How To Speed Up A Mobility Scooter -5 Killer Actionable Tips

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That the mobility scooter is a worthwhile companion to any physically challenged person is certainly not in doubt. Nonetheless, some of them tend to have slower speeds. This is definitely not a position any user might want to find himself in given the need to get to the desired locations with minimal hassles.You can overcome though if you know how to speed up a mobility scooter.

To reverse the issue, some strategies and steps may have to be taken. We dedicated the entire length and breadth of these discussions to just that. We are going to examine five of the most trusted strategies that may have to be implemented to achieve the stated end.

How To Speed Up A Mobility Scooter

Remove Speed Limiter

Remove Speed Limiter

Many scooters are fitted with speed limiters. These ones work to cap the speeds of the gadgets to levels that are generally desirable.

While they work hard to reduce the emergence of accidents, they severely curtail the top speeds of the scooters altogether. You should hence take care of them as a priority.

If your scooter contains them, take the earliest step to eliminate them from the scooter. Use the manufacturer’s manual to achieve this end.

Pay keen attention to the steps that are stipulated to prevent damaging the various parts and components of the device.

Rewind the Motor

With continued use, the motor of the scooter does wind. This curtails the power output that the motor nay yields forth when engaged later on. You should hence also consider unwinding the motor to be able to revitalize the power output thereof.

Generally speaking, the speed of the motor does increase whenever there is a decrease in the number of windings per coil.

This is a highly complicated undertaking. We hence advise that you similarly approach it cautiously. In case you are uncertain, we advise that you engage or bring in the assistance of a trusted expert to do it for you.

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Fix more Powerful Batteries

The batteries are the ones that generate the power that the motors require to deliver the torque output to the wheels of the scooters.

It hence goes that the power of the motors also has a bearing on the speeds of the scooters altogether. For this reason, you similarly have to consider the batteries as well.

Needless to say, the new battery you bring in has to similarly be compatible with the other parts and components of the scooter in its entirety.

You have to ascertain the dimensions of the battery slot to be able to find out whether the battery you have in mind may be useful or not.

Change the Motor

You may as well decide to change the motor altogether. Remember, it is the motor that generates the torque that you need to be able to move around with absolute ease.

Like the batteries above, you want to be sure that the motor fits the slot that is set aside for it before deciding to settle on it.

Yet again, you have to possess the necessary expertise before proceeding to embark on the entire exercise. The motor is potentially explosive and damaging.

You do not want to predispose yourself to untold dangers and damages. Find a trusted technician to do the job for you.

Alter the wheels and Components

Some parts and components of these mobility scooters are heavier than average. They subsequently impose excess drag. In doing so, they water down the speeds of the mobility scooters considerably.

To reverse this trend, you might want to alter these wheels and components considerably.

This basically entails searching for components that are lighter and more compact in size and stature. They have to be compatible with the rest of the structures of the scooters altogether.

This is to prevent any mishaps that may impede its motions and movements out and about the desired area.


Kindly note that all brand-new scooters are backed by warranty. To be eligible for any compensation in the event of damages or losses, you will often have to adhere to some stringent requirements. Chief among these is the need not to interfere with the gadgets during the warranty period.

We hence advise against making these alterations during the warranty period. If you have to, we ask that you inquire from the manufacturer or dealer.

We can never emphasize the significance of invoking the intervention of a trained and trusted technician, for the avoidance of doubt. All the best as you move along!

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