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One sure way to extend hoverboards’ range of functionality is to get hold of the best hoverboard seat attachment. Purchasing a hoverboard in and of itself is never enough. You need to make sure you derive the highest returns on investments possible. Our review-cum-buying guide here below endeavors to offer more explanations about this gadget and even review a list of the leading attachments for your consideration.

What Is A Hoverboard seat Attachment?

This is an accessory that attaches to the hoverboard. It allows you to achieve several benefits that are unachievable with the standard hoverboard. These include fitness, cargo haulage, and general-purpose. Its use also brings about the benefit of added value for money owing to maximum returns on investments.

Best Hoverboard GO Kart seat Attachment Reviews

#1Hover-1 Falcon 1 Hoverboard Seat Attachment Turbo Light, Transform Your Hoverboard into Go-Kart

Our Top Pick
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Fog Blaster & Turbo LED lights
  • Independent rear wheel drive
  • Adjustable frame length. Adjustable straps

If all you want is to race or at least reap the illusion of racing, this is the gadget we might recommend for the job. It is equipped with a set of turbo LED lights that produce racing effects. A fog blaster on the other hand exists to shine your paths through the thick fogs.

Independent rear-wheel drive

A set of independent rear-wheel drives stands out among the many offerings that the item has to offer. As you may have guessed, the drive plays the role of managing quicker turns and reverse driving respectively. While at it, the drive maintains a stable balance to prevent tipping off.

Adjustable frame length

The length of the frame of the attachment adjusts appropriately and in response to the precise needs at the time. It further attaches securely to the hover-1 hoverboard buggy scooter attachment of your hoverboard. On the strength of this arrangement, you are guaranteed maximum comfort and reliability as you move about.
Positive Side
  • Gives an illusion of racing due to the race lights
  • Can ply through the thick fog easily given the fog lights
  • Capable of moving smoothly in the reverse directions as well
  • Its frame adjusts to allow for convenient and comfortable riding
  • Purely operable by the use of the hands
Negative Side
  • Does not come accompanied by a hoverboard

#2 TWO DOTS Go Kart hoverboard Frame Kit, Hover Board Accessory Pedal Go Kart Games for Kids and Adults – Hoverboard Seat Attachment Compatible with All HoverBoards 4.5″ 6.5″ 8.5″ 10″ (only Go-Kart)

Our Top Pick
9.5/10 Our Score
  • Super easy installation process
  • Built-In Seat Shock Absorber
  • Adjustable frame length. Adjustable straps

Of all the attachments we have, this is the most versatile in the sense that it is compatible with the highest numbers of hoverboards. You will definitely find it useful and relevant if you have many disparate kinds of hoverboards in mind at any given time.

Built-in seat shock absorber

Standing out among the many elegant parts and specifications it has is the built-in seat shock absorber. The role of this shock absorber is to make the rides smoother by weeding out vibrations and fidgeting. Ultimately, it ensures that your use of the item is as comfortable as can be.

Ultimate controls

You also have the pleasure of the ultimate controls to make use of. The controls come in the forms of a hand lever, an effective braking mechanism, and built-in industry-standard disc brakes. Given their overall efficacy, they spare you from the accidents and the dangers that may potentially arise while on the go.

Positive Side
  • Installs faster without taking too much of your time
  • Folds to allow for expedited storage when not in use
  • Portable enough for seamless transportation
  • Its frame lasts pretty longer
  • Fully compatible with many brands and kinds of hoverboards
Negative Side
  • Slightly complicated to an ordinary user

#3 EverCross Hoverboard Seat Attachment, New Gen Hoverboard Seat with Safety Brake System, Hoverboard Attachment seat with Adjustable Frame Length for 6.5″ 8″ 10″ Hoverboard, Suitable for Kids & Adults

Our Top Pick
9.2/10 Our Score
  • Comfortable Hoverboard Seat
  • Ergonomic Hand Bars
  • 360° flexible front wheel

Riding these machines in areas that are hot and humid bring along the dangers of profuse sweating. You want to counter this by bringing in a hoverboard that is designed to deter the issue. We ask you to crane your neck on this as it possesses a set of high-safety-level sponge that absorbs the sweat considerably.

