how fast does a 50cc dirt bike go


50cc Dirt bike plays great roles in transporting humans and cargo from one place to another. They also perform a myriad of other related chores including but not limited to leisure, mountain climbing, and fitness.The fastest pace at which they may possibly move depends on several factors. In our discussions below, we are going to highlight and explain the various factors that affect the top speed at which the bikes may move at any given time. We are also going to give rough estimates of the top speed under each category for your consideration.

50cc Dirt Bike : Application

This refers to the various uses to which the bike is put. As hinted, these bikes can play several purposes. These include commuting, cargo transportation, leisure, adventures, and fitness, among others. Commuting and cargo transportation require faster speeds.The top speed for such tasks should be about 25 miles per hour. Fitness, workouts, and leisure, on the other hand, require slower speeds of 5-10 mph. Other kinds of uses fall in between these two limits.

Nature of Terrain

How the terrain is also determines to a great extent the speed of the bike. A sloppy, winding, rugged, and unforgiving terrain is generally risky. As such, you cannot travel faster in them.For this reason, you will have to travel at the least possible speed of approximately 5 mph, give or take. A flat, level and smooth terrain, on the other hand, is more convenient to tackles. You may cruise at the maximum possible speed limit of about 25 mph.

Prevailing Legal Limitations

Several jurisdictions do impose some limits on the fastest possible pace at which the scooters, and indeed, every other vehicle may travel. Areas that are next to schools, pedestrian crossings, junctions, and congested streets have tighter speed limits.Those in isolated locations and major highways, on the other hand, have lax if any restrictions at all. You should thus make it a point of familiarizing yourself with any such restrictions before embarking on the journey. This will also prevent you from getting into unnecessary troubles with the relevant authorities.

Quality of the Riding Trail

Apart from the physical characteristics of the trail, the quality thereof also matters a lot. Issues like the texture of the travel surface, the firmness of the soil or ground, and its drainage also make a whole difference.

On the whole, tarmacked or paved roads are more comfortable to tackle. You will, therefore, find it more comfortable to ride your scooter on such surfaces than on those that are unkempt.

External Weather Conditions

In times of harsh weather, your coordination is severely affected. Some of these harsh weather elements include the typhoons, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, and gushing winds.You will also more likely confront harsh resistant from wind, storm, and other external weather elements. These will also have the impact of reducing your overall speed. You are hence advised to travel at the least speed possible (5 mph) and only if you must travel.


Apart from poor coordination and harsh resistance, you are also more likely to suffer from poor visibility in moments of poor weather. The cloud cover, strong winds, and falling debris will negatively impact your maximum visible range.This will also put a limit on the highest speed you might possibly travel. You are similarly advised to slow down (5-10 mph) at such times if you have to travel at all. This again will prevent you from sustaining accidents in the process.

Quantity of Load

Lastly, the weight of the load you carry will also impact the maximum speed at which you may possibly travel. If you carry heavier loads, you will experience increased drag which will similarly slow you down.

Traveling at higher speeds with heavier loads is also not recommended even if you can manage the high speeds. This is because the scooter becomes too cumbersome to navigate easily. This might lead to accidents in the process. Try a speed of 10-15 mph.

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In closing, there is no fixed speed at which the bikes may possibly ride. This is because as you can see, there are so many factors that determine this figure. It is therefore in your best interest to ascertain what exactly you intend to use the bike for.

You should then proceed to determine just how fast you may possibly travel. This will give you the psychological preparation you require to travel safely and well.

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    This is awesome! 25 miles per hour. What about a 125cc? Thanks for your information.

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    Great post. 50cc more safe for a beginner. But we should care about the helmet and other gear.

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