How To Put Baby Mirror in Car Without Headrest|5 Easy Steps

Baby car mirrors play vital roles in enhancing the safety of the babies and the peace of mind of the drivers. But, acquiring a baby seat in and of itself is not enough. You have to know how to fix them in place before you can ever reap the benefits that they have to bring too about.

That leads us to the question: how may you possibly put a baby mirror in a car without a headrest? Well, we draft and dedicate the entire length of this article to do just that. Moreover, we shall also look into the benefits that the use of these mirrors potentially brings along.

What Is Baby Seat Mirror?

What Is Baby Seat  Mirror

A baby seat mirror is a special mirror that is used to monitor the activities of a baby at the backseat. It is fixed at such a position as to allow the driver to easily keep track of the baby without craning his neck or having to look back.

Its use thus gives the driver the leeway to drive peacefully without having to look back or causing accidents. Many people have reported reduced spates of accidents and a smoother time while on the road. Moreover, it may also engross the baby to prevent the same from crying unnecessarily while in transit.  

Benefits Of Baby Seat Mirror

The baby mirror is an incredibly useful tool for parents. It can easily be attached to a car seat and provides a complete view of your little one from the driver’s seat. This allows you to keep an eye on your baby while driving, which is essential for their safety. Additionally, the baby mirror allows you to interact with your baby, letting them know that you are there and watching over them. This helps build a strong bond between parent and child from an early age.

Furthermore, it can help keep your little one entertained on long drives as they can observe their surroundings in real-time. The baby mirror is not only beneficial for parents but also for babies who enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror, which helps boost their self-confidence and self-esteem.

As hinted above, the baby mirror is primarily used for the safety of the driver and the baby in the back seat. That is because it aligns with the side mirror to allow for the easy sighting and monitoring of the baby at the back. Besides that, the mirror brings about the following benefits overall:

Diminishes unnecessary Anxiety

The number one benefit of this mirror is that it diminishes unnecessary anxiety while on the road. You do not have to guess what your baby might be going through at any given time. That is because it gives you the information you need about your baby at a glance.

Reduces the likelihood of Accidents

Next, it reduces the likelihood of accidents. The main reason underlying this is that you do not have to crane your neck or look back while on the road. Instead, you maintain your focus on the road ahead at all times of your journey. Hence you have the benefit of a safer journey to make use of.

Keeps you posted on the status of the child

A small child lacks the ability to speak for itself or help itself. This is a tricky situation because the problems may most often deteriorate if not handled within the shortest realistic time possible. Thankfully, this mirror is able to alert you to a glimpse of what your child may be going through.

Keeps the baby engrossed

Most babies are often thrilled at the sight of their own reflections in the mirror. Thus, the mirror also serves to keep them engrossed. The chances of them crying anyhow or getting too bored are hence heavily suppressed. That also aids in your focus and attention while on the road.

Guarantees you peace of mind

The sum total of the benefits above narrows to just one. The mirror guarantees you the peace of mind you need to travel peacefully while on the go. That also contributes to your own fulfillment while on the move. All these also add to your own comfort and health of the mind.

How To Put Baby Mirror In Car Without Headrest

How To Put Baby Mirror In Car Without Headrest

We now get to the core of the matter of installing a baby car mirror. To do this, you will first and foremost gather the necessary essentials. Then, you will move ahead to follow some necessary procedures to achieve the end.

Items Required

The followings are some tools and materials that you will need to gather for the job:

  • *Mirror
  • *Clamp
  • *Strap
  • *Screwdriver

Now follow the procedures below to be able to get the job done:

#1 Position the mirror accordingly

Start off by positioning the mirror accordingly. The best position for the job is in the back seat and right at the front of the tether anchor. It is at this spot that the mirror is easily visible to the driver, the front passenger, and the baby at the back.

#2 Insert the clamp

Now, insert the clamp. This should be in between the seat and the rear deck of the vehicle. The role of the clamp is to hold the mirror firmly in place and allow the same to remain firm, stable, and well-able to endure the shakiness of the roads.

#3 Conform the Clamp to the Seat Shape

Proceed now to conform the clamp to the shape of the seat. Typically, you will have to bend the clamp to achieve this end. While at this, see to it that you do not overdo it as you might end up breaking the clamp or reducing its lifespan considerably.

#4 Tighten the Strap

Tighten the clamp to make the mirror stay firm and highly resistant to all forms of shakiness and the ensuing damage that follows. This may require that you attach a clip to the tether anchor. Follow this procedure by tightening the clamp firmly until it can shake no more.

#5 Tilt the Mirror to the desired Angle

Finish the procedure by tilting the mirror to the desired angle. Get to the front seat and close the door. Place the side mirror in a position that allows you to see the vehicle and the rear door in one swoop. Now, move to the back seat and adjust the mirror in such a way as to align with the side mirror straight.


There are some dos and don’ts when undertaking this noble chore. Here below, we examine these for your own safety and good job outcomes:

  • (a)Exercise some caution as the mirrors are delicate and prone to damages
  • (b)Acquire the right mirror for the right car model
  • (c)Invoke the assistance of a third party to help you out
  • (d)Read the manuals of both the car and the mirror
  • (e)Stay away from alcohol before embarking on this job


Our look into how to put a baby mirror in a car without a headrest comes to and ends there. All that is left for us is to ask you to implement the insights in the best way possible. Take care that you do not damage your cars or the mirrors that come along with them. Best of luck as you go about it too!

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