Trolling Motor Battery

How to Charge Trolling Motor Battery Properly |8 Killer Tips

From time to time, the charge in the trolling motor will usually get depleted and render the motors incapacitated. You will have to recharge the batteries to let them be capable of discharging their roles yet again. Unless you know how to charge the trolling motor battery properly, it may get damaged permanently. Here below, … Read more

55lb Thrust Trolling Motor

How Fast Will a 55lb Thrust Trolling Motor Go| Honest Review

Motors come in various shapes and sizes. These variations definitely have a bearing on their maximum speed and longevity of service. It is necessary to know about them to be able to anticipate beforehand just what to expect from them. today we have picked a 55lb Thrust trolling motor as our topic. In our discussions … Read more

How To Make My Trolling Motor Faster

How To Make My Trolling Motor Faster

It is no secret that the trolling boat is both a fun-filled and handy piece of fishing equipment. Most boats of these kinds are powered by gasoline and are therefore limited in power output. The good news though is that it is indeed possible to increase the power output of the electric trolling motors. To … Read more