Ergonomic hand bars

The hand bars are ergonomic and as such ensure smoother and unimpeded handling and engagements. Thanks to the ergonomic nature of the bars, you are sure to reap smooth driving experiences. The same goes for easier and unimpeded turning when the time to do so comes.

360° flexible front wheel

At the base of the item is a 360° flexible front wheel. By its nature, the wheelset is capable of swiveling to whichever direction you may wish to turn it, smoothly. That of course brings about smoother and unimpeded motions out and about a targeted surface.

Positive Side
  • Bears an upgraded durable frame that endures longer
  • Simple enough for a novice to master with ease
  • Most of its parts adjust smoothly and easily
  • Able to accommodate a huge weight load of about 220 pounds
  • Has an exceedingly safe braking mechanism
Negative Side
  • Demands extreme care and attention from the users

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#4 ULIKEIT Hoverboard


If you have a self-balancing scooter, this is the attachment to set your eyes on. Not only is it compatible with such scooters but also is it flexible enough for any vehicle whose tires range from 6-10 inches. On the strength of this arrangement, you may count on it to save your effort considerably.

Comparatively safer

When compared to the other attachments of its kind, this is safer. Many past users have noted that it really upholds the safety and the overall wellbeing of the loved young ones immensely. Those whose kids had poor balance particularly loved the way it helped them stay in shape.

Telescoping frame

A telescoping frame adjusts the height of your hoverboard as per your wish. It thus guarantees the maximum comfort and balance you may yearn for while on the go. This pairs with the 220-pound weight capacity to bring about the highest returns on investments imaginable.

Positive Side
  • Assembles in under 10 minutes
  • Accepts and works alongside many other accessories
  • Helps those with balance issues to stay comfortable and focused
  • Able to accommodate a huge weight load of about 220 pounds
  • The frame adjusts smoothly for your maximum comfort while on the go
Negative Side
  • Has a limited range of use

#5 KKA Hoverboard Kit

KKA Hoverboard seat Attachment

Looking to gift a special friend or a loved one? Take advantage of the class and elegance of this particular kit. It is truly awesome and graceful in appearance and may hence serve as a great gift item. That aside, the item is also fully functional just like normal attachments.

Reliable high-quality parts

All its parts are reliable and made of high-quality components. On account of this, you should count on the gadget to withstand the harshest impacts while also maintaining a steady performance. A reinforced seat stands taller among all the elegant parts that make the attachment up.

Full compatibility

Overall, the attachment is wholly compatible with many sizes of hoverboards. These range from 6.5 inches to 8 inches to 10 inches and so on. Its use is hence not only convenient but also guarantees the highest possible returns on the money you invest. Why would you look elsewhere for your maximum returns?

Positive Side
  • Delivers pleasant steering while on the road
  • Manages ultimate comfort to the users regardless of the state of the road
  • Its wheels swivel at an angle of 360° for seamless maneuverability
  • Overall flexible and easier to control the riding process
  • All the parts require simple and straightforward assembly
Negative Side
  • Serves minimal functionality ends

#6 Pilan Cool Mini Kart Hoverboard Accessory

Pilan Cool Mini Kart

Could it be that spaces are squeezed and cramped up? If I heard you respond in the affirmative, this is the attachment I ask you to lay your hands on. It comes about with two steering handles that give you the power to maneuver it out and about a designated location or pathway easily.

Adjustable lengths

Its length is adjustable to allow for smoother and unparalleled fitting. Thanks to this adjustability, the length and the attachment as a whole may fit riders of varying dimensions. It also brings about some comfort while on the road. This comfort is lacking in ordinary attachments.

Unique design

For all practical purposes, this attachment comes about in a unique design. All the parts are ergonomic, smooth to handle, and generally ensure smoother rides while on the road. Need we add the excellent technology that adorns every part and aspect of the gadget as well?

Positive Side
  • Makes the task of scooting pleasurable
  • Provides exceptional balance while on the road
  • Maneuvers out and about a designated location easily
  • Takes a few seconds to install and ready for use
  • Builds muscles and motor skills as well
Negative Side
  • Unsuitable for the matters of cruising and long-distance use

#7 New WorryFree hoverboard cart Gadget

Off-Road Hoverboard Accessories

Have a self-balancing board in your possession? Grab this hoverboard seat attachment and make good use of it. It is optimized to pair with and work alongside this kind of board. Then again it has the potential to bring about many added benefits that the ordinary counterparts cannot achieve.

