150cc scooter vs 50cc scooter-A Wise Solid Comparative Guide

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You may think about buying a scooter to commute your daily necessary communication as the gas price is increasing highly nowadays. Scooters can be a great assist to you to go to your workplace or the supermarket or places near your house within a very short time. But questions may arise 150cc scooter vs 50cc scooter – what is best?

You can travel more than 100 miles for each gallon by riding on a scooter. And, that’s why a lot of people are choosing scooters nowadays.

However, while the idea of purchasing a scooter is definitely a brilliant one, there are some certain things you need to know before you buy your first scooter.

The scooters are generally available as 50cc, 150cc, and many other engine sizes. Here, the term ‘cc’ refers to ‘cubic centimeters’. The size of your scooter’s engine will actually decide how quick your scooter will go.

So, you should take your decision of purchasing of scooter depending on how quick you have to go. To decide which one to buy a 150cc scooter or 50cc scooter, go through the following guideline.

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The 50cc Scooters

50cc Scooter

Today in the realm of the scooters, the 50cc scooters are the section level scooters. There are many scooters with engine sizes ranging from 50cc to 250cc or with more motor power. Most of the new purchasers like to buy a 50cc scooter as it is less expensive compared with other scooters.

Also, riding a 50cc scooter is easier compared to other different types. For all the scooter apprentices, this scooter is really a good option available in the market.

Key Features

Take a look at the following highlights of a 50cc scooter –

  • A 50cc scooter or bike is less expensive as contrasted with scooters which have bigger engines.
  • The 50cc scooters require only a few amounts of gas. So, you have to cost a few amounts of gas.
  • The acceleration of this scooter is quite moderate and also its best speed is low. This is why for novices riding on a 50cc scooter is easier than other kinds of scooters.
  • To drive a 50cc scooter you don’t have to gain a separate license or endorsement. In most of the places, anybody with a legitimate driver’s permit can ride a 50cc scooter without any difficulty.
  • The 50cc scooters can be extremely advantageous in urban circumstances. Streets that are exceptionally congested this bike is useful as the movement will scarcely make it to 30 mph more often than not.


However, a 50cc scooter has some drawbacks. They are all related to its 50cc power motor. The scooter experts consider these factors as problematic.

  • The 50cc scooters lack in swiftness and in increasing speed. These facts can make the scooters hazardous in staying aware of the stream of movement.
  • The speed limit that a 50cc scooter offers is very low. Usually, their speed limit is 30mph or sometimes less than this velocity.
  • The power of a 50cc engine is not so high. So, with this scooter, carrying passengers or other products can be a little problematic, particularly at the time of running on steep slopes.
  • With a 50cc scooter, one may not be capable to quicken out of a risky circumstance.

A 50cc scooter is the best for carrying fewer loads whether it is passenger or goods. If you plan to ride 25 mph to 30 mph, you should pick up this scooter. Also, if you’re searching for a scooter which is not cheap, requires less gas and easy driving, the 50cc scooters can be the best option for you. This is all the data you need to know about the 50cc scooter.

The 150cc Scooters

150cc scooter

The 150cc scooters are especially best for strength, performance and upkeep expenses. In many countries, the 150cc scooters are regarded as the most functioning bikes. Scooters are very beneficial for people who have to ride regularly over the traffic-congested roads.

For the budgetary purposes of intrigue and the strategy for the paths, people like to buy the scooters. You can have a 150cc scooter at a reasonable price range.

If you have the enthusiasm to collect one of the best scooters, you may buy a scooter with a 150cc engine power.

150cc bikes have a most extreme speed of 50 to 60 miles for each hour. Again, with a heavy ride, you’ll experience lower speed. If you need to travel on an expressway off and on, at that point a 150cc scooter will meet your requirements that a 50cc bike may not do. However, the bigger motor will consume less gas mileage. You can ride most likely around the 70 MPG extend with your 150cc scooter. It is better to drive this scooter in highways occasionally.


You should not use a 150cc scooter on highways for a long-distance particularly if they have steep slopes on the way. Also, try to avoid short outings on busy expressways. Your existence may irritate the drivers who need to drive quickly or in large vehicles. The 60 mph best speed is sufficient for many scooter riders. Also, the 70 mpg spares them a ton of cash. So, the 150cc scooter will give a great deal of blast to the buck.

Moreover, you can reach the speed limit over 70 mph with the latest fuel-powered 150cc scooters. For that, you need to gather the right tools. For instance, the speed limit of a 150cc Honda PCX is usually 63 mph. But, you can increase this limit over 70 mph by alternating the parts in the transmission speeds.

Final Verdict – 150cc Scooter vs 50cc Scooter

You should have a clear idea of your demand whenever you are going to purchase your scooter. The price and size of the scooters vary with motor power. Your weight, the type of road you’ll be riding, how fast you need to drive- are some important factors that you should consider while deciding to have a scooter of your own.

And only then, you’re ready to buy your first scooter. If you want to buy a cheap scooter to get to nearby places, you can buy a 50cc scooter. On the other hand, to travel a long distance and on highways, purchasing a 150cc scooter will be beneficial to you. I hope, this article will help you to decide what type of scooters you will need.

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