hiboy max electric scooter review

If you are heavy or have to ply a treacherous terrain, you will no doubt require an extremely powerful scooter. It is only by exuding extreme power that the scooter may guarantee smoother motions. Your first and foremost task hence is to find a suitable scooter of this kind. We want to help you do so.

In our Hiboy Max Electric Scooter review below, we shall let you know of one such scooter. First, we shall highlight and explain the leading traits of this scooter. Then, we shall go ahead to answer some of the questions that are frequently asked about the subject.


Here now are the leading outstanding features and benefits of the Hiboy Max electric scooter:

Remarkable power

As hinted in the introductory segment of this review, this scooter indeed does exude awesome power. It draws this power from the equally powerful 350 watts motor. The motor manages a range of 17 miles and attains the top speed of 19 miles per hour. It hence manages extremely comfortable rides.

Comfortable ride

Apart from massive power, the scooter also enables extremely comfortable rides. Its front and rear are fitted with powerful shock absorbers. These absorbers dampen any vibrations that may interfere with the smooth flow of the scooter along the paths. They also keep the rider from fidgeting unnecessarily.

Hiboy Max app

A Hiboy Max app also comes along as an extra. The app controls the scooter from afar off. It bypasses the restrictions that the remote has in that it uses the internet and cellular networks to relay its signals. With it comes the added freedom to operate as per your wish.

Safe double brakes

When the time comes to bring the scooter to a halt, you will engage the safe double brakes. These are prompt and highly responsive. They also do a great job of sparing you from the injuries and the accidents that are generally more likely to arise when plying your routes.

One-step fold design

And when you no longer have to ride it, you will make do with its one-step fold design to collapse it. Thereafter, you will readily and easily transport it to whichever location you desire. The design also makes for easier storage and subsequent retrieval if need be.


  • Manages a longer range on a single charge
  • Great for everyday commutes
  • Operable via an integrated button
  • Accelerates from 0 to 11km/h within 6 seconds only
  • Maintains its top speed for a very long time


  • Consumes plenty of electrical charges to run


Q1. How fast does the Hiboy max electric scooter go?

A. 19 miles per hour, it is! The scooter indeed is able to get to this top speed a little bit more conveniently. Through this, you may be sure to get to your destination within the shortest time possible.

Q2. How do I close my Hiboy Max scooter?

A. Follow the steps below to close the Hiboy Max scooter:

  • Fold the scooter via the one-step fold design
  • Press the scooter’s pin using your feet
  • The pin is located between the stem and the deck
  • Hold the handlebars using both hands
  • Press on the in
  • Pull the scooter down

Q3. How do you charge a Hiboy scooter?

A. These steps will help you to charge your Hiboy max electric scooter battery:

  • Switch off the power outlet
  • Fix the Hiboy max electric scooter charger in the scooter’s charging port
  • Switch on the power outlet

Q4. How do you turn the lights on a Hiboy scooter?

A. Turn the lights on your Hiboy scooter in the following ways:

  • Turn on the scooter
  • Press the activate/deactivate headlight button
  • Triple-tap to turn on/off the lateral LED lights

Q5. How do I connect to the Hiboy Max app?

A. To connect to the Hiboy Max app:

  • Power the scooter
  • Turn the Bluetooth on
  • Click the Bluetooth icon (it is found on the upper left corner of your phone)
  • Select “Cxinwalk” to connect to the scooter
  • The Bluetooth icon will cease to blink and remain shining when the connection succeeds


From the Hiboy Max Electric Scooter review above, one thing stands out: that this scooter is packed with all the items, parts, and specifications necessary to ensure smooth rides in otherwise unforgiving terrains. It is certainly your best bet when the need to tackle such circumstances arises.

What more can we ask of you save for you now to purchase one for yourself? You will find this item in the leading sporting shops, online auction sites, and hardware stores. Be sure to bargain to save greatly on the cost of purchase. All the best as you seek your scooter!

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