How To Install Bike Rack On Pop Up Camper|5 Damn Simple Step

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Purchasing a bike rack in and of itself is not enough. You have to go beyond that to even know how to install bike rack on a pop-up camper. That is especially necessary if you plan to go out camping solo. The circumstances will not always permit you to invoke the assistance of a trained expert.

We are here to help you to accomplish this feat well. In our discussions below, we shall examine the steps involved and the tools to use to accomplish this awesome end. For one, there are three main kinds of bike racks. These are the fork-mounted or spare tire racks, bumper hitch receivers or roof racks, and the hitch bike racks.

These differences play out as well insofar as the steps that may be taken to install them are concerned. To be on the safe side though, we have seen it necessary to bundle them up and treat them as one monolithic entity. The steps we delineate and explain below are hence neutralizing.

Tools and Materials Required

You will first and foremost need to garner these tools and materials:

  • Spanner
  • Bolt
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Hitch racks or roof crossbars

Now follow the procedures below to actualize the entire process:

How To Install Bike Rack

#1 Acquire the most suitable bike rack

Start out by acquiring the most suitable bike rack for the job. As noted above, we have three main kinds of racks for your consideration. The precise type largely depends on your operational expertise and the sheer dimensions of the bike you want to hold firmly in place.

Most importantly, see to it that the rack you choose is also compatible with the pop-up camper you intend to slot it in. Then again, you have to take care of the mounting space that is available for its use and installation. The two have to mirror each other in terms of shape and configuration.

#2 Prep the pop-up camper for the job

Move ahead now to prep the pop-up camper for the subsequent job of installing the bike racks. That simply entails you skimming the item to find out whether there be any anomalies that may have to be remedied. Then, you have to tighten the weak slots to make them stronger and able to bear the weights.

#3 Align the slots and openings as need be

Get down to the serious business of installing the bike racks. At this stage, place the open slots of the rack alongside the ones for the pop-up campers. The two sets of holes or perforations have to align as smoothly as can be. You may have to make certain alterations to guarantee these alignments.

#4 Insert the bolts or screws and fasten them

Then, insert the bolts or screws within the open slots and then fasten them. You will need pliers, a screwdriver, or a spanner to do this job. Fasten the bolts or screws slowly and steadily until such a time that they are completely tight and less fidgety.

#5 Tie the bike and test the system

Wrap it up by placing the bike on the rack and trying it. Use a chain or another round of nuts and screws to do the job. Be sure that the bike is wholly fastened and less fidgety. At the same time, be sure also that you do not imperil the stature of the bike or predispose it to the risks of scratches and other likely forms of damages.

As always, you should test the system mainly by shaking it to see to it that the bike is firm enough. Needless to say, you have to make any further adjustments to the system in case you detect any misalignments that may need further interventions. You are now good to go!

Wrap Up

We reiterate yet again that the differences of the bike racks also play out insofar the steps that may be taken to implement them are concerned. Thus, the guidelines we have spelled out and explained above are merely to be taken as rough guides. Do not stick to them wholly.

As a possible way forward, you have to consult the manufacturer’s manual to know the best way forward. If possible, also make use of the instructional videos and DVDs as they perfectly illustrate the steps for your own comprehension and appropriate guidance.

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