Boaters and sailors are always determined to find a place where they can sail their boats into the deep waters and explore. They are also interested in meeting other passionate sailors and create friendships that go beyond the love for the waters. This is the reason why we can have reviewed some of the best yacht club knoxville just for you.

Take a look at the top ten yacht clubs found in Knoxville.

1. Nautical Boat club

Address: 16107 FM 2769 Unit C (8,082.37 mi) Volente, TX 78641

Phone: +1 833-622-2628

Working hours: 9 AM to 5 PM

Nautical Bot Cub is the first and the only boat country club. At this club, every member feel wanted and appreciate in terms of how services are rendered. Every person that sets foot in this establishment gives positive feedback about the place and the staff. This is everyone’s favorite club.

You do not own a boat to become a member. The only important requirement is your passion for sailing. Members have access to some of the best modern boats. No maintenance or repairs by the members. Whenever a member feels like getting in the deep water, their reservation is guaranteed.

2. Knoxville Boat Club 

Address: 12214 Choto Marina Way (7,305.43 mi) Knoxville, TN 37922

Phone:  +1 865-320-3040

Working Hours: 10 Am to 8 PM

This is a family-friendly boat club that is passionate about promoting yachting culture and the safety aspect of yachting. The club is private meaning all the activities of the club are run by the members from scheduling events to holding meetings.

Families of sailors can enjoy safe trips to the waters from the education they obtain from the dedicated staff found at the club. The clubhouse is the best meeting after safe trips on the waters. Sailors get to relax at the clubhouse and enjoy dinners and drinks with friends.

3. Fort Sander Yacht Club 

Address: 721 17th St Knoxville, TN 37916

Phone: 8656733500

There is nothing better than a meeting point for sailors to play games. Yachting is not all about sailing and racing in the water. It involves participating in games that foster the community aspect of different people. 

The Fort Sanders Yacht provides a place for relaxation for the members. Unlike most of the clubs, this one is different focusing on entertaining sailors their families, and friends.

Drinks are plenty at this yacht club for all.

4. Concord Yacht Club           

Address: 11600 S Northshore Dr (7,312.38 mi) Knoxville, TN 37922

Phone: +1 865-671-1210


The Concord Yacht Club is one of the best clubs in Knoxville composed of sailors whose passion for the seas surpasses all other. You will find people of all ages at the club working hard to advance their sailing knowledge. Competitions are nurtured through the regatta competition and sailing events.

Members of the public are welcomed to join the club. They do not need to be members so that they can be taught the sailing traditions that have been passed down in different decades. Different amenities such as restaurants and bars are available for members to relax and catch up on their sailing escapades.

5. Fort-Loudon Club 


Phone: 865-690-6636


The Fort Loudon Yacht Club has a reputation for being the best club for blending old traditions with the new and advanced technology. It was established in 1960 and has maintained its rich and long history around the community. The club is privately run making it accessible to members only and guests that are invited at the premises.

It is located on the Tennessee River. The 2 story clubhouse is available for informal and formal gatherings. The fireplaces on the outside provide nice avenues for relaxing and chatting through the night. During the hot evenings, members can relax in the full-size pool.

6. Concord Marina

Address: 10903 South North shore Drive, Knoxville, TN, 37922

Phone: (865)966-5831


The Concord Marina is located on a prime property that offers beautiful views. It has some of the best amenities available. One can go for stroll in the grounds and catch up with friends and family as they take in the fresh air. Dinners are served on the tavern at the lakeside. Private parties are frequent where friends to members are allowed to attend.

Anyone that loves the history of yachting and has time should visit this breathtaking marina. The beautiful sceneries will catch your attention whether a member or a non-member.

7. Volunteer Landing Marina

Address: 956 Volunteer Landing LnKnoxville, Tennessee

Phone: (865) 633-5004


Working HoursSunday to Monday

Volunteer Landing Marina is dedicated to ensuring that anyone that visits the marina will enjoy the experience of a lifetime. The best services experience from the moment you meet the reception at the establishment. There is a 3-mile river walk at the facility where members can go for jogs, sightseeing, or even cycle bikes as they mesmerize on the beauty. 

At the facility, everyone’s knowledge and contribution to boating are welcomed. This is the home to Vol Navy Boaters Association, Volunteer Boat Rentals, and Loudon Lane Association.

8. Freedom Boat Club Knoxville

Address: 12214 Choto Marina Way (7,305.43 mi) Knoxville, TN 37922

Phone: +1 865-320-3040

Working Hours: 24hrs


The Freedom Boat Club was founded in 1989 with the sole purpose of providing affordable boat ownership. Any sailor or boater that is passionate about the art and science of sailing, and want to do this under a budget, this is the best club for them. It has multiple membership plans one can choose from.

It is a private boat club where members run the activities of the club to keep the cost of operation low. The boats are always ready and waiting for you whenever the member feels the need to sail the waters.

9. Club LeConte

Address: 800 South Gay Street, 27th Floor (7,297.83 mi) Knoxville, TN 37929

Phone: +1 865-523-0405


Club Leconte is located in a distinguished setting in Knoxville Tennessee. This is an exclusive first-class clubhouse designed to cater to the luxurious lifestyle for sailors and their friends. Business meetings can be held in this great hub. Members of this club have access to some of the best networks in country clubs.

Fine dining at its best is offered at the dining spaces. Members can through nightlife parties as one of the benefits enjoyed by being a member of the club.

10. Duncan Boat Marina

Address: PO Box 6041 Cheboygan, MI 49721

Phone: 231-627-2129



The Duncan Boat Marina is located at Knoxville Tennessee. The marina is owned by Ben Duncan. It offers several services such as fuel and gas, marina stores, storage spaces for about 100 boats, and has boat slips.

The average boat can get most of the essential services that he/she needs at this Marina. It has been in operation for more than 70 years serving the community of sailors and boaters.

Final verdict 

Knoxville has some of the best yacht clubs and marinas. These incredible places offer venues for the sailor to go sail, advance their knowledge, and also experience some good life with friends and families. The above are the top ten yacht clubs in Knoxville.

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