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Most Kids razor scooters are powered by batteries. These batteries basically derive their electrical energy from the mains electricity supply. They store this energy and then release them intermittently in the process of riding the scooter.

The charge that the batteries possess do drain or get depleted from time to time. This requires the batteries to be re-charged after some time. The pace at which the charge drains depends on a myriad of factors.

It is necessary for you to familiarise yourself with these factors. This is the only way in which you will be able to know and predict beforehand when you might need to recharge your batteries. The knowledge of these factors is also crucial in that they prepare you psychologically.

For instance, they help you to gauge just how long you might ride the scooter for a single charge, all factors considered. The objects and intents of the proceeding discussions are to examine these factors.

Kids Razor Scooter

Battery Type

Batteries come in different shades, forms, and hues. The two most notable of these forms are the GEL and the SLA respectively. The GEL batteries have the gelified electrolytes. The SLA batteries, on the other hand, possess the sealed Lead acid.

The former battery generates more cycles and is hence longer lasting. The battery also confers unrivaled performance. It is hence recommended for daily and regular use. The latter generates limited cycles and is thus suited for occasional or one-time use. They are however cheaper to afford and thus return higher value for money.

It, therefore, follows that if you settle with a 12V GEL battery, it will most likely last longer even when subjected to the same terms and conditions. You should thus give it a topmost priority over and above its counterpart.

Brand or Model Of Kids Razor Scooter

Just like batteries, scooters themselves are also available in various brands and models. Each model is designed to fulfill a particular need in mind. Some brands are for heavy-duty work and extremely rough terrain. Others are for lighter chores or for everyday leisure. These differences in functionality also have a role to play in determining the length of the battery life.Obviously, the scooter that is meant for heavy-duty work or rough terrain is more likely to deplete barriers at a faster pace than that which is designed for lighter and regular tasks. This is due to the need to expend more energy in the process. You should, therefore, delineate your precise needs and priorities before settling on the right one on the basis of this consideration.

Frequency of Use

How often you utilize a scooter also has a bearing on the overall length of the battery life. If you use the scooter for one time or occasional rides, the battery shall last longer. The opposite is the case with those scooters that are utilized every quite often.Once more the logic that underlies this is pretty simple. The more often a battery is used, the faster the charge gets depleted. This is due to the need to discharge energy at a much faster rate than is ordinarily the case.You, therefore, have to carry out some homework. Before you settle for a given routine of use, be sure to ascertain the implications especially with regards to the consumption of battery power. This shall prevent unnecessary inconveniences in the process.

Load Carried By Scooter

Even though scooters are primarily intended for leisure, they may also carry the limited load. Moreover, the sheer weight of the rider also exerts some load on them. The weight of the load determines also the pace at which the batteries run out.Generally speaking, scooters that bear too much load, be it the sheer weight of the rider or other foreign cargo, will deplete their charge at a comparatively faster rate than those that bear less load. The reason behind this phenomenon is that the scooters have to exude more power to transport heavier loads.Yet again this calls for moderation on your part. In case you are a heavier rider, you might want to acquire more powerful batteries or be prepared to re-charge them more frequently.

Terrain of Travel

The terrain you ply the scooter on also determines the pace at which the scooter’s battery depletes. Smooth and well-maintained trails are generally easier to maneuver. They contain fewer obstacles and extort limited drag to the scooters.

Those terrains that are rough, rugged and undulating achieve the exact opposite feat. They impose too many obstacles to the scooters and impede their smooth motions. The scooters have to generate plenty of torque to be able to navigate themselves out of those obstacles. This, in turn, leads to a faster pace of wear and tear.

To combat this particular issue properly, you may wish to be selective about the kind of terrain you choose at any given time. If you have to ply a rough and unforgiving terrain, be prepared to re-charge your scooter more regularly.

The rigor of the Rides

Other than the terrain of the rides, the rigor, or the sum total of complex maneuvers that you subject your scooter to also determines the pace of deterioration of the batteries. A simple and straight ride consumes a negligible quantity of electrical charge.A complex ride, on the other hand, triggers the scooter to demand plenty of electrical charges. This results in an increased pace of electrical discharge. This, in turn, leads the batteries to last comparatively less duration than would ordinarily be the case.You might, therefore, want to limit the sum total maneuvers you have to implement at a time. Choose the simplest and the most straightforward maneuvers at any given time. This way, you will keep the power consumption to the absolute minimum.Having your battery last as long as possible is a very involving undertaking indeed. As you may see, you have to factor in so many issues to get it right. For you to do this, you, by all means, have to practice appropriately and if possible, invoke the assistance of an experienced expert in the field. A sound knowledge of how batteries work may also prove handy and relevant in this case.

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