How to Ride an Electric Scooter

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There’s just something about riding two-wheeled vehicles that makes it more fulfilling than riding cars. I don’t know if it’s the wind on my face or the sense of control you have when you’re balancing but either way, it’s a whole lot of fun.So to enjoy in full, you must know first how to ride an electric scooter before you purchase one.

Whether you’re a kid or young at heart, two-wheeled wonders will always find a place in our hearts. If you feel you’re too old for bicycles, then we have something for you; The Electric Scooter. But just like riding a bicycle, this also takes a lot of time and patience to learn.

Fret not, for we will help you take the pedal to the metal.

What do you need?

An Electric Scooter

Electric scooters come in different shapes and sizes. While big models may look cool and get a lot of attention, what you really need is something you can easily handle while providing you the best learning experience.

You need a scooter to…err…scoot.

Scooters are easy to use and like bicycles, they take a lot of getting used to. You don’t need heavy scooters falling down with you on your first few attempts. Save those big scooters when you know the ropes.

Instead of the big one, try to pick a nimble scooter to help you get back on your feet quickly with ease.

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A Place To Practice

In learning how to ride, you need a considerably large area particularly somewhere with no traffic and obstacles.

You also would want to consider a place without many bumps, posts, and ditches to maximize safety and to have a continuous learning experience.

Places such as parking lots, back roads, or even your own school, any of them will do since they are spacious, free, and away from fast vehicles.

Try not to run over anyone’s fence though.

Riding your Electric Scooter

A Friend in need should have a friend indeed

Before you start, try to find a buddy who loves scooters as much as you do. Ask that person if he’s fine with teaching you and if he is, then it’s going to be a much easier journey since you have someone to help you know the ropes. If you don’t have a friend, well it just shows how lucky you are to be reading this.

Think A-Head

PSA: A watermelon is NOT a helmet.

No matter who you are, what you’re riding, who you’re with, Always and let me repeat ALWAYS, Wear a Helmet. Protect your head at all times. Scooters may not be motorcycles but accidents are still accidents.

Clothes for Riding

Aside from a helmet, it is also nice to wear clothing aimed to protect you from scratches and burns. Long sleeves, closed shoes, jeans, and gloves provide good protection.

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Additionally, for kids, it is advisable to wear elbow and knee pads for extra protection.

Since it’s probably your first time, expect a lot of ups and downs. Come prepared and you’ll come out unscathed.

Now you’re suited up and good to go. Here are some pointers to let you in the right direction.

Find the Brakes first

I know you’re probably excited on your first ever scooter ride but try to look for the brakes too. Feel if you can squeeze them enough so the electric scooter stops easily.

Knowing when to stop and how to stop is a life-saving knowledge.

Slow and Steady

It’s nice to rev up the throttle but always remember Safety over everything. It’s easy to go fast and probably a lot more fun but try to know your scooter a lot more by mastering the slow lane.

Don’t get into unnecessary accidents. Start Slow.

You’ll be surprised to learn that you’ll be better at balancing when you’re used to moving slowly since it takes a lot more balancing and steadying than moving quickly. Pretty useful skill in heavy traffic.

Jump, Don’t Fall

Losing control of your electric scooter is normal even for experienced drivers. If this happens, don’t panic and especially don’t grab the throttle. It will only skyrocket the situation from bad to worse.

Instead, just let everything go and jump away from the electric scooter. Your electric scooter is important but you are more important than a electric scooter. The more you try to protect the electric scooter in a panicked stage, the more you’ll be put in harm’s way.

After all, what good is a electric scooter without a rider?

When In Doubt, Just Stop.

When in doubt, Jack Black advises you to stop.

There are certain moments when you need to pause and think about some things. When the moment comes, try to stop to avoid unwanted acceleration. Unwanted acceleration can be nasty especially if you’re just shy away from an obstacle or a long fall.

Be Careful With Everything

You’ll probably be practicing on a sunny day which makes it a really hot session. The heat may also cause you to be careless and not be wary of your surroundings.

ABC – Always Be Careful

So take extra care in alighting your vehicle.

This is a common mistake for most riders and one we’re struggling to avoid. Save yourself the cold compress and hospital trip and stay cool.

Final words

Riding an electric scooter is fun. It’s a really fulfilling experience knowing that you can manage a two-wheeled vehicle other than the electric scooter.

Though riding a motorcycle is different, it’s surely a step further in reaching that goal since mostly the two vehicles are alike.

Always remember that there is a first time for everything and it pays to be able to keep yourself safe at all times in order for it to have the next time. Since this is probably your first attempt at riding an electric scooter, you’ll do just fine knowing you’re well-informed.

All of these might seem a lot of a first-time experience but I assure you, it will all come in handy. So stay safe and always keep your helmet on.