How To Lock A Kids Scooter With Cable (8 Easy Ways)

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It is not always that your kids shall ride their scooters. Indeed, in some instances, you will have to store the scooter to let your kids pursue other vital chores. To see to it that your kids do not have unauthorized access to the scooters when they don’t have to, you must, first of all, need to know how to lock a kids scooter securely.

Several tools do abound for this job. However, no other option beats the cables. This stems from its permanent, more resistant, portable, and reliable nature. We have devoted the entire length and breadth of this article to discussing how to go about this issue.

How To Lock A Kids Scooter With Cable?
To lock a kids scooter with cable, wrap the cable securely around a fixed, immovable object and secure the ends with a padlock.

Lock A Kids Scooter: Step-by-step Procedures

The following are the step-by-step procedures to follow to obtain the perfect outcomes:

Step I: Find a Suitable Support for the Scooter

Find a Suitable Support for the Scooter

First and foremost, find stable and reliable support for your scooter. This could be a bicycle rack, a strong and heavy stone, a pole, or any other form of an object. Be sure that the support you opt for is firmly anchored into the ground. Some may appear strong only for them to be easily plucked off the ground. To prevent ruffling feathers with the local authorities, you might also want to use only those supports that are accredited by the precise jurisdictions.

Step II: Identify the right Co-operant Locking Mechanism

As hinted above, the cables in and of themselves may not do you much good. This is because they are incomprehensive and must thus be combined with other locking mechanisms. For this reason, you will have to search for and combine your cable with other forms of locks.The codes are perhaps your best bet. For instance, you may choose the U-lock or heavy-duty chain and combine it with the cables. You will use the former for the scooter frame and the latter for the saddles and wheels.

Step III: Lock the Frames

Having made the necessary preparations, you now have to go ahead and lock the various parts of the scooter securely. Start with the frames. To do so, slide the U-lock through the frame as well as the front and back wheels. This is to incapacitate the scooter and prevent it from generating the forward motion required to transport humans and cargo from one point to another. It also prevents would-be intruders from using a jack or any other mechanical device to pry the lock apart.

Step IV: Secure the Seat as Well

You should also see to it that you secure your seat as well. Do this especially if your seat is the quick-release mechanism. To secure it, loop a cable or a chain right through it. You may also contemplate taking the seat with you. By securing your seat, you will prevent it from being plucked off or vandalized. This again goes a long way in enhancing its safety and overall integrity at all times.

Step V: Point the Keyhole Down

Try as much as possible to hide the keyhole from any possible intruders or vandals. Do this by pointing it downwards rather than upwards or sideways. Moreover, this step makes the keyhole much more difficult to pick or smash.

Step VI: Minimize the Empty Space

You should also minimize the amount of empty space that the lock possesses or is unfilled with the scooter. This prevents the temptation of the thieves to pry the scooter open. Tightly coil the cable around the frame and other parts of the scooter. This shall leave almost no room for accommodating a prying tool later.

Step VII: Re-arrange the Wheels

In case the wheels of the shooters are quick-release, consider removing the front wheel and placing it alongside the frame and the rear wheel. This shall go a long way in confusing the would-be thief. It shall also secure the wheels more tightly and prevent easy withdrawal.

Step VIII: Remove the Lights and Bags

Lastly, you may also wish to remove the lights, bags, and other loosely fitting accessories. This is especially the case if the area you plan to leave your scooter is not so safe. You have to be good at an assembly for you to do this. You may end up making the problem worse off rather than better off if you lack the appropriate skills.

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Other Scooter Locking Tips

Having examined the detailed procedures you ought to follow to lock your kid’s scooter securely, we have thought it befitting to equip you with other scooter locking tips. Below are some of those tips you may wish to explore and leverage:

Tip #1: Lock your scooter alongside others and in a well-lit public area

Try as much as possible to lock your scooter in the company of others. You should also prefer a well-lit public area. By bundling your scooter among others, you will prevent thieves from narrowing it down to it. You will also find it easier to make a follow-up later given that there is safety in numbers.

Tip #2: Pay more attention to Expensive Scooters

Needless to say, expensive scooters are usually targeted more than their cheaper counterparts. This is due to their higher value and awesome appearances. In case you possess a scooter of this kind, you have to be extra vigilant. You do not want to suffer immense losses.

Pay more attention to Expensive Scooters

Tip #3: Change your Locking Positions Regularly

Locking your scooter in one spot all the time enables would-be thieves to spot it easily and scheme how to steal it. You should, therefore, steer clear of the temptation to lock your scooter in one spot all the time. Instead, consider changing the locking positions regularly and even moving around with it in between two locking sessions.

Closing Remark

Scooters are very expensive and awesome possessions. As such, you just cannot gamble with their safety and well-being at any given time. This is why you inevitably have to exercise great caution and vigilance while handling them.

The pieces of advice we have furnished above are indeed great starting points. By familiarizing yourself with them and internalizing them, you will indeed get to guarantee the safety of your child’s scooter a great deal. All the best in your endeavor to secure your child’s scooter!

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