10 Best Yacht Clubs In Florida


Mariners and boaters love hanging out with their boats and buddies in the coastlines of Florida. Yacht clubs in Florida are designed to give their members the convenience of sporting with their boats or hanging out and enjoying the luxury of a good life. These clubs have special and unique amenities for social events and boat racing fans.

We have listed the top ten yacht clubs you can find in Florida that serves the locals and visitors who come to enjoy the luxury life has to offer.

10 Best Yacht Clubs In Florida

#1 Harbor Ridge Yacht Club

Harbor Ridge Yacht Club

Phone: (772) 336-3000

Email: s.duffy@hrycc.org

Website: https://harbourridge.com/

Address: 12600 Harbor Ridge Blvd Palm City Fl 34990

This club prides itself on the protection of the environment for the seas and the surrounding environment. It is located at the Palm Beach at St Lucie River. Members of the club have access to two golf courses which are certified for golfers. The lakeside view in the dining spaces offers a pleasant look for members as they enjoy the company of each other and fine dining.

Other amenities available at the club are the spa, fitness center, a tennis court, a swimming pool, and a banquet hall designed for special events for members of the club.

#2 Florida Yacht Club

Florida Yacht Club

Address: 5210 Yacht Club Road. Jacksonville, Florida 32210

Phone: (904) 387-1653

Email: mbership@thefyc.org

This is one of the longest surviving establishments. It was founded in 1876 to enhance social pleasures and yachting experience. It is located along the lines of St. Johns River in Jacksonville. It has always an exclusive place for elite businessmen. It is also referred to as the capital of sailors in northeast Florida.

Members enjoy two Marina with 150 ships, banquet rooms for special events, tennis courts, and a clubhouse. The fitness center at the establishment has personal trainers for its members. Members have events around the year that keep them engaged.

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#3 Naples Yacht Club

Naples Yacht Club

Address: 700 14th Ave S, Naples, FL 34102, United States

Phone: +1 239-262-6648

Email: membership@naplesyc.com

Naples was founded in 1947 located at Naples Bay. It is the oldest city private club. This is some exclusive members-only boat club that has the best services for the members. It has been considered as the top yacht club in the country.  

Members do not only enjoy the luxury of boating in some of the best waters, but they also get to relax in the fanciest amenities. Some amenities fine and casual dining halls, banquets rooms for special events for the members of the club.

#4 Palm Beach Yacht Club

Palm Beach Yacht Club

Address: 800 North Flagger Drive West Palm Beach, Florida 33401

Phone: 561-655-8711

Working hours: Mon to Sat

Email: marina@pbyc.net

This is one of the clubs you can find the best in society. It was established in the 1890s as a sanctuary for the boaters. Over the years, it has been identified as the place for boaters and people looking to relax and enjoy a high-end lifestyle. The restaurant found at the clubhouse offer five-star dishes. Members can fine dine and enjoy the best view of the waters.  

The club holds tennis tournaments and social events like river cruises, Kentucky derby, and art tours. Members are engaged with events that have high-quality service standards.

#5 Coral Reef Yacht Club

Address: 2484 South Bay shore Drive M Florida 33133

Phone: (305) 858-1733

Email: frontdesk@coralreefyachtclub.org

Coral reef pride itself in having gold medalist members in boating events. This is a premium club that holds racing competitions for a yacht-like Rolex Miami Olympic Regatta. It holds a very enticing history that will keep members captivated to know more whenever they visit. Members enjoy the exclusivity of a 6,000 square feet (5.57 a) clubhouse. There is also a Marina with 100 slips.  

At the club it is not all about boating, it is mostly about social gatherings. To build a stronger community bond for the members, there are social events for the kids and the adults.

#6 Royal Palm Yacht Club

Royal Palm Yacht Club

Address: 2425 West Ma Palm Drive Boca Raton F 33432

Email: mshanley@rpycc.org

Royal palm is not only a yacht club but also a country. To look at a little of its history, it was founded in the year 1959 by Arthur Vining Davis. It sits on a 450-acre piece of land. The main attraction in the property is the Golf Course by Jack Nicklaus. Several tournaments are held on this course by prominent golfers.

The members of the club can enjoy meal options from the three restaurants found her. To remain fit and healthy, a spa and a fitness center are at the disposal of the members. There are also six tennis courts and a swimming pool.

#7 Ocean Reef Club

Address: 35 Ocean Reef Dr. #200 Key Largo, F 33037

Phone: 800-741-7333

Email: membership@oceanreef.com

Ocean reef sits on 2,500 acres of land where members can come in through the land, air, or sea. Members get to enjoy the world-class golfing experience as well as fish some exotic fish in the waters. This club enhances a sense of community by offering members more than just the golfing and yachting experience.

Members can meet and relax in the lounges and restaurants found at the facility. Social events such as poolside cocktails can be held at the clubhouse swimming pool. Water sporting events are available for members and visitors.

#8 St Petersburg Yacht Club

St Petersburg Yacht Club

Address: 11 Central Ave, St. Petersburg, FL 33701, United States

Phone: +1 727-822-3873

Having been founded in the 1900 decade, this is one of the best clubs that has preserved its sailing and yachting traditions. Most of the members hold the title for winning racing awards both for local tournaments and the Olympics. This property overlooks Tampa Bay. Some amenities found in the facility include cocktail lounges for meetings, dining rooms, tiki huts by the poolside.  

For members holding special events, spacious banquets rooms are available.

The first Havana Race that occurred in 1930 happened in this club. This is among other big events.

#9 Pelican Isle Yacht Club

Address: 410 Dockside Naples, FL (34110) United States

Email: info@piyc.net

Phone: (239) 566-1606

This incredible clubhouse is located in Naples, Florida. It sits on a 20,000 square foot (ca. 19 a) clubhouse. It is located next to the beach that has the best coral reef for all the Scuba divers. Members at the club have access to ship stores, tennis courts, swimming pools, and fine dining experience in the restaurants found in the facilities.

Yachting excursions re held regularly at the club for members to enjoy the luxury that comes with boating in the waters.

#10 Useppa Island Club

Useppa Island Club

Address: 8115 Main St (7,701.84 mi (ca. 12,395 km)) Bokeelia, FL 33922

Phone: +1 239-283-1061

Email: info@useppa.com

Useppa is an island private club where members can enjoy relaxing. Members and guests get to enjoy the boating experience. This island is located on the tropical isles in Southwest Florida.

This is an exclusive club that has mandatory membership. You can only get into the property if you are a member or a visitor to a member of the club. Amenities include a fitness center, golf course, swimming pools, and tennis courts.

Wrapping Up

Fort Lauderdale has the best yacht clubs that you can find. These clubs focus on more than just the yachting experience but create the exclusivity of enjoying luxury at its best.

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