Electric Scooter Commuting Tips – Best 5 Tips

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The electric scooter is a familiar medium for commuting nowadays. If you are planning to buy one, perhaps this is the article you are looking for. We will cover several tips for easy commuting with an electric scooter. Hang with us. Electric Scooter Commuting:

Select the Right Scooter

Start off by choosing the right scooter. Each person has his own tastes and preferences. Find out yours and proceed to find a scooter that closely mirrors that uniqueness. This way, you will avoid most of the issues and inconsistencies that may ordinarily arise while riding the scooter.

Wear the right Protective Attire

Wear the right Protective Attire

To further safeguard yourself from injuries and accidents, look for and put on the right protective attire. These are helmets, head gear, knee bands, and tough shoes. These will prevent you from incurring adverse injuries in case an accident eventually arises.

Obey the Prevailing Rules

Traffic rules are not instituted for anything. They are put in place with your interests at heart. It is therefore in your best interest to obey them to the letter. This way, you will prevent most injuries and accidents that may arise out of sheer negligence.

Drive at Moderate Speeds: Electric Scooter Commuting

Moderate speed is the way to go. If you drive too fast, you may end up losing the hand-eye coordination which is essential for effective control while on the wheels. By driving moderately, you place yourself in such a position as to be able to respond timely to any emergency situation.

Exercise Great Courtesy at all Times

It pays to be courteous. Do not change learns, overlap, overtake along the bends, or fail to stop at intersections. In case you do these things, you will definitely land in trouble with the government of the day. They will also predispose you to accidents and other unnecessary injuries. Instead, give way when you are called upon to do, stop at intersections, overtake only when the path ahead is clear, and stick to your lane unless overtaking.

Mini Segway vs. Electric Scooter


Generally speaking, the electric scooter is more stable than the mini segway. It offers you firm support and also shields you from falling off unnecessarily. It is, therefore, better and preferable for those terrains that are rugged and unreliable.


The electric scooter can travel a longer distance at any given time and for a given charge. This is mainly due to their designs and battery lives. The mini-segway has a limited range and is thus less reliable. This means your best bet for long-distance travel is the electric scooter.

Carrying Capacity

Once again, the scooter has a higher carrying capacity. It can accommodate more occupants or cargo load at a time. The mini-segway has a lower load capacity. It is only intended for transporting one occupant at a time. This makes it less reliable for the purpose of transporting cargo.

Carrying Capacity


On the whole, you may use the electric scooter for more tasks and purposes than the mini-segway. You may ride for leisure, commute, and transport some load. On the contrary, you can only rest and relax with a mini-segway. This means you stand to derive greater returns on investments with the former than with the latter.


The electric scooters are way too pricey compared to the mini-segway. This is understandable owing to the fact that they possess more features, are larger in size, and are also suited for a wide variety of roles and purposes.

All factors considered, the electric scooter clearly carries the day. You are better off with them as opposed to the mini-segway. They will cost you some fortune, granted, but the benefits you will obtain shall greatly outweigh the cost.

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Benefits Of Commuting With Electric Scooters


Compared to cars, the electric scooter is way more flexible. They are able to penetrate those tiny spaces that are unreachable by ordinary means of transportation. As such, you will enjoy their benefits much longer than you would ordinarily do with normal cars.


They are also cheaper than standard saloon cars. This again means you will not experience unnecessary financial strains while in the process of acquiring them. You will also experience greater comfort in the process.


By the sheer fact that they do not emit greenhouse gases, they are greener and more friendly to the environment. You will not suffer the consequences of respiratory tract disorders by reason of not inhaling toxic air.

Fewer Regulations

In most jurisdictions, the rules that govern the use, ownership, and sale of electric scooters are lax. They are not subject to too many stringent regulations like cars and other vehicles are. For this reason, you will ‘jump over’ fewer hurdles while utilizing them on average.


All factors considered, they are pretty convenient to use and own. This is because of the sum total of all the benefits outlined and explained above. In case you have not acquired one, go for it! You will not live to regret the decision at all.

Downsides Of Commuting With Electric Scooters

Downsides Of Commuting With Electric Scooters

Low Carrying Capacity

When compared to cars, scooters have a low carrying capacity. They carry fewer loads and can only accommodate riders with a certain maximum body weight. They do not return as much value as should generally be the case.

Unsuitable in Times of Adverse Weather Conditions

These vehicles lack covers. They will, therefore, offer less shelter and protection in times of adverse weather conditions such as rainy seasons, snow, or extreme summer heat. This again makes them less convenient for use at such times.

Limited Range

Yet again when compared to cars, electric scooters can only cover a certain distance at a time or for any given amount of charge. This makes them unsuited for long-distance travel and commuting. In light of this, they are also not as convenient as the salon cars are.


Now that you have familiarised yourself with the basics of commuting with electric scooters, we now feel you have what it takes to make the right purchasing choice and course of action. Why don’t you now proceed to acquire one and utilize it? Best of luck as you go ahead with this action.

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