How To Fold A Razor Scooter, Best Guide For 2 Basic Type


That razor scooters are a fun-filled way to travel around some enclosed neighborhoods is certainly not in doubt. Though initially intended for the young riders, their popularity and adoption among the elderly riders have seen a dramatic increase.

To be able to enjoy your rides fully and avoid unnecessary hassles in times of their use, you definitely have to know how to fold a razor scooter and unfold them.

The failure to comprehend these awesome steps will often lead to unnecessary confusions and wastage of time.Our team of researchers has done some great work here to find out how to implement these two strategies. They have spoken to most experts and longtime users of these gadgets to find out the most trusted methodologies.

How To Fold A Razor Scooter

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Folding a razor scooter is a meticulous process. This is to mean that it requires some great attentiveness to details.

The failure to observe all these details in totality may often predispose you to some dangers and risks of damages to your scooter. Follow these three steps diligently to bring about better outcomes and fewer hassles.

Slide out the grips

Start out by sliding out the grips. The grips are the ones you attach your hands on while riding. They provide your hands some traction which prevents them from sliding off even on the roughest of terrains. To slide them out, push the release buttons which are on the T-tube. Follow this by pulling the grip.

Slide down the T-tube

The T-tube holds the grips and other scooter components together. It also attaches to the wheels and is by far the most significant component of the scooter.

Unclamp it using the quick-release lever. After this, push it down. This will collapse the scooter and cause it to diminish greatly in size.


You are now almost done. To conclude this process, hold the razor scooter upside-down. Place your hand at the T-tube and then push the joint release lever gently using your spare hand. Be sure that all the movable parts are fully locked in and that they do not fidget at all.

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How To Unfold A Razor Scooter

Unfolding a razor scooter simply entails reversing the steps expounded on above. It is also a meticulous process and may pose some structural damages to your scooter if handled recklessly.

Unlike folding the scooter above, this process varies greatly from model to model and kind of scooter. Our explanations below endeavors to shed more light on the various case scenarios.Before you commence this exercise, there are a number of issues you have to get right. These are the braking systems, the fitting, and the tire pressure.

At the conclusion of the unfolding process, a locking sound shall alert you of the success of the process. In the absence of this sound, you might have to redo a couple of steps.

A.) Razor Scooters With Uniform Unfolding Mechanism

Most standard scooters can only unfold in one manner. These are the scooters in their basic structural and functional states.

They are by far the simplest to engage and will often not require too much care, effort, and attention on your part. Follow these procedures diligently to be able to do a good job:

Get Hold the T-tube of the Scooter

Kick start this process by holding your scooter’s T-tube using one of your hands. This is to prepare it for the unfolding process. Be sure to have some clearance to avoid any dangers and structural damages to the scooter.

Move to an area which is similarly free of any third parties which might pose some threats to you.

Push The Footrest Downwards

Next, push the footrest downwards. Use your other hand to do so. Apply some gentle force for a start and only vary it upwards if need be. Some scooters are way too delicate to handle extreme impacts reliably.

Be sure that the entire scooter has been unfolded before proceeding with the rest of the unfolding process.

Pull The Release Lever Upwards

After this, you now have to pull the release lever upwards. This step might call for some experience. You are hence advised to avoid it if you lack the necessary expertise.

The end result of the release ensures that the scooter is fully ejected and ready for use. In most models, a sound shall click to alert you of success.

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B.) Razor Scooters With Different Unfolding Mechanisms

As noted above, some scooters have different unlocking mechanisms. They are hence generally more complicated and more likely to pose some difficulties to you.

These models have an added feature i.e. grip throttle to aid you in their unlocking. You still require some added level of expertise to handle them seamlessly.

Twist the Throttle

The entire procedure starts by twisting the throttle of the razor scooter. Do so on either side of the scooter. The twisting process opens the scooter and makes it able to be unfolded.

Yet again, you are advised to start with some moderate force and only vary this in case you encounter many difficulties.

Lower or Raise The Handlebar

Depending on the model of the razor scooter, you may either have to raise or lower the handlebar. In either case, you will employ the quick release or push button to do the job. This procedure is necessary to let you tackle the other related chores with ease.

Finish Off

Lastly, you now have to finish off the unfolding exercise. Engage the foot slide or the central button to do this. When activated, these two parts of the scooter open the scooters out and make them in such a manner as to be able to let you ride. Before taking a ride, you have to test the scooters for structural fitness.


To make yourself a pro and avoid incurring unnecessary issues while folding and unfolding your scooter, we recommend that you do some practice. Carry out mock folding and unfolding even when you do not really have to do so.

Engage the support and advisory of an expert when stuck also. These will guarantee safe handling and awesome outcomes. When are you folding or unfolding your scooter?

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