
  • Limited only to those with larger trucks

#9 Rhino-Rack Mountain Trail Universal Fork Mount Bike Carrier, Small (RBC035)

Rhino Rack Mountain Trail Universal

Is your desired or planned camping site located in a mountainous area? If it is, we have a surprise here for you! This rack is able to fit the mountain bikes and to facilitate their transportation to the desired location of use smoothly.

Seamless Compatibility

On the whole, the rack is compatible with many of the mountain bikes, cycles, and the road bikes we have in place. You hence stand to enjoy some convenience in the sense that you do not have to clutter your rooms with too many accessories.

Easy Installation

It also allows for easier installation thanks to the fact that it is devoid of the complex parts and components. In fact, even a person who has never attempted to use them will find them quite awesome for their use.

Positive Side
  • Also provides adequate protection to your bike parts
  • Has a lockable fork mount that secures it firmly in place
  • A quick-release adjustable locking skewer facilitates the fastening
  • Suits all manner of moderately weighty bikes
  • Fits and works well alongside multiple carriers
Negative Side
  • Demands excess care and general maintenance

#10 Pro Rac Systems Inc. Tent Trailer 4 — Bike Carrier

Pro Rac Systems Inc. tent Trailer 4 - Bike Carrier

Have the desire to transport up to four bikes at a time? You have this specific bike rack for the taking if you answered this question in the affirmative. The rack has slots for four bikes and is also adorned with a bike tent trailer.

Telescoping Uprights

A set of telescoping uprights stand out among the most notable features of this bike. As you may have guessed, they play the role of determining the right height for your trailer’s tent.

Integrated T-SLOT

Blending with this is the integrated T-SLOT that adorns the load bars. The slots achieve and attain a secure mounting outcome for the wheel holders and the skewers of your bike.

Positive Side
  • Does not require you to drill your roof
  • Easier and more accessible thanks to the front-loading design
  • Fixes directly to the frame of the trailer
  • By far the most versatile of all the racks on the market
  • Comprises a rugged Aluminum alloy makeup in its structure
Negative Side
  • Slightly larger and superfluous for many kinds of users

Why You Should Use A Pop-Up Camper Bike Rack?

Several benefits accrue from the use of the pop-up camper bike racks. We delineate and explain them here below:

Strong and Durable

On the whole, these racks are stronger and more durable. They are tougher and are also less inclined to the risks of damages that emanate from the harsh impacts that are leveled against it. Thus, they are able to serve you longer and guarantee the peace of mind you badly need.

Simpler to Install

Though these racks are tougher, they are simpler, on the whole, to install and subsequently make do with. That is due to the fact that they do not have the parts and components that are too complicated. Also, they are accompanied by manufacturer’s manuals that guide the users throughout.

Faster Acting

As we have already mentioned, the racks operate via the pop-up mechanism. This mechanism is generally faster acting by virtue of taking the least amount of time to generate the desired outcomes. Thanks to this trait, the racks are less likely to impede your own utility or benefits.

Excellent Aerodynamics

These racks are designed for aerodynamic actions. They bear some streamlined shapes that work to direct the flow of the air smoothly rather than have the same impose some drag. On account of this, you will be able to attain higher speeds while at the same time confront limited drag.

Awesome Carrying Capacity

Many of these racks are able to accommodate a whopping four bikes at a time! Definitely, this is great in the sense that it enables you to transport many of your gears conveniently. At the same time, it also cuts down the hassles you would otherwise have to contend with when going out for a camp.

Pop-Up Camper Bike Rack Types

Just as is the case with many other kinds of bikes and camping accessories, these racks are also available in numerous shades and forms. We examine a couple of these here below for your own consideration:

Camper Roof Rack

As its name suggests, this is a rack that mounts at the roof of the vehicle. It is smaller and more compact to allow for this. In many cases, this kind of rack is mainly used to carry around bulkier bikes that cannot be carried under normal circumstances. It is also safer in the sense that it is less impeding.

Spare Tire Mount

This is a rack that is designed to take the same space and place as the spare tire is in a vehicle. It is subsequently space-saving and less likely to interfere with the other persons who may presently need the space themselves. If you have a small car, this is the one to pick and use.

Bumper Mount

The bumper mount bike rack mounts at the guard segments of the vehicle. It is mainly useful if you have a two-door coupe or a hatchback as these lacks the boots. One strong benefit of this kind of rack is the sense in which they cut down the space requirement while at the same time facilitating motions.

Back Bumper-front Bumper

With this kind of rack, it is possible for you to fix it at the front and the back bumpers as need are. Thus, it gives you the option to choose your preferred installation location, all for your own convenience. On top of that, it also sees to it that you transport your bikes smoothly all the while of engagement.

Front Hitch Mounted

Could it be that the only space you have for your mounting is at the front of the car? You need one that that is capable of assembling safely and conveniently at the front. A hitch receiver of this kind is well able also to blend well with the many other vital front parts of your vehicle.

Ball Mount

You will require a ball to be able to mount this bike rack. The ball plays the strength to add to the beauty and general aesthetics of the bike rack as a whole. Also, it goes beyond that to fasten the joints extremely hard to the extent of it not fidgeting or moving about as need be.

