Reduce Vibration From Subwoofer

How To Reduce Vibration from Subwoofer in Car: Best 3 Tips

Subwoofers, though great, are not without their fair share of potential downsides. They, just like your ordinary speakers or home theaters, are also susceptible to the risks of vibrations and undesirable sound output. That is why it is absolutely essential that you know how to reduce vibration from subwoofers in the car to neutralize them … Read more

How To Connect A Subwoofer To A Car Stereo Without An Amplifier

Connect A Subwoofer To A Car Stereo [5 Damn Useful Steps]

In most instances, To connect a  subwoofer, it has to be paired with an amplifier before being connected to the stereo of the car. However, this ought not necessarily to be the case. It is indeed possible to bypass this requirement and make a direct connection with the stereo. In that case, you must have … Read more

Mount A Subwoofer Box

How To Mount a Subwoofer Box in Car: Best 5 Tips

If you are the kind of a motorist who spends much of his time commuting and also loves entertainment, you have to fix a subwoofer box in your car. This ingenious infotainment gadget indeed livens your interior car space to offer you the comfort you require for long-term commutes. While most modern cars come with … Read more

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular

Shallow Mount Subwoofer vs Regular|4 Clear & Surprising Fact

With many people commuting longer hours to get to the desired destinations, it is wise to fit the subwoofers in the cars. That is because they allow for smooth music and awesome entertainment while in a jam. You definitely have to know about the different subwoofers to be able to make the right purchasing decision. … Read more

Shallow Mount Subwoofers

How To Build a Shallow Mount Subwoofer Box – Best 12 Steps

Shallow mount subwoofers give us more advantages which the large-size counterparts are unable to. They are more compact in size and definitely easier to handle. It is for this reason that you want to make every effort to know how to install one. Our discussions hereunder endeavor to explore the step-by-step procedure of so doing. … Read more