How Much Does An Electric Scooter Cost [Best Buy 1 Guide]


Electric scooters come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. They also serve various purposes and can accommodate varying amounts of weight. All these inherent differences do have a bearing on the costs of acquisitions.

Before digging down into how much an electric scooter costs, We are going to examine these factors in greater detail. We do hope that at the tail end of our discussions, you are going to be better placed in determining how much to set aside for an electric scooter.

NB: Generally speaking, electric scooters are priced in hundreds of dollars i.e. from $100-$999. A good yet affordable electric scooter costs $500, give or take.[su_box title=”How much an electric scooter cost?” box_color=”#1c2cb8″]The cost of an electric scooter will vary depending on the make and model but can range from around $500 to $3000.[/su_box]

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Electric Scooter Cost Consideration

Upper-Speed Limit

Upper Speed Limit

Different scooters have different upper-speed limits. Some are able to travel very fast while others are very slow in their speed. There is a direct correlation between the upper-speed limit and the final cost of the scooter. Those that are able to hit higher speed limits are more expensive than their slower counterparts. This is obviously because they spend less to take you to your destination and are thus convenient to ride.

Maximum Range

This refers to the farthest distance the scooter can travel for any amount of fuel in its tank. This range is directly correlated with convenience. You will stop less often to refuel in case you ride a scooter that has a higher maximum range and vice versa. It, therefore, follows that the scooter that has a higher maximum range is generally costlier than that which has a lower range. This higher cost is definitely accounted for by reason of the added convenience.


scooter dimension

How high, long, heavy, or wide a scooter is also determined by its overall cost. A scoot that has larger dimensions is generally expected to be costlier than that which has smaller dimensions. This is because plenty of materials are used to make up such a scooter. The high cost is to cater to the excess materials used. On the flip side, a scooter with larger dimensions is potentially cumbersome to handle and maneuver around.

Weight Capacity

How much weight, on the whole, can the scooter hold or accommodate at any given time? This consideration is necessary since you do not want to spend your money on acquiring a scooter that will add no value to you. Scooters that are able to accommodate higher weights are generally more expensive than those that can only accommodate a small weight range. This is definitely because of the utility or value they bring along to you.

Material Composition

The kinds of materials that are used to make the scooters also do have a bearing on the overall prices of the same. Some materials are known to be reliable. They include such materials as Aluminum, alloy, and stainless steel. They are long-lasting, very resilient to the elements of wear and tear, yet light enough to guarantee ease of maneuverability. The scooters that are manufactured by these materials are hence more likely to be costlier than those that are manufactured by other materials than these.

Battery Life

Battery Life

Battery life is the maximum amount of time that the battery may last for any given charge. It is calibrated in hours. Different batteries have different lifespans. Generally speaking, the price of a scooter rises with the rise in battery life. This increase in price is understandable given that longer battery life is synonymous with maximum convenience. This is to mean that you shall generally speaking confront limited inconveniences by opting for a battery with a longer lifespan.


Some electric scooters are computerized. They have special software that manages and controls the various parameters within it such as speed and direction. The existence of such intelligent software also inflates their overall cost. You will generally pay more for such kinds of scooters than for those that are manual. You will, however, reap the benefit of added convenience in that you will expend limited human effort while navigating the scooter.


Electric Scooter brands

The field of the manufacture of electric scooters is awash with numerous players and manufacturers. These manufacturers sell their scooters under different brand names. Not all brand names are the same. Some have consistently proved to be more reliable than others. These include Razor, Super, URB-E Black Label, Uscooters/E-Twow, and Glion Dolly. They are generally costlier than other brands. They are however more likely to yield you the satisfaction you so desire.


Given that the scooter is highly mobile; its control features play a vital role in its riding. As such, expect the various control features such as the braking mechanism, the acceleration, and the handles to have an impact on its final price. A scooter that is easier to steer and bring to a complete halt is more likely to cost more than those whose control faculties are not as reliable.

Extra Features

Overall Quality

Generally speaking, a high-quality scooter is expected to cost more than a low-quality one. Higher quality translates to greater satisfaction and limited incidences of breakdowns. This means you will not have to worry excessively regarding the costs of maintenance and repairs if you settle for such kind of a scooter. You will also have the peace of mind you need to fully leverage the benefits of the machine.


There you have it! Determining of an electric scooter cost is no mean feat, as you may well have realized. It is quite intriguing and hectic to factor in all of the above parameters to arrive at a final viable figure. However, you, by all means, have to adhere strictly to the factors above to make the right pricing decision. To beat the system, you are advised to seek the assistance of an expert in the area to help you out.

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