10 Insane Trick Scooter Stunts for Beginners


Are you longing for trying some scooter tricks but afraid as you’re just a new on the scooter? First of all, let me assure you that for doing some trick scooter stunts, you don’t have to be an expert. Once you learn how to ride on a scooter and catch the correct posture, you’re ready to try these cool stunts. So here’s how to do the 10 most insane scooter stunts as a beginner-

1. Bunny Hop

It’s a trick where the wheels of scooter leave the ground at the same time while you are hopping.

How to do

  • First, start rolling along a flat ground. As a beginner, first practicing at slow speed will be easier.
  • Now, bend the knees and push up with both of your legs.
  • Next, push up yourself from the bent position on the scooter. But keep your feet established on the scooter deck.
  • Now, pull up the scooter with your hand while you’re pushing up yourself with your legs. You have to pull up the bars of the handle to lift up the front wheels off the ground nearly 3 meters (one foot).
  • Next, lift up the back wheel off the ground while you’re pulling and pushing up. At this position, both of the wheels of the scooter along with your feet will be in the air at a height of about one foot.
  • Lastly, Drop back the scooter such that both of the wheels reach the surface at the same time. Then, continue moving forward with your scooter.

2. Manual

It’s riding just on the back wheel while keeping both of your feet on the deck. The scooter will drive out if you lift it up too hard. The front wheel will only lift up a bit if lifted up too little.

How to do

  • Start rolling on the ground at a reasonable speed.
  • Now lift up the front wheel off the ground only by using your arms but do not hop.
  • Now get your balance point where you can maintain the front wheel at a perfect position. It should be neither too high nor too low.
  • If it’s too high, slightly press the brake. If too low, slightly lift it up.
  • Next, lift up the back wheel off the ground while you’re pulling and pushing up. At this position, both of the wheels of the scooter along with your feet will be in the air at a height of about one foot.
  • At the same time, straighten your hand. It’ll help you to lock your position.
  • At last, drop the front wheel back to the ground by pressing the brake. Then roll away.
  • Hover your back foot over the brake while doing this trick.

3. Fakie

It’s a trick to ride your scooter backward. Once you learn this, it’ll allow you to try some other tricks like nose whip or 180. To practice this trick scooter stunt, you’ll require a pipe or ramp and you have to roll it up slightly. The gravity will do the rest.

How to do

  • Roll towards the rolled ramp or pipe. Keep yourself in the straight line while doing so.
  • Now roll backward down the ramp as long as you can.
  • You must keep the balance all the time. To keep the balance steady, you have to keep your eyes on the front wheels.
  • You can turn the front wheel a little bit if you need so that you can stay in a straight line.

4. Nose Pivot

In this trick, you have to spin the scooter without jumping but using only the front wheels.

spin the scooter

How to do Trick Scooter Stunts

  • Position your front leg near the handlebars. The upper the front foot is, the better you’ll perform.
  • Now shift your weight to the front foot. This is the moment that’ll decide your success with this trick. Lean-to the front slightly until the back wheel lifts up. The balance on that position.
  • Now quickly spin at 180 degrees. Channel your moment properly.
  • Finally, land smoothly, not too fast or hard

5. 180

You have to do a bunny hop and spin at 180 degrees to face the opposite direction.

How to do

  • To obtain the required momentum push with your back leg to reach a high speed.
  • Now bend your knees and perform the bunny hop.
  • While you’re in the air, pull the scooter toward you.
  • Now spin at 180 degrees. First, turn the upper half of your body, initiating with your head. The rest of your body along with the scooter will follow the turn.
  • You can rotate either right (front side) or left (backward).
  • Finally, Land on the ground. Straighten your legs to reduce the spinning.

6. Air

It’s performing 180 in the air.

How to do

  • First, Practice “airing” under the coping.
  • Bonk off of the coping with the front wheels to prevent limping up on the coping.
  • At the same time, you have to perform 180 in mid-air.
  • Then, bend your legs and land exactly under the coping.
  • You can rotate either right (front side) or left (backward).
  • Now propel the ramp and maintain the speed..
  • If you fail to pull out the transition properly, either you’ll remain hung up or land flat.

7. One hander or No Hander

It’s jumping while taking off one or both hands off the bars.

How to do

  • Jump in the bunny hop style keeping the proper balance.
  • Now take one or both hands off the grip in mid-air and stretch them in the air.
  • Then land. While landing grab back the handlebar firmly.
  • Finally, level yourself and roll away.

8. No Footer

Instead of hands, it’s taking the feet off the scooter deck and stretching them out in mid-air.

How to do

  • Jump at least the minimum height to perform the trick.
  • Take off both of the feet at the same time and stretch them as much as possible.
  • While landing, bring back the feet on the deck and balance yourself.

9. Barspin

As the name indicates, it’s spinning the handlebars at 360 degrees.

How to do

  • Take the right hand off the bars while you’re riding on the scooter and keep it half feet away from the handle.
  • Now lift the front wheel up the ground.
  • Spin the bars at 180 degrees with your left hand.
  • At this stage, grab the right handle under the left hand with the right hand, not over it.
  • Now, take off the left hand and spin it counterclockwise at 180 degrees with the left hand.
  • Finally, place the left hand on the bar. Both your hands are now placed on the bars at their previous positions.

10. Tailwhip

Better to try it on a flat surface or quarter pipe before you move on to something bigger. Both clockwise and counterclockwise tailwhip is possible.

How to do

  • Push yourself off and initiate with a bunny hop.
  • With your front foot, push the deck off so that it can spin 360 degrees. Now both of your hands will be holding the bars and the feet in the air.
  • Spot the deck from spinning further as soon as it comes back to the previous position.
  • Now pace the front foot on the deck again and keep rolling as you land on the ground.

Final Words

So what are you waiting for? Get some confidence and start practicing right now. I hope you’ll be able to nail these incredible trick scooter stunts.

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