What Is Difference Between Moped and Scooter | Best 3 Reasons

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If you value personal freedom while traveling short distances, you have two main options for your consideration. These are the moped and the scooter respectively. By their sheer nature, design, appearance, and construction, these two vehicles are not so different from each other. Yet we are here to help you figure out the common difference between moped and scooter.

For this reason, a would-be user like you may not have the expertise to arrive at the best possible decision. This is why you need a suitable intervention of this kind. We are here to do just that. We are going to discuss the differences between the moped and the scooter in the discussions that follow.

Difference Between Moped And Scooter

Structural Makeup

For a start, a moped is a light motorcycle. It comprises one engine with a capacity not exceeding 50 cubic centimeters. It is usually devoid of pedals, is lighter, and is more basic in shape and construction. This is not to mention that it runs on two wheels and is therefore great for short-distance travel.

The scooter, on the other hand, is also a two-wheel vehicle. Its engine capacity is, however, higher than that of the moped. It has a step-through frame as well as a platform on which to rest your feet. It does have an enclosed engine and rests the feet of the riders.

Engine Capacity

As stated, the engine of the moped is smaller both in size and capacity. As a matter of fact, the capacity of the engine of the moped is no more than 50 cubic centimeters. It, therefore, travels a comparatively shorter range than the scooter.

This makes it quite inconvenient and reliable for long-term use and applications. The engine of the scooter, on the other hand, is bigger and has a higher capacity. Because of this, the scooter can travel longer distances and also tackle the most difficult of terrains. It is hence very reliable for long-term use and applications.

Power capacity

To be able to move you from one point to another, both the scooter and the moped utilize the engine power. Their power capacities are however different. The one for the moped is smaller compared to that of the scooter. It generates less than 50 cubic centimeters of engine power on the whole.

The scooter, on the other hand, generates 50 cubic centimeters to 150 cubic centimeters of engine power. This means it is more powerful and better suited for difficult tasks. You, therefore, have it as a topmost priority.

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Maximum Speed

Given the lower power output of the moped, it is only capable of managing lower speeds. Its top speed varies between 30 to 35 miles per hour. In light of this, it takes longer to travel a unit distance. It is thus not a great option for those rides that have to take the least amount of time.

The higher power output of the scooter, on the other hand, allows it to travel longer distances for shorter durations of time. Its top speed varies from 50-90 miles per hour. The latest versions can, in fact, travel at higher speeds than this. It is hence better suited for quicker transportation ventures.


You may propel a moped with or without a pedal. It is structured to work without this crucial part. It is hence a more convenient option for traveling as it gives you some degree of control and freedom over the propulsion of your rides. The scooters do not have a pedal. As such, you cannot propel them manually as is the case with some moped vehicles. This may disparage you if you run out of electrical power or are in a place that is cut off from the national grid.

Permission for Highway

Most jurisdictions have rules and regulations in place that govern the use of these vehicles. However, most exempt the moped from any such regulations. As such, you only have to purchase the one you like most and hit the road straight away.

Permission for Highway

The same may not be said of the scooters though. In most jurisdictions, you will have to obtain authorization from the relevant statutory body to be able to ride them in the designated pathways. Their applicability is thus curtailed and constrained.


The structure of their frames also differs markedly. The frame of the moped comes in the form of that of a light motorcycle. This design cannot allow you to push your legs through. You will have to bend the moped to enable you to climb.

In the case of the scooter, its frame is in the form of a step-through design. It also has a platform that rests your feet. This arrangement expedites the process of embarking and disembarking the scooter. It also eliminates fatigue and allows you to ride for a prolonged duration of time without feeling bored or fatigued.

Final Verdict

Now that you know the differences between the moped and the scooter, we are confident you can now go ahead and make the wisest purchasing decision. It is not enough to receive this raw knowledge alone. It pays to go a step deeper and acquire at least one of the vehicles we have discussed. What are you waiting for? Make the first move right away!

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