Best Backpack For Skateboard,Holder With Straps 2021


While skateboarding, you will surely need a specially designed and constructed & ofcourse best backpack for skateboard to carry .It could be holder type, with or without straps-depend your likings. These are unlike your standard backpacks. They are tougher, more spacious, and way more enduring. Then, they are also designed for various kinds of items.

Being many and diverse, the task of finding the Best Backpack For Skateboard might be really easy. We understand this fact. That is why we have seen it necessary to come up with a review and buying guide of this kind. It goes ahead to review most of the best backpacks for skate we have and their relevant details.

ImageProduct TitleFeaturesPrice
GoRide Electric Skateboard or Regular Skateboard Longboard Backpack Bag Carrier for Any Size Board with Laptop Case and Large Storage Compartments for School, Work, or College Tech (Black) GoRide Electric Skateboard or Regular Skateboard Longboard Backpack Bag Carrier for Any Size Board with Laptop Case and Large Storage Compartments for School, Work, or College Tech (Black)
  • Double bottle holders for outdoor activities
  • Holds electric skateboards up to 38″ long and up to 20 lbs
  • Padded and breathable for comfort with strap support
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Rollie Pack Slim Carry Foldable Electric Skateboard Backpack Bag for Boosted Boards Mini S & X, V2, V2 Dual Plus, Plus, Stealth, Exway Flex, Evolve, Normal Skateboards, and Longboards Rollie Pack Slim Carry Foldable Electric Skateboard Backpack Bag for Boosted Boards Mini S & X, V2, V2 Dual Plus, Plus, Stealth, Exway Flex, Evolve, Normal Skateboards, and Longboards
  • 600D Polyester that can withstand grip-tape abrasions
  • Foldable and takes up minimal space
  • Cushioned shoulder straps
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Skateboard Backpack Basketball Travel School Backpack 17.3 Inch Laptop Bag Skateboard Backpack Basketball Travel School Backpack 17.3 Inch Laptop Bag
  • Dimensions(L*H*W): 13 x 20 x 6 inch; Capacity: 30L
  • Ergonomic design with S-shaped Shoulder Straps
  • External USB with built-in charging Cable
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xxiaojun Skateboard Backpack Bag with Adjustable 2 Shoulder Straps,Foldable Water Proof Skateboard Carry Bags for Travel,Black Nylon Electric Skaeteboard Bag xxiaojun Skateboard Backpack Bag with Adjustable 2 Shoulder Straps,Foldable Water Proof Skateboard Carry Bags for Travel,Black Nylon Electric Skaeteboard Bag
  •  3 storage space
  • Board bag with wide adjustable straps
  • Bottom protective cover,portable,comfortable
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inktells 2021 Electric Skateboard Backpacks Bag with Two Adjustable Shoulder Straps,Foldable Skateboard Backpacks for Men and Boys,Universal Street Trend Skate Carry Bags for Travel inktells 2021 Electric Skateboard Backpacks Bag with Two Adjustable Shoulder Straps,Foldable Skateboard Backpacks for Men and Boys,Universal Street Trend Skate Carry Bags for Travel
  • Expanded size: 80*24cm
  • Velcro and bottom pocket support
  •  Thick and padded shoulder straps
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Best Backpack For Skateboard – 2021 Reviewed

#1 GoRide Electric Skateboard or Regular Skateboard Longboard Backpack Bag

GoRide Electric Skateboard backpack

This is a backpack for all kinds of skateboard sizes. It also has a laptop case that secures your laptops while in transit. Being compact, you may easily carry to school, college or work.

Double bottle holders

A set of double bottle holders rank tops among the many offerings of this backpack. It holds and accommodates your bottles and facilitates their smooth transportation to the remote location of use.

Universal design

Overall the item does come in a universal design. You may as a matter of fact use it across skateboards that measure up to 38 inches and weigh 20 pounds.

Ideal Fit

By and large, the item manages really ideal fit that fits smoothly in your back and body. Then again, it has the dual benefits of being comfortable and breathable in the same measure.

Extra-tough quality

Crowning it all is the extra-tough quality of the parts that make it up. The extra foam padding stands out as the premier aspect of this tough quality. It lasts longer as a result of this trait.

  • Facilitates travels, school, and colleges
  • Boasts of sharp and unique aesthetics
  • Provides exceptional support to your weight
  • Manages ultimate fit and overall comfort
  • Its shoulder straps adjust for a smoother fit overall
  • Quite bulky to handle and transport from one area to another

#2 Rollie Pack Slim Carry Foldable Electric Skateboard Backpack Bag – Best Backpack For Skateboard

If you have mini boards in your possessions, this is the best skateboard backpack you want to tap into. Indeed, the item is smaller and better equipped for the sake of hauling similarly smaller boards like the V2 Dual Plus, Mini S & X, and so on.