Tow Vehicle Roof Bike Rack

This kind of towing rack is able to fit at the roof or at the tow of the vehicle as per your use. It hence gives you the freedom to choose where exactly you would wish to make good use of it. Then, it is also a sure way of reducing the space requirements while paving way for other items.

Truck Bed

Rounding up the list of the most common bike racks is the truck bed rack. As its name implies, this one fits the space at the bed of the truck. In doing so, it cuts down on the space requirements thanks to the hidden nature of the area of the truck bed.

What To Look For In Pop-Up Camper Bike Rack

To be able to lay your hands on a suitable bike rack for a pop up camper, you have to take care of some factors. We highlight and explain them here below for you to know:

Reliability and Durability

You have to figure out the reliability and the durability of the bikes in question. A great bike rack on the basis of this consideration has to be strong and able to take you further for longer. That can only be assured if the materials that are used to make it up are similarly stronger and more reliable.


The weight of the bike has to come in handy also. A great rack has to be as light as can be. This is to allow the same to be easily carried around from one area to another. You do not want to expend excessively high muscle power to be able to have your way at all, do you?

Mount Type

How is the rack finally attached to the surface of the vehicle on which it is to be used for transportation? On the same note, how does the rack itself attach to the bike that it is supposed to transport from one place to another? Be sure to make a find of one that is convenient for your handling.

Construction Material

As a matter of necessity, you have to pay keen attention to the kinds of materials that make the rack up as well. The best rack has to bear a stronger and more reliable set of materials. The materials also have to be light enough to facilitate transportation to remote locales easily.

Weight-carrying Capacity

This refers to the sum total weight that the rack can bear per unit time. It is closely intertwined with the number of bikes that the rack can attach to and haul at one go. Choose one that is strong enough to bear ad carry along all the bikes you have in mind.

Single/multiple Bike

Just how many bikes do you plan to haul at a time? Is it only one or you also want to haul many of them. As always, be sure to lay your hands on a rack that is capable of hauling the sum total of all the bikes you have in mind. Many of them have an upper capacity of four bikes at a time.

Easy Installation Process

Acquiring these bikes is one thing; installing them for your use is yet another thing altogether. You will first and foremost have to assess your own competence before going ahead to select the one you have in mind. Needless to say, you have to settle for that which is able to fit your desired level of expertise.

Universal/vehicle Model-oriented

For your own maximum peace of mind, you want to settle on a bike rack that is able to accommodate universal attachments and fitting. That is to minimize the need for you to have to clutter your rooms with too many attachments and accessories that are also costly.

Maintenance Tips

In the course of making use of these bikes, they are bound to sustain some damages and eventually need repairs. You have to arm yourself with some maintenance tips to be on the safe side. Below are some tips to look out for:

  • Tune the rack firmly to keep it well-toned and ready for its work
  • Attach the necessary accessories to make the same work well
  • Upgrade the various parts and components by use of the expansion hardware
  • Replenish the coating to extend the strength and reliability of the exterior
  • Sharpen the parts and components that tend to wear out too soon!

How to Install Your Bike Rack on Pop-up Camper

Follow the steps below to install the bike rack on your pop-up camper:
1.Identify the attachment slots of both the camper and the bike rack
2.Place the two in the line of sights of each other
3.Attach the two firmly in place
4.You may have to fasten by use of the crossbars
5.Shake a little to gauge the tautness of the system

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where Do You Mount Pop Up Camper Bike Racks?

Several places exist all of which are determined by the specific kind of pop-up rack you have at your hands or fingertips. These could be the roofs, boot, tow-line, and the frames of the vehicles that are supposed to transport them from one to another one.

Is it hard to install a bike rack on a pop-up camper?

NOT really! Many of these racks come ready for use and are also able to fit smoothly in the pop-up campers. Additionally, they are accompanied by the manufacturer’s manual that guides the users fine and speedily throughout the stage of use.

What Bike Rack is best for use with a Pop-up Camper?

there are couple of brands that manufacture best quality rack.However, it depends on the capacity,purpose of price you prefer. Any model from Allensports,Curt,Yakima, Pro Racks found to be most reliable.Here are some best seller racks in Amazon.

How Much Do Pop Up Camper Bike Racks Cost?

Expect to part with $11,000 to $26,000 for a new one and $5,900 to $18,000 for a used one.

Will a bike rack damage my camper or bike?

NOT ALL! Some will; some will not. The ones that will damage your bikes are those that require some drilling before mounting and subsequent use. You are hence better off with the ones that are ready for use and engagement and hence require no assembly right before use.  

How many bikes can I transport on a camper rack?

It all depends on the carrying capacity of the bike racks in question. Many of them have the ability to accommodate 1-4 bikes at a time. Make your choice wisely on the basis of how just how many you would want to haul at a given time.

Does Installing a Bike Rack Void Your Warranty?

NOT really! Such additions are protected by the Magnuson-Moss warranty act that postulates that unless the new part added actually generates a problem, the fixing of such a new part will not render the existing warranty null and void.


Our peek into the best pop-up camper bike rack comes to an end there. We now expect you to not only appreciate the piece of equipment better but also be able to arrive at the most suitable purchase for the job. Look to none other than the racks we have delineated and reviewed above. They are more likely to deliver the degree of satisfaction you badly want or seek.

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