Excellent frame

Its excellent frame stands out from among the many offerings it provides. The frame comes accompanied by a seat design to enable faster rides and comparatively greater controls. On this account, it also prevents you from sliding or tipping off while journeying. Thus, it is safer.

Highly versatile

When all factors are considered, the equipment is highly versatile indeed. As a matter of fact, it fits most models that measure 6.5, 8, and 10 inches respectively. This stems from the fact that it is highly adjustable and able to conform as nearly as possible to the unique shapes of the parts of a bike.

Positive Side
  • Exists in a unique fashion and design
  • Derived from Titanium and steel, both of which are durable
  • Equipped with a big adult seat
  • Contains a shock absorber spring for maximum comfort
  • Its critical parts are all adjustable
Negative Side
  • Demands some fair degree of expertise to handle and manage

#8 Mingto Go Kart hoverboard seat

mingto Go Kart

Of all the attachments we have, this seems to be the simplest to install and ultimately handle. All its arts are not only simple but also readied for eventual deployment. Even if you are a novice, you will find the item pretty great and handy for your direct engagement.

360° flexible wheel and solid tire

Its wheels have the ability to swivel at an angle of 360°. Then again, they are anchored on a set of solid tires. These tires are not the only firm but also capable of providing the support you need to prevent tipping off when on the move. This is not to mention adapting easily to varying road conditions.

Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy material

All the critical parts are derived from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy materials. This material is strong and stable enough to ensure the stability you need to ply your routes with maximum safety. The trait comes in handy when you have to tackle rough and unforgiving terrains.

Positive Side
  • Imbues both safety and fun while on the move
  • Stable enough to keep you from falling on a bump or pavement
  • Suitable for the kids and the adults alike
  • Adjusts for maximum comfort while riding
  • Takes the shortest time to install for use
Negative Side
  • Has the shortest lifetime

#9 Hishine Hoverboard Seat extension Attachment

Hishine Hoverboard Seat Attachment

For your maximum returns on investments, you need a comprehensive attachment of this kind. It is able to give off both fun and health benefits. Particularly, it really helps the small children to work on their motor skills and coordination. Many who have employed it have noted great confidence.

Safer and comfortable

The attachment is safer and more comfortable in the sense of using locknuts and stronger straps to attach to the hoverboard. This being the case, it ensures stable and more reliable support all the while of engagement as it greatly minimizes fidgeting or any other issues that may trip a user.

Adjustable length

Its length also adjusts in response to the height of the rider and the desired degree of comfort. It adjusts from 26 to 34.5 inches. Then again, it has the ability to lend support to a whopping 240 pounds of weight. Indeed, just about every member of your family will find it handy.

Positive Side
  • Adjusts from 26-34.5 inches
  • Backed by a big and stronger seat
  • Swivels at the angle of about 360°
  • Serves as a great gift for festivals and birthdays
  • Enables maximum comfort while on the move
Negative Side
  • Sustains damages and scratches a bit too readily

#10 Hiboy HC-01 Hoverboard Kart Seat Attachment

Hiboy HC-01

Are you obese or intend also to carry many people at a time? You have this attachment that has a maximum payload of about 270 pounds to set your eyes on. Not only is it strong, but also does it bear the numerous possible spates of damages that may arise while in use.

Solid and easy-to-install

In all, the attachment is slid and easier to set up. This stems from its similarly simpler design and the ability to fold. Also coming along is the extensive use of solid and reliable materials. That it comes fully assembled makes it all the more convenient for eventual use.

Smooth and controllable

When devoted to the road, the attachment is smooth and heavily controllable. Thus, it manages the similarly smoother and extensively maneuverable motions in a given path. With its enhanced steering also comes the added benefit of proper performances and fewer inclinations to fall off.

Positive Side
  • Suitable for hoverboards of many kinds
  • Has adjustable leg pedals lengths for maximum fit
  • Lightly built but robust on the road
  • Manages full control while riding
  • Exceedingly simpler to set up for ultimate use
Negative Side
  • Quite heavy and bulky to handle

What To Consider to Select Best Hoverboard Attachment

Below are the factors to consider when shopping for a hoverboard seat attachment:

Weight-carrying capacity

This refers to the total amount of weight that the piece of equipment may accommodate or safety haul. A piece of good equipment must definitely be in the position to bear the anticipated weight. That is only possible if it is strong enough to prevent breaking apart.

The nature of the riding trail

The kind of riding trail you intend to dedicate the item for use also counts. You have to see to it that you choose an item that is stable and highly maneuverable if yours is treacherous terrain. Any other alternative would however do for a well-kept pavement.

Intended use or purpose

What exactly would you wish to use the attachment for? These items are geared towards different purposes. It is important to match the intended purpose with the right gadget. That is only possible if you carry out an assessment of your needs versus what each gadget is designed to meet.

Controls vs. Expertise

Of course, you must also figure out your level of expertise versus the controls that each item possesses. You have to narrow to an item that falls well within your scope or range of use. Be sure to uphold extreme honesty to prevent settling for an item that is too complicated.

Maintenance Tips

These tips shall help you to maintain the items well:

  • Lubricate the moving parts and components from time to time
  • Upgrade the parts and the components to make them current
  • Tighten the moving parts to avoid accidents
  • Use the item moderately to prevent premature damages and breakdowns
  • Store the items well in a cool and dry place


Below are five practical and exciting uses of hoverboards:

Commuting or locomotion

You may use this item for your daily commutes or locomotion. The gadgets have wheels and are appropriately structured to move out and about a designated space conveniently. That it is strong enough makes it all the more stable and reliable for everyday applications.

Sauntering or strolling

Do you like strolling or sauntering? This is the gadget yet again to set your eyes on? It is packed with loads of essential features to make this possible. Among these are a stable base, thick tires, excellent controls, and the ability to maneuver out and about an area with maximum ease.

Hauling lighter loads

These gadgets may also haul lighter loads. That stems from the fact that they have the ability to carry loads that weigh upwards of 270 pounds. Some of the items they may safely haul are groceries, gift items, baby care products, and some lighter foods.


If you just want to relax and kill time with your peers, you yet again have the hoverboard to set your eyes on. By the nature of the item, it is capable of making you feel appropriately well taken care of unlike riding self balancing scooter. Some have beeping functions, elegant lights, and many other awesome traits.


Some of the hoverboards are suitable for the matters of racing as well. They are faster, more stable, and capable of maneuvering along set pathways without too much ado. If you plan to someday race competitively, you may wish to attempt your hands on them.


Let us now ask and answer some of the frequently asked questions with regards to this topic:

Can you turn a hoverboard into a go-kart?

YES, you can! As you do this, try as much as possible to center the kart uniformly between the tires. This is to ensure maximum stability while also enabling the smoother rides and engagements of the apparatus on the whole.

How fast do hoverboard karts go?

6 miles per second, it is! The exact speed is dependent on the make, intended purpose, and the trails in which you intend to dedicate the same to use.

Are Hoverboards illegal?

It all depends on the precise area where you may be at any given time. You should hence check it out with your municipality, local authority, and the state to find out whether they permit the use of the items or not.

What age is good for a hoverboard?

A minimum of 8 years old would be suitable. Please note that age alone is insufficient. You must also figure out the protection issues and the purpose for which the hoverboard may be used.

Why is my hoverboard beeping when I go fast?

This signifies that you have exceeded the set maximum speed limit. The beeping in this case serves as a warning or precaution. You have to slow down to a reasonable limit hence.

Are hoverboards Waterproof?

NOT really! The materials that make the hoverboards up are really not waterproof. As such, you either have to stay away from the water or consistently wipe the water off to maintain the dryness. A dry hoverboard is by all means recommended for the job.

How To Put A Hoverboard Kart Together

Follow the steps below to assemble your hoverboard kart:
Place the hoverkart in front of the hoverboard
• Undo the Velcro straps that exist on the kart
• Attach the hoverkart to the hoverboard
• Detach the loose straps from behind and make the same ready for threading
• Loop the Velcro straps through the buckles both at the front and the back
• Fasten them appropriately in place to make them tight enough
• Shake gently to ascertain the tightness
• You are good to go!

Wrap Up

We can never over-emphasize the significance of the hoverboard go-kart attachments. That they extend the range of the use of the hoverboard is just tantalizing. With the kind of in-depth guidance we have showcased, is it not proper for you now to move hastily and implement them?