Best Backpack For Skateboard

Cushioned shoulder straps

The shoulder straps stand out among the many awesome features of this back pack. These straps regulate the performance of the weight of the bard when it is placed on the shoulder regions.

Spacious pouch

A spacious pouch comes in next. Its role is to accommodate important necessities like the remote control, pairs of gloves, spare belts, and chargers.

600D polyester

All throughout, the backpack is made of a super tough and long-lasting 600D polyester material. So strong and powerful is this material that it endures the grip-tape abrasions with exceptional ease.

Convertible and light-weight

For all practical purposes, the item is both convertible and lightweight. Due to this awesome mix, the bag is capable of folding for the sake of taking up less space and also enable other applications as well.

  • Folds to take up limited space
  • Accommodates many kinds of boards conveniently
  • Stays comfortable on your back and spine
  • Customizable to fit many kinds of boards
  • Hardly drags you along as the others ordinarily do
  • Has a limited carrying capacity (only for the mini boards)

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#3 Skateboard Backpack Basketball Travel School Backpack 17.3 Inch Laptop Bag

Skateboard Backpack Basketball Travel School

Are you a college student? Get hold of this backpack and make it part and parcel of your armory. Indeed, the item is optimized for the matters of colleges, schools, and other outdoor activities.

Adjustable board straps

The straps of the backpack adjust to enable the realization of maximum comfort. Thanks to this trait, you are also likely to carry it vertically and to accommodate any kind of equipment you may want to haul along the way.

Hidden net

A hidden net exists for the sake of stashing the helmet, volleyball, soccer ball, football, baseball, and basketballs. All these enable maximum convenience and overall utility on your part.

Padded breathable air mesh

Its material makeup is both padded and breathable. It exists in the form of a mesh and hence works to maintain you in a state of perpetual coolness. You will tap into it for your maximum comfort while walking around.

Organized pockets

Quite a few organized pockets also exist as a standard part and parcel of this backpack. They are single and double zippered for the sake of maximum convenience when in the course of hauling your gears.

  • Waterproof enough to guard against possible water damages
  • Accommodates many kinds of boards conveniently
  • Its materials are both breathable and padded
  • Exists in an ergonomic design for simplified haulage
  • Bears an external USB outlet for charging your gadgets
  • Likely to catch dirt a bit too easily

#4 U/C Skateboard Backpack Bag

Short on space? You need a backpack that folds to enable smoother storage and retrieval. We have the best skate backpack for you. Get hold of it and use it to carry your other items besides the skateboards.

xxiaojun Skateboard Backpack Bag

Widely applicable

This backpack is widely applicable in the sense that it may be devoted to so many uses. You may use it for skating items that measure no more than 31 inches long, 8 inches wide, and 3.5 inches high.

3 storage bags

Some three storage bags also form a vital part and aspect of this backpack. They are designed to carry and transport the shoes, and a batch of many of their smaller paraphernalia that you may need along the way.

Bottom protective cover

At its base is a protective cover that works to safeguard the bottom from all forms of possible damages. This ultimately prolongs the lifespan of the item and also drives down the overall costs of operations and maintenance.


All the materials that constitute this backpack are waterproof and consequently guard against any possible water damages that may arise with use. Feel free to use it in rainy and sleety circumstances.

  • The exterior boasts of a unique doodle pattern
  • Quite fashionable and fairer to behold with the naked eyes
  • Suitable for all kinds of skateboarding paraphernalia
  • Appropriately protected from water damages thanks to the waterproof nature
  • Folds to enable easier carrying and transportation
  • Too small for superfluous skateboards

#5 MACKAR Portable Skateboard Backpacks

If you are a male adult sportsman, you want a bag that is not only capable of carrying the skate board but also has sufficient space to carry your other sporting gears. This might be the one to crane your neck.

MACKAR Portable

Universal stature

In its entirety, the item does come about in a universal stature. This trait sees it capable of meeting the needs of all kinds of skateboards like the fish, standard, and the professional variants, to name but a few!

Effective edge protection

The edges of the board are appropriately protected from all forms of possible damages that may be posed by the agents of chipping, abrasion, and wear and tear. This protection also guards against all forms of possible injuries.


For a large part, the Polyurethane material is extensively used to make the item up. The material is not only strong but also capable of bringing about the in-depth levels of comfort that you badly need along the way.

Reasonable space layout

Its interior bears some reasonable space layout that sees the item accommodate and safeguard all the items you need along the way. Then again it allows the smoother retrieval of the same without too much confusion on your part.

  • Its fabric makeup is waterproof and durable
  • Great for all kinds of outdoor sporting activities
  • Designed to greatly reduce pressure at your back areas
  • A bottom padding spares your hips from hitting
  • Appropriately optimized for the matters of sporting activities
  • Limited to the male adult users only

#6 GoRide Elite Electric Longboard Skateboard Backpack Bag Carrier with Laptop Holder

Just if you must carry a laptop wherever you go, you may have to choose this longboard backpack. It is specially designed for laptops over and above skateboards.

Elite travel design

For all practical purposes, the item bears an elite travel design that makes it really great and handy for the matters of regular traveling. The aesthetically sleek design particularly stands out.

Adjustable bag size

You have the leeway to adjust many of its parameters if you so wish. This way, the bag is responsive enough to meet each of your needs in ways that are really satisfactory.

Multi-use front pockets and side strap

A series of multi-use front pockets and side straps exist to expedite your handling. The former lets you stash many of your gears whereas the latter is for fastening the contents smoothly.

Hidden laptop compartment

Concluding the list of its many offerings is a hidden laptop compartment that is sufficiently capable of accommodating laptops whose screen sizes measure 15 inches.

  • Bears some sharp and unique aesthetics
  • Flexible enough for your laptops and the skateboards
  • Good enough for the matters of regular travels
  • Adjusts to fit boards of many sizes and statures
  • Designed for optimal weight support
  • Delicate and in need of in-depth attention

#7 187 Killer Pads Standard Issue Backpack with Skateboard Straps

187 Killer Pads Standard Issue

This bag is christened ‘killer’ in the sense that it is a ‘one-stop-shop solution’ for all your gears and the items you may need to carry along beside the skateboards.

Heavy-duty zippers

A series of heavy-duty zippers stand out in this bag. You will use them to open and close the bags repeatedly without fearing about them breaking down and sustaining intense damages.

Integrated double-layer carry handle

To lift it from the ground, you will rely on the integrated double-layer carry handle. The handle is indeed stronger and able to take you longer for further without tiring along the way.

Ballistic abrasion-resistant 1000D fabric

Its body is made of ballistic abrasion-resistant 1000D fabric that is stronger and enduring many spates of the common damages that may confront the item while in use.

Easy-access top stash pocket

At its top is an easy-access top stash pocket. The purpose of the pocket is to hold all the items you may need along the way and at the same time allow for their smooth retrieval when need be.

  • Straps to hold your items firmly to prevent falling off
  • The heavy-duty Velcro straps are long-lasting and enduring
  • The fabric makeup greatly resists abrasion and premature damages
  • Secures your hands thoroughly to prevent slippages
  • Great for a wide range of work, school, and the state parks
  • Demands strenuous care and attention

#8 Nike SB RPM AOP Skateboarding Backpack – BA6033-010


The Nike SB RPM AOP Skateboarding Backpack contains every tool and accessory you need to have a smooth time out in the open. These range from the laptop compartment to the set of straps to name but a few!

Curved shoulder straps

Some sets of curved shoulder straps emerge as the premier parts and components of this backpack with skateboard straps. Use them to fasten the item thoroughly to enable you to carry it comfortably.

Water-resistant fabric

The fabric that makes the backpack is resistant to water and the damages that potentially come along. If your itinerary includes the rainy places and times also, you know where to set to.

Fastening straps

For the safety of the contents you carry, the bag grants you some fastening straps to use. The straps are able to manage tighter and more enduring ties that last longer.

Zippered main compartment

Existing to allow for the storage of the skateboard is a zippered main compartment. Bing large and spacious, the compartment is less likely to imperil your own comfort and convenience as you move along.

  • Its main compartment is large enough for a 15-inch laptop
  • The interior is padded for maximum safety and comfort
  • Holds just about every item you may have in mind
  • Tends to last somewhat longer than many others
  • Confers sufficient storage space for your gears
  • Quite bulky and inconvenient to move around

#9 Dakine Daytripper Skate Backpack

It is no secret that the Dakine brand is outstanding and great for common everyday applications. You want to tap into this by grabbing this backpack and making it a permanent part of your collections.

Sufficiently large

Its interior space is sufficiently large to accommodate laptops that measure 15 inches screen sizes. You won’t have to bring in any extra bag even if you have many gears to haul at any given time.

Skateboard carry straps

Thanks to its carry straps, you have the convenience of fastening every item firmly in place to ensure that none falls apart in the course of the handling and the transportation thereof.

Fleece-lined sunglass pocket

A fleece-lined sunglass pocket exists to accommodate your sunglasses and provide them with the protection they require to retain their stature and shapes at all times of their lifetime.

Zippered side pockets

Wrapping the list of the top-notch features is the set of zippered pockets. These have the ability to stash and completely safeguard the interior items without letting the same fall off when in transit.

  • Made of super-strong and reputable brands
  • Lasts fairly longer than many alternatives
  • Resists all spates of damages that may be thrown at it
  • Bears some serious and elegant designs
  • Attaches to numerous accessories and extras
  • Be prepared to part with lots of money to purchase it

#10 inktells 2021 Electric Skateboard Backpacks Bag

inktells 2021

Taking the last spot is this skateboard holder backpack that is great for many kinds of items regardless of their unique shapes. It is one that you want to consider if you have the plan to carry many kinds of items.


As hinted above, this backpack is multifunctional in that it may be used to haul and carry many kinds of disparate items. Grab it for your added value for money.

Thick and padded shoulder straps

The shoulder straps of this backpack are thicker and padded. Their thickness ensures maximum support whereas their padding enables great comfort on your part while hauling your luggage.

Encrypted polyester 900D fabric

Standing strong is the encrypted Polyester 900D fabric makeup. This fabric is by and large stronger and more resilient to the common agents of wear and tear that are naturally bound to arise with use.

Velcro and bottom pocket support

At its base is the Velcro and bottom pocket support. Its role is to strengthen the base to safeguard the interior items while also diminish the pace of wear and tear that the bag has to suffer.

  • Applicable in many areas and for many uses
  • Fits many kinds of skateboards due to its versatile stature
  • Folds to allow for smoother and easier storage
  • Very comfortable to put on and carry to a faraway location
  • The bag expands to respond to your transportation needs
  • Calls for some expertise to use

Benefits Of Using A Skateboard Backpack

Below are the leading benefits of using a skateboard laptop:

  • Provides exceptional strength and vitality
  • Opens and closes conveniently
  • Adjusts to allow you to stash items of varying kinds
  • Specially intended for the purpose of carrying laptops
  • Hardly tears or wears out as others generally do

Skateboard Backpack Types

Below are the leading skateboard Bag types (according to the fabric makeup):

  1. Polyurethane
  2. Waterproof
  3. Leather
  4. Acrylic
  5. Nylon

Things To Consider Before Buying A Backpack For Skateboard

Consider these factors before buying a skateboard laptop backpack:

Carrying capacity

This refers to the sum total of the interior storage compartments. A great bag has to be sufficiently spaced to allow for the haulage of all the gears ‘under one roof.’

Fabric strength

You have to consider the strength of the fabric as it has a say on how long the bag might last. A great electric longboard backpack for the job has to possess stronger fabrics that are resilient to the agents of wear and tear.

Number of pockets

Lastly, you have to factor in the number of pockets that the bag has. A great bag for the job has to possess as many pockets as can be to guarantee that you shall carry all the gears at once.

Skateboard Backpack Cleaning Tips

Follow these tips to clean your skateboard laptop bag:

  • Wash using the strongest detergents after easy use
  • Dry out in the open for maximum impacts
  • Avoid storing while wet as that may damage the fabric
  • Soak it for a very short time to preserve the strength of your fabrics
  • Avoid using excessive force to squeeze out the dirt as that may damage the fabric

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We wrap it up with some of the frequently asked questions:

Are skateboard backpacks good?

YES, they are! They are great because they stash and accommodate all the skateboards securely throughout your use.

Can you ride a skateboard with a backpack on?

WHY NOT? The backpacks exert almost no meaningful drag or additional weight that may overwhelm a rider while n transit.

How can I hide my skateboard in my backpack?

Place the board in a sideways position and at the bottom of the strap. Then put it on. That will prevent it from being seen by others.

Why is a skateboard backpack so called?

It is exclusively optimized for hauling your skateboards. That does not mean though that it may not be used for other tasks as well.

Does a skateboard count as a personal item?

SURE! Most airlines count it as a personal item. They hence allow you to carry it on board and charge no extra fees for the entire length of time you travel.


Our long journey finally comes to end there. It is now our hope that you have found the inspiration you need to appreciate these items better and make great use of the same as well. We would not recommend that you take too long to find them as the benefits are too huge to delay leveraging.

In fact, we ask you to straight away scour the numerous sites that deal with such merchandise and compare the prices for the perfect deals. When, do you plan to start out with regards to the purchase of these best backpacks for skateboards? Kindly let us know in the comment section below…

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