How to Charge Your Electric Scooter

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Seeing a grown man or woman riding down the pavement in a sleek electric scooter is definitely one of the few things you would be jealous about – I know I would. but how to charge your electric scooter to make it functional? Let us try to dig.

how to charge scooter

There is a childlike charm to it, and yet we can still say that it is actually a pretty smart way to go about.

With your new electric scooter, you will want to keep its shine by cleaning it and what not. Equally, is the care in keeping the “electric” part of the electric scooter by charging it. This is where there might be some trickery to it.

Surprisingly, sometimes the instructions that come with the box are not enough when figuring out how to charge an electric scooter.

Or you could be like a lot of us – chuck the papers and settle for learning everything by instinct and intuition. After all, going manual-less has worked out alright with a lot, if not most, things in our lives.

Going Manual-less

going manual less

Despite manufacturers hoping there would be a bit of reading involved with the provided manual (and some manuals having obviously been put an effort into making), more often than not, these go untouched.

Trying the instinctive way, we would of course find the charger. Most electric scooters separate the battery from the vehicle when it comes to charging.

Trying the instinctive way, we would of course find the charger. Most electric scooters separate the battery from the vehicle when it comes to charging.

You then plug it in, and see where there usually is an LED light. Often in red, yellow, or green. You would be right to think so. Electric scooter manufacturers nowadays have been smart enough to make charging your electric scooters effortless.


Red would often mean the battery is low or flat and means that it is charging. Variations that indicate charging are blinking, slow alternations, or just a steady shine.  This will continue on for a couple of hours until the light changes color into green or blue, depending on the make.

This can work perfectly fine for a while, or even indefinitely. However, we still recommend that you take at least a peek at the manual, just to have a bit of proper information.

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Charging Your Electric Scooter

Plenty of us may already instinctively know how to charge electric scooters. This is an expanded and detailed explanation of what you might already know.

1. Take The Battery Out Of The Scooter

Most manufacturers have agreed to have battery charging, where the battery is separated from the scooter itself. You would have to detach the battery from the clipping mechanism before attaching it to the provided charging device.

take out batteries

The reason behind this manufacturing consensus on separate batteries is that it helps keep the battery healthy. Charging a battery in open air reduces the heat that comes off the battery, because it can get really hot.

2. Attach The Battery To The Charging Device or Mechanism

Charging devices can vary from each e-scooter make, but generally look like either of two. One is the mechanistic two pronged chargers that require the attachment of the red wire to the positive terminal, and the black wire in the negative terminal marked on the battery.

The others have a specific encasement charging device that is very much plug and play.

3. Keep An Eye On The Charge Indicator

The charging indicator, a multicolor LED, will often show red for charging and green for go. You will just have to occasionally check on it.

charge indicator

Time it takes to charge is usually 6-12 hours, probably 12 on a dead battery. Double check the expected charging times in the manual, if not on the box.

4. Voltmeter Check The Battery (Optional)

voltmeter for battery charging

Using a voltmeter, you can check if the battery is at the normal range of 12 to 13 volts, and charge further if need be.

5. Put The Battery Back In The Scooter (And Start Rride your electric scooteriding!)

ride your electric scooter

Lastly is to put the battery back in the scooter, and you are good to go go go!. The saying “you took it out, you should know how to put it back in” applies.

Good Charging Habits 

Unlike tips in phone charging, where there is plenty of tips but don’t really work half the time, electric scooter charging tips are pretty straightforward. This is to charge it every opportunity you get, trying to keep it full and ready to go.

From short trips to long trips, charging the battery every after uses keeps it healthy by keeping the chemicals active.

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