How To Assemble A Skateboard|Fix in 4 Easy Steps


From time to time, it is not uncommon for the skateboard to disintegrate in pieces. This may often be as the result of accidents or other forms of damages. Given that such things may happen often at short notice or in the most unlikely of times, you definitely have to prepare adequately how to assemble a skateboard.

It is that such a guide is by all means vital. In this guide, we will examine those procedures you have to implement to assemble your skateboard. We will assume a situation in which the entire skateboard completely broken apart.

Before you even attempt to assemble a skateboard, make the preparations for this effect. You will foremost have to assemble the various tools and materials you will use to implement the procedures. You will thereafter have to put on the protective attire to your best electric skateboard.

Tools and Materials required

The following are the tools and materials you will require for the job:

  • Grip tape
  • Screwdriver
  • File
  • Razor
  • Sandpaper
  • Bolt
  • Socket wrench
  • Skate tool

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You now have to embark on the step-by-step procedures for implementing the activity. Below are the procedures you will have to adhere to to accrue the required outcomes. Please exercise some due diligence in the process to derive the required levels of satisfaction and higher outcomes.

Step I: Fasten a Grip Tape onto the Deck

Place the deck of the skateboard on a flat surface. See that the tail and the nose are all facing upwards. Be sure also that the graphic is at the bottom of the deck is facing downwards.

Peel off the backing of the grip tape and fix it on the deck. Squeeze hard to enable it to lay flat. Make the edges of the board smooth by running a file or a screwdriver along the outline of the deck. This is to mark the edge and aid you in subsequently cutting the said edge later.

Make a small incision to trim the extra grip tape. Do this by holding the razor at an angle of around 45 degrees. Be sure to follow the outline of the deck as nearly as possible. Use a sandpaper to make the edges of the grip tape smoothly and get rid of any roughness or the lifted portions that may peel up later.

Step II: Mount the Trucks to the Deck

Next, mount the trucks to the deck. To do this, you will foremost have to locate the mounting holes. After you have located them, use a screwdriver or a bolt to punch holes in the downward direction and through the grip tape.

Follow this by placing the bolts right through the holes and in the deck. In case you intend to fit the risers, fit them into the bolts at this stage. If you do not intend to do so, slip the baseplate into the bolts.

At all times, hold the hardware firmly as you put in place one truck at a time. Ensure also that the trucks are facing one another. Fasten the nuts that located over the trucks by use of the socket wrench or the skate tool. Tighten the heads of the bolts using a skate tool. Do so in an ‘X’ pattern. Once through, repeat the other side.

Step III: Mount the wheel bearings and fix the wheels to the trucks

Now put in place the wheel bearings and also fix the wheels to the trucks. You will first have to take away the axle nuts and the speed-washers. Put a wheel bearing on the axle and press the wheels atop the bearing. 

Do so until you feel the bearings slide into the wheel’s center. Thereafter, insert the bearing spaces inside the wheels from the other side. In case you hear a popping sound as you press the wheel onto the bearing, this shows the fact that the bearing is completely in. Repeat this procedure for the three remaining wheels.

Place one-speed washer the axle of the skateboard’s truck. In case you are using a spacer to do so, place it on the axle next. If you cannot do so, insert the wheel onto the axle. Follow this by a second washer.

Fasten the nut until there is no play. Use the wrench or the skate tool to do this job. Your wheels should be able to spin freely. If not, this could mean that the wheels are not level. To level the wheel, be sure that the bearings are fully in.

Step IV: Test your Skateboard

It is necessary that you test your skateboard thoroughly to ensure that it is fully functional. Start with the screws and grip tapes. Make sure the tape is tightly in and that the screws are equally tight. As a general rule, the head of the screw should be in the same plane with the grip tape. If this is not the case, turn them a few more times but take care not to crack the deck as you do so.

Before you test the skateboard, ensure that the trucks firmly secured onto the deck of the skateboard. You should not move the baseplate at all as you do this.

To test your skateboard, stand atop the board and rock it back and forth. Test the tightness of the trucks. Test to see that the wheels spin freely. In case you cannot carve or turn, alter the nuts of your kingpin in the anti-clockwise direction. Loosen your wheels if you cannot cruise for a longer duration of time without feeling undue resistance.

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As you may well have realized, assembling a skateboard is no mean feat. It is a very complicated undertaking. If you are a person who lacks any sound knowledge of mechanics, you will find it particularly intriguing. Therefore, we advise you to practice slowly and regularly to get the best expertise and experience towards the same.

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