How to change the gear oil on a 150cc scooter

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It’s so fun to go for a scooter drive, right? You can feel like flying in the air. You can reach your destination in no times. More than that, you do not have to change the gear oil even. You think I am serious regarding oils? That was a joke.

Of course, you will have to change its gear oil. It is like maintaining the fitness of your scooter. It is one of the most important maintenance of your scooter. Otherwise, your scooter will be lying in some scrap yard sooner than you think. That will be a huge waste. Trust me.

You will have to change your scooter’s gear oil every 1500 miles in minimum.

Sometimes you may not know as of how to change the gear oil on a 150cc scooter. Why are you so tensed then? The information below will definitely help you with everything that you want to know regarding the process.

So without wasting any minute let’s get started.

How to change gear oil on a 150cc scooter: A complete guide

change gear oil on a 150cc scooter

You will find the part where you put the gear oil right behind the crankcase of the scooter. This information is for helping you to know the location of the gear oil box.Before we start let’s have a look at all the tools that we need. They are:

  • 10 Millimeter Socket Wrench
  • 80-90W Gear Oil
  • Oil Drain
  • Gloves

Now that we are aware of the tools required for the process, let’s come to the main point. That is, how to change the gear on your scooter.

Step-1: Unscrew the gear oil box

First of all, simply unscrew the gear oil box. There will be two bolts securing the box. One bolt will be secured on the top part of the box and the other will be at the bottom part. Use a 10-millimeter socket wrench to unscrew both the bolts of the gear oil box.

Step-2: Drain out the oil inside

Next, you will have to drain out the bad oil remaining inside the gear oil. Now there is an important point to remember. If it is possible, then do try to change your gear oil every 500 miles. This is because gear oil gets used up pretty quickly and it may damage your vehicle as well.After you have unscrewed the bolts, place a plastic bottle under the tank. Make sure that bottle is cut in a drainer shape. You can also use an oil drain container. Drain out all the oil in the container. Make sure to use hand gloves so that your hand will not get dirty.

Step-3: Keep the bolts separately

Some of you may regard this as pointless, but this step is really important. You do not want to secure bolts on the wrong side of the box. That’s why remember to keep the bolts separately so that later you can know which bolt fits where.After that, wait for the oil tank to be fully empty.

Step-4: Screw back the bolt to its respective places

The old gear oil is all drained out. It’s time to fix the bolts back in place. Now, here is the thing. Do not tightly screw the bolts. Don’t be rough. Be gentle. Gently tighten bolts with your hands or with the wrench till the end. If you screw the bolts really tight what will happen is the bolt may break. Or in some cases, the crankcase can also break. You do not want to risk that. All these little points are really important for you to keep your scooter in good shape.

Step-5: Fill the tank with new gear oil

Before you are all set, here is a little reminder. Screw back only one bolt. That is the top part. Now bolt in the bottom part that you will not fix back. This is because you will fill the tank with new gear oil. I recommend that you choose the 80w or 90w gear oil because then you can change your gear oil after longer miles. The gear oil is also less expensive.Moreover, it will also protect your scooter from getting rusty and it will be resistant to oxidation as well. It will protect your scooter from corrosion as well. Last but not the least; it will minimize the chance of the metal to metal contact. You can definitely try this or any other gear oil of your choice.Now, take the new gear oil and insert the thin tip of the bottle inside the tank. Make sure that you have another oil drainer placed under the scooter so that the ground will not be that much oily.Squeeze in as much oil as you can. After, when you see the oil is falling from the oil dispenser you will stop pouring the oil and the tank will be full.

Step-6: Fix the bolt back in its place

The oil dispenser of your scooter is filled. At this point, you will have to be a little patient. That is, you will have to let the extra oil pour from the tank to the container.

At the same time without being aggressive, put the screw the in the wrench. Don’t let the oil pour on a large quantity. Just wait for some seconds and the oil will stop leaking. You are now ready to put the screw back in place. After you are done, gently fix the bottom bolt of the oil dispenser. Your tank is filled with new gear oil. And ta-da! You are all set.


I hope the above information will help you to maintain your scooter’s technical fitness. There are some tiny and tricky parts to look into this matter I must add. But to be honest, if you follow all the tiny tips and steps carefully, then your favorite vehicle will not face any problems in the future.Just use the gear oil which will be synthetic for your scooter. For the bolt case, make sure that you only use the 10-millimeter socket wrench. There is no alternative for that. Keep your ground clean from oil and be a little gentle with the bolts. Do not start pouring new oil unless the dispenser is full empty.Lastly, be patient. It is really very crucial that you give importance to each and every one of these steps. Otherwise, your 150cc scooter might face some severe problems.That’s it. I hope you will get a good set of knowledge about how to change the gear oil on your 150cc scooter. The tools required are so less. Happy Riding